The “Event” On Arcturus – and Within Us

Animated Question Mark For Powerpoint | Clipart library - Free Interesting – Arcturans describing how they experienced their own liberation from reptilians and the event that followed, via Sophia Love:

April 2, 2019

Before beginning, here is a snippet of the conversation that took place in 2018 with the beings from Arcturus:

“Sophia, I represent brethren from the star system of Arcturus.

We witness the process you engage in now.

The frequency plays with you now, as you witness outcomes only dreamed of yesterday. As you approach the center, the oneness, the base particle that is love – you will witness simultaneous happenings in multiple arenas.

These will seem to come from someone else, or someplace else. They come from within you as the only place where creation originates. Continue reading