What’s Old is New Again

Another autumn begins.  Over the years I’ve noticed that I have a tendency to ‘fall’ into darker (lower vibrational) states as days shorten and temperatures drop.  I have my theories about this… one being, the ‘shadow’ of traumas I’ve experienced over falls & winters past may be revisiting me in some kind of seasonal echo.  Also I suspect my brain just needs lots of light and resulting serotonin to keep its synapses sparking contentedly.  Then of course we have our lovely world events keeping us feeling  chipper and secure:-/

I mention this because when shadows fall, I find I can often lift my spirits by reading my own inspired writing!  HA!  So that’s pretty cool.  I’m like a camel who has water stored up for long desert treks — in my case in the form of documented flows of consciousness stored up in this blog (and notebooks) that can quench my parched soul when needed.  So this is why you are finding some previous posts brought back up front currently.  In my humble opinion, they deserve more air time!  They address some pretty fundamental ideas (well, fundamental in a cosmic context ;) that I find useful to revisit, so perhaps you will find similar resonance yourself.

As always, I invite your responses here (in general), though I am quite aware at this point that people who are tuned in or sensitive to these energetic fluctuations, and/or are dealing with mysterious changes in their own lives, seem to be more inclined to write me privately than to post publicly!  Which of course I respect and understand.  Also, possibly, there’s the matter of having to sign up with WordPress in order to participate in a WordPress blog.  I understand this too, the ‘bother’ of doing this… but truly it is a minor matter: you give yourself a user name, and give WordPress an email address to which they can just verify your actual human existence (you will receive no spam from them or anyone else)… and ! voila ! — you are good to go to participate in this or a gazillion other blogs on this server.   You are also given the option to begin your own blog when you do this, but you can just click “NO BLOG, just gimmee a user name!” and you’re set.  There’s something outrageous  like 3 million new blogs created every day on the ‘net.  (Which also hints at a need for ‘creative’ user IDs and blog names…)

Ok… onward ho to the golden oldies ;)   oxo ~whitehawk

Infinite, Effervescent Potential!

Frothy, Crystalline, NEW Energy Incoming

In a previous post I talked about the morphing of the ‘reality behind the reality,’ which is allowing for accelerated shifts in … yep… reality. YOUR reality, MY reality, and (best of all) our collective emerging vision/version of life on earth.

It’s time to get conscious re: what is and is not the case now, and work with what IS. Because it’s far too easy to keep burrowing into the old trenches of limited habits (rerun thoughts and their static results) than to embrace something really DIFFERENT, even if it’s a miraculous difference that can change everything for the better, or best!

We are creatures of habit; our neural pathways can become virtually as concretized as the highway if we don’t wake up and change course. Time to exit this mass-transit highway (or low way) and begin creating a higher path, your path, the path facilitating the ignition of the dreams you’ve held forever (stop holding; start releasing them into living expression), the path shimmering with support for your soul’s manifest potential.

Decide and determine to release the fear of the New and cease repeating the drudging bondage of the worn. To continue pouring energy into the old stuff that drains rather than feeds your spirit is like dragging around a truckload of corpses chained to your every limb.

Consider this: WHO (what) ARE these dead forms? Even if what leaps to mind are things like, “My dead relationship (job, residence, etc. etc.) that I’m afraid to leave or change,” underneath that first obvious response is the deep truth that all these dead bodies are aspects of YOU that you haven’t released back into the universal flow to recycle into vibrant new (or at least evolved) expressions.

I’m not suggesting that you instantly bail on everything in your life in this moment… I’m not looking to push you off a cliff (though you might discover your wings this way)! I may sound a tad dramatic sometimes in my communication. I AM hoping to jostle the “Lazarus” in you (ok, us all) to wake up and COME FORTH out of the trance of a stagnant, encaved existence and start creating anew, in that beautiful gift of your imagination FIRST. CREATE living thoughtform scenarios of what would thrill you (or heal, or somehow energize you positively) and work with these numerous times daily because they WILL start forming scaffolding around you upon which your visions WILL build. (Assuming you are not attempting to manipulate someone else in the process, which is overt misalignment and highly unadvisable.)

Also important for clear and enduring manifestation: the heart needs to be on board with the idea; your heart needs to resonate with your goals. The heart is the ultimate determiner of our reality… which is how so many of us have lost our way, individually and collectively: we’ve given more credence to the mind/ego (often not even our own) than the real wisdom we hold, which streams 24/7 from Source (Creator, Godmind…) through the human heart/soul.

The ‘heart channel’ can be accessed via meditation. Meditate, meditate, meditate. And by this I’m refering to listening to the heart/soul/Source within… as opposed to “creative visualization,” which is also important, but not the same thing. To meditate (in the way it’s presented in this blog) is to settle yourself into intentioned, sacred space; go into silence, and listen for higher wisdom to come through. A standing ‘appointment’ to do this at or near the same time daily most effectively sets the stage for establishing contact and communication with your inner adviser.

When we imagine our cherished thoughtforms fed by pristine energies of creation (see below), flowing through our real ‘power center’ — an aligned heart — those ‘charged’ visions will begin manifesting like lush, lovely, fruit-laden vines on the trellises of life. The matrix, or grid (lattice is another good word) I’ve discussed here has been transfigured (see “Reconfigured Grid” post in Feb ’08) to better stream this new energy into the earth plane, saturating all that’s here with manna from heaven in the form of a blessed, pristine, karmically free and clear photon flow into which our local universe is gliding now, and where it will remain for millennia. This flow is the ‘effervescence’ of my current conversation, and it’s so exciting, it’s challenging to slow down and present verbiage in bloggable form here!

I’m singing the praises of what is now occurring at levels beyond ordinary human awareness — zooming out to vast galactic phenomena; zooming in as deeply personal as it gets, into the very essence of our makeup, physically and psycho-spiritually — and encouraging all to start creating differently in this lovely, mega-mutable energetic *froth* filtering in to us now.

This new energy (literally NEW, not the same “ethers” that I’m just calling “new” as a ploy) is coming in with growing gusto, like a great cleansing wave. Something is happening that can (will) shift everything. Why not at least entertain this idea and try living “as if” it were true (which is not to suggest it actually isn’t… because I am convinced of what I’m relaying in these posts by virtue of personal experiences I’ve had, and the time I’ve invested researching what these experiences signify). You may find some of my imagery hokey, but I hope the essence of my missives are perceived as sincere, because they are.

5droad1I love this picture. I’ve had it on file for years and have used it for my own workshops. I wish I knew where it came from because I’d love to credit the artist, and also see what else s/he has created. It’s wonderfully interdimensional and shamanic: warrior guardians shown here in shadow forms; a white hawk (;-) overhead; a “totem” interdimensional white hawk  over by the bushes; “the road ahead,” and how about that bubbly white FROTH spiraling forth from a portal in the air there?? This is IT! This is the new energy pouring into the earth plane “from heaven” (or, the Source Portal of this universe – the Galactic Center) that is key to a transformed future.

It’s quite amazing, this new energy being perceived as bubbles. Its primary property (or gift) is fresh, unsullied expansiveness. We’ve been pondering light as particles, and waves, and infinitessimally minute, vibrating strings … and now we have iridescent crystalline bubbles to consider as a foundational, conscious, and way-showing energetic form. I love this, because bubbles are sheer and open SPACES, aren’t they!

I can easily imagine parallels between this new bubbly energy and the morphing (opening) matrix, together allowing for more OPEN creational opportunities here on the physical plane. Who knows, maybe these bubbles are particles turned inside out. Maybe we are about to turn our misguided systems inside out. Be done with the crusty, cracking chaff; harvest the seeds of truth and light emerging from the opening interiors.

Try not to snap shut on this (open, open!). Envision bubbling, shimmering ethereal units of light pouring into our universe — and ourselves… FREE of anything “ego tainted.” Completely free of any karmic histories or intentions, and not seeking our future indebtedness in any way. This new energy isn’t associated with personalities or deities or archetypes or gate-keeping middle-beings of any kind. It’s literally NEW, FREE, quantumly up-the-vibrational-ladder ENERGY.

It is new life. We do not have to beseech to find favor with it; it is beyond personality, expectation, or religious limitations and gives of itself freely, abundantly, and without strings. Our place is to imagine, invite, and allow. The froth is comprised of luminous, interdimensional particles of the highest order, and accepting them into our visualizations, into our health, into our personal space, and into our primary, most intimate, tender-yet-powerful “opening chamber” — our heart— will have a transmutational effect.

Wild, eh? I know it can sound just crazy to a human’s habit-laden mind. But this is the photon energy pouring in currently; why not work with it in optimistic anticipation and see where it leads? Consider it in contrast to the fixed ideas that perpetuate all the closed “cells” of the old matrix, the hardship.

I for one (and I’m not alone) am loving this new froth. “Scrubbing creational bubbles,” clearing the way for new beginnings, and then manifesting them according to highly aligned, intentioned consciousness. Clearing blocks to rarified (or so we perceive currently) dimensions of existence. This wave of energy relates to the whole 2012 picture because THIS is the energy that will be pouring in through galactic channels of direct alignment between us and the galactic center around the year 2012 (tho I do not adhere to a specific date… I believe in the ballpark).

So we are in early stages now, and this energy will be amplifying as it approaches direct flow by 2012. (I say “it’s approaching,” but galactically it is actually our local universe that’s gradually moving INTO this cosmic current…. and will remain in it for around 2000 years. Quite a big deal!)

I began this blog because I’ve undergone immense experiences over the last several years, for which there was no support available early on. There’s more now, as we who have been attempting to remain afloat on the breaking edge of this wave are stabilizing and turning to support those who follow. I had to bushwhack the new terrain largely on my own. I will share about some of this here in time; but first I thought I’d lay a little foundational backdrop by way of these early posts. I’ve had a long, long experience (years) of kundalini purging my multidimensional self — physical body, lightbody, and who knows how many lifetimes and lineages, as it is ALL connected and involved in the holographic universe. It was often quite harrowing. But it OPENED me to the “miraculous” … which nothing is, really… “miracles” are merely a level of perception. As are concepts like “impossibility” or “reality,” for that matter.

The cosmos are full of natural wonders our human minds have yet to grok. We’ve been investing only in the realm of 5 physical (and highly locally-focused, ie ME-ME-ME-ME) senses, which are the basest of perceptual/navigational/ computational tools. We can expand far beyond this, which will be becoming abundantly clear in the near future, if it’s not already.

There’s so much more coming online for human consciousness and earthly life… and in this blog I will be sharing experiences, ideas and information in attempt to connect a broad expanse of dots. Humanity is beginning to run entirely new software, and for mature adults it can be a challenging upgrade for our existing hardware! This energetic shift tends to be more easily born into (as has been happening en masse for years now via indigos and crystal kids) than retrofitted in “existing systems.” We will talk about this.

Something new is coming in. True grace. Let’s invite it into our lives, what is there to lose?! Limitations? Bondage? Pain? Grief? Great; let’s go forth and lose it… and make room for magnificent, new, higher-bandwidth creations.

Hail the great frothy light! It is the blessed future.

oxo Whitehawk

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Earth’s Reconfigured Grid (New Energy part 1)

Alright, back to the profound transformation we are experiencing by way of the very energetic sea in which we swim. As usual, depending on your trails, this may sound too fantastic to take seriously, but if you can open to what I am attempting to transmit here, regarding a realm, a phenom, that words may not fully articulate (yet), you will be a step closer to a state of buoyancy in – but not OF — a world going mad at ground level.

Let’s start with the idea of the grid, ie, the “framework” upon which our familiar reality is “hung.” The grid (or matrix) is a fairly straightforward concept: it’s a structure basically comprised of squares (in 2 dimensions) or cubes (in 3D). Units of practically anything can be applied to this simple behind-the scenes foundation to create whatever we see, ie, the columns and rows of pixels on your monitor or TV screen; or the playing field of the Battleship game (or any pegboard); or the layout of an entire city in a NSEW directional system of streets and blocks (and also the vertical structure of buildings rising from those blocks) come to mind as finite examples of ‘grids’ behind – or supporting – those systems.

To get to where I’m heading, I ask that you now imagine a vast energetic grid/matrix within which our entire universe has been arranged. You’ve probably seen renditions of this grid in physics classes or on TV in documentaries or sci-fi. The grid involves transmission of electromagnetic currents that hold things in place in space (or mind). Consider the way a tuner allows us controlled access of frequencies on a TV or radio. (Bear with my awkward descriptive efforts; these ideas are not the easiest to convey.) And it’s all in your basic 3D configuration: up, down, left, right, forward, back… and diagonal. Our bodies, minds, and lives are “tuned” by habit to this fundamental, physical-world structure.

But NOW this structure has transformed, and the range of human capacity is changing as well. It’s literally as though we are finally being released from a cage that we’ve been held in for millennia. To put this in the simplest terms possible — the way I’ve been explaining the grid for years is – imagine a grid of boxes that has a certain range of facility (a Rubiks cube, say) shape-shifting into a configuration of hexagons instead of squares… a “honeycomb” pattern. honeycomb1.jpg

The appearance of the additional planes/sides/walls on each cell inherently OPENS channels into previously invisible dimensions beyond our “habitual” 3D (boxes with closed lids) orientation. Envision the hexagon-based grid system providing immediate access to new dimensions, such as 4D and 5D (for starters). New dimensions = new vistas of consciousness (new to human perception) coming online.

To summarize “our story thus far” in a sentence: the nature of reality as we know it has been changing – transforming from a limited formula of rather severe “boxes,” to a structure that inherently invites higher energy transmission to FLOW and reveal far greater capacities and possibilities — that have been here all along, but in dimensions that have been withheld from our perceptual bandwidth. There are volumes of information out there as to why this shift, and why we have been “walled off” from a far greater (enlightened) experience of the cosmos (and our place in it) until now.

This is a HUGE story that I’m merely alluding to here. My intention is to crack open stuck thought-forms of ‘what’s real’ because I promise you, what we’ve been taught all our lives is what has supported our functioning at a paltry 8% brain and DNA capacity. Humans are SO MUCH MORE than we’ve been brainwashed (or brain contaminated) to believe. And moreover, REALITY ITSELF is far more than the comparatively kindergarten-level mythologies that we’ve been indoctrinated to believe. To believe differently is to experience differently.  The greater the numbers who believe differently… the greater the hologram we collectively create with our beliefs changes as well.  When we reclaim and heal our VISION — our expectation — of self and life based on a “higher” perception, self and life becomes THAT.

Reality follows consciousness.

Consciousness directed and driven by high love is the greatest power in the universe.

So: the grid system that has held us “hostage” in a 3D-reality belief system has been reconfigured now to allow us access to higher realms/dimensions, which means higher awareness, enlightenment and functionality are finally within reach. Higher dimensions are where ascended masters live, along with all manner of powerful beings who are evolved way beyond earthly measures by virtue of pure hearts and the will to serve the highest good (and, the Source). The grids have been undergoing a morph for something like 15 years at this point (thanks to the efforts of a divine cadre beyond our ability to even imagine), and my understanding is, the “task” is now complete. The grids are now in right divine order, so to speak, to provide the correctly calibrated “infrastructure” that can allow this new energy I mentioned before to flow into our galaxy and “set things right” here without frying us in the process (which is not to say, it can’t get uncomfy at times).

This new energy is, essentially, the divine intervention I’ve always believed would be the only way for mankind to awaken and turn things around expeditiously enough to keep us from destroying the planet and everything on it with the dark greed & fear patterns that have been creating a rampant mess of most everything we have going here.

Breathe the Light. BE the Light. Darkness dissipates in the presence of Light.

Till next time… O P E N to the limitlessness that you ARE!!

Great light,


Dismantling the Dark

What a difference a day makes.  OK, maybe a few days.

The Karma, Sex post of the other day seems to have possibly struck a chord, as it’s been attracting many visitors.  This is a followup.

So, the plotline goes… I was recently catapulted into confrontation with a major meme (or mass belief; one held over millennia), which began with a spontaneous and unexpected “insight” into the emotionally charged erotic thoughtforms of a man in my close proximity.  That “mere moment” thrust me into a matrix of frequency fences that have been holding ancient male/female dynamics in place for eons; that ‘place’ being far more conducive to the male’s possession & expression of his power than the female’s possession & expression of hers.  This realm reverberated strongly, as explained in the earlier post.  For me, it became a wild ride through a world of mirrors reflecting ad infinitum in various contexts of time, social structures, and my own karmic trails re: this theme of male dominance on the planet (and the battles into which it keeps sending us), and the throttled feminine’s eternal efforts to balance and heal this distorted equation (and her lot in it) while simultaneously bleeding profusely in every sense of the word.

Such a powerful experience has this been, I now sense that it may well be a primary area of contribution in this life, to invest my energies and efforts to the healing of this dark universal form that has had a vice grip on humanity for so long.  This theme now feels like a lens through which to focus my more general “new world” ideas and experiences: the domain of the sexes, and the realignment and reunion needed there for the healing of not only the hearts of men and women (and whitehawks), but the heart of humanity, and the heart of GAIA, and the anchoring of higher-love frequencies here on our blessed earth.  God knows my background is ‘fertile’ in this field!  Again I’m reminded of the Ace of Wands, which, incidentally, AGAIN came up in a primary position in a Tarot spread… this time directly “covering” a Swords card that represented strife.  That ‘wand’ seems to have become something of a club to the head!

At 2:00 this morning I awoke (as usual).  I was up the rest of the night (as usual), during which an entire book plan poured through me into a notebook.  It seems this book could write itself (knock wood), or maybe even has already been written (in the higher planes), and my role is to affirm this.  There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a creative act, and my “midnight oil” lit a fine glow on this whole subject.  I grabbed a nap in the dawning hour, while also being overcome with “the energies” again, working their blessed upgrades into my full-spectrum self.  I feel intimately and divinely connected with the Universe when every molecule vibrates like this… activating new levels of life… quite amazing.

There is a greater theme (involving human enslavement in various forms), and a far greater energy coming into expression currently – in the sacred service of dissolving the barriers (the matrix) that have held archaic paradigms of various limitations and barbarisms in place.  Anyone and everyone who steps up and offers themselves to serve the will of God I believe will find themselves enlisted in a “love corps” that will serve to shift the terribly unbalanced, often cruel, distribution of power and resources on this beautiful planet.  I’m not suggesting it will be a Love Fest from the beginning; a mere glance around will tell you, dismantling old structures creates chaos before the gift of the New can take residence and stabilize.  This “corps” (or factions of it, depending on the ‘department’ one serves) will have to deeply penetrate the Dark to comprehensively dismantle it  before scaffolding for greater Light (which is already phasing in, btw) can assume prominence in our reality.  Simply by “deeply” withdrawing attention, investment & belief in its existence contributes to its dissolution!  I feel I have just been through a harrowing ‘battle’ of sorts with a separatist belief and practice that has been manifest in this world throughout history (and prior).  I experienced it to the dramatic extent I did because it is a primary karmic issue to me personally, and that alone signals the likelihood that there’s something for me to contribute to the healing of this story.  Our biggest pain often points us toward our greatest work… pain is intended to inspire us to seek to resolve unhealthy trends regarding how we “do life.”

Returning to this business of my recent odyssey … it can be quite uncomfortable in places, or realms, such as the collective disturbed psyche!  I kept telling myself, this is just all projection… it’s all merely projected (albeit powerful) thoughtforms stuck in the lower, heavier (astral) planes of this world.  At Soul level, we grok that these constructs are the ego’s devices, intended to give the ego power (or at the very least, confirm its validity to itself). But in the end, they just perpetuate fear and separation… keeping wholeness at bay.  I found myself invoking Christ light, over and over.  More exactly… I was calling Christ to awaken more fully in me – summoning what I KNOW is, and always has been, here already, to STEP UP AND DIRECT THIS LIFE.  Lift me above the din (and den) of the embattled ego, to a higher perception of the entire picture here… and impulse me to proceed in the loftiest, most God-empowered way possible, given my inherent skills and gifts.  >>> I’m feeling EXCELLENT today!  And as an added bennie, I lost weight in the process.  I noticed my appearance seemed to have changed… got on a scale, andlo and behold!  I think shedding the weight of old ‘enslaved’ beliefs and replacing them with the expansive Light of the possible can have an enLightening effect on what one’s bones are carrying around.

So, if inspired, I invite you to tune into the Light with which you are imbued (Christ, “photons,” “adamantines,” whatever really invokes the ultimate divine reality to you)* …that part of you that knows All in the hologram of existence… and ask it to ACTIVATE and set fully into motion everything required in your life to move you beyond the barriers, limitations, frequency fences, memes, etcetc, of the OLD MATRIX, the Old World, the Old Confines and Constructs… and STRETCH into the fullest essence of that power – into the divine realm of “miracles” – because you (we) ARE the miracle.  We ARE the Light and Love Everlasting.  So, Lazarus: come forth!  We’ve got things to do.  Afterward, we’ll party with angels and partake of the nectars of the gods, with laurel wreaths upon our heads–now there’s a thoughtform.

* I tend to invoke fewer deities now (usually, not always) because I believe it’s time, seriously, to step up and claim our own innate divinity that has waited patiently in our souls for so very long.  By “Christ” I’m referring to this Light, not a person… though I have nothing but love for Jeshua!

I would never have expected a glimpse into someone’s private erotic “file” to initiate such a journey.  I knew he and I had work to do in this life, but the roles I see now are not what I’d previously imagined.  So, I offer gratitude for this catalyst on my path… it feels I’m being guided to where I might manifest my greatest service.

Blessings to all  ~ Whitehawk

Ace of Wands

Something interesting (to me at least!) happened here this morning, and it seems related to the previous post (Karma, Sex…) so in the spirit of sharing for what it may be worth ‘out there,’ here it is.  As you might imagine, there’s a personal ‘vignette’ rather activated in my life that spurred the last post’s thought-flow on thoughtforms and the karma they tend to weave.

What happened this morning is… I tried a tarot spread re: this situation that is kind of chewing on me currently.  I’m not a particularly skilled tarot reader (the I Ching was my primary tool for many years… then several years ago I decided to try the cards).  I find the process interesting, though far more open to impressions and interpretation than the Ching.  Anyway — this morning’s spread was ‘crowned’ by the card, Ace of Wands.  So the energy represented by the Ace of Wands in that position could be said to be ’emanating’ throughout the whole picture, or situation.  Then… I come here to complete the Karma, Sex post and I find — plugged in by WordPress as “possibly related” to my material here — a link w/the words, “Ace of Wands.”  This caught my attention, and I clicked, and what follows below is what was on the other end of that link.  All a curious little trip, because the dynamics between males and females are integral to what I’m talking about in the Karma, Sex post.   So now here it is, perhaps there’s something here for all of us, in this universal hologram in which we are all connected (underlines are mine):

Ace of Wands

symbol meaning union

This is the starting point for love. The Ace of Wands represents the new born male and female child. They have not yet met in a meaningful way. The union represented by this card is the union and harmony of the universe itself. The universe exists in harmony even if we can not sense that natural harmony. The world is right and the world is perfect. There is nothing that needs to be changed. We are born into this world in a balanced way.

The male and female experience life very differently. The male regenerates energy by tapping into photon or light energy and the female regenerates her energy by tapping into the atomic and molecular energies of physical matter. From a sexual point of view the male is constantly generating and loosing sperm. The female is born with all the eggs she will carry the rest of her life. These differences are profound in their effect on each of us.  The physical body we are born into determines many of our life experiences.

This difference between the sexes is also a difference in polarity. It attracts the male and female together for an energy exchange and attempts to balance and neutralize the inequalities between each of them. Our souls may be both male and female but our physical bodies are not.

When these two meet it is “Puppy Love”! Each can see the God and Goddess in the other. They don’t really see the real person. In that sense this card represents Spiritual Love.

Ace of Wands

Male experience:

The Ace of Wands symbolizes light/electricity bursting through the barriers of old ideas. Conscious awareness and intuitive awareness are one and the same. Here is the spiritual experience of being at one with God or the Cosmic.

The boy child has the experience of becoming part of all things and finding his true destiny in play and nature.

The limitations of language make this experience indescribable and it can be shared with no one. This is very difficult for him to accept. Especially when he tries to communicate with the opposite sex.

This card symbolizes the life force, the phallus and God in physical form. The spirit of life within us is sacred and holy. Spiritual Light manifests as life energy.

Female experience:

The Ace of Wands symbolizes her union with the spiritual light. She achieves a great understanding in the form of illuminations. She has a strong awareness of being a girl instead of a boy. Instinctively she is aware of the life force in the phallus and of boys being Gods in physical form .

She wonders what it would be like to live forever but no one understands her. Many things remain a secret between God/dess and herself.

She feels small and helpless as she ponders the mighty forces of destiny and the male dominated world.


Karma, Sex, and those Gnarly Thoughtforms

Unless one is an advanced spiritual initiate practicing meticulous lightbody hygiene, a huge array of thoughtforms accumulate in the human energy field.  Often, clairvoyants can see them clustered around a person. They are just there, in everyone, like a cage full of various pets (or pests), tending to influence (or wreak havoc on) a life in such a variety of ways, they can become quite capable of taking over as a person’s primary navigation system, for better or worse, depending on prevailing themes. 

Thoughts are indeed things (or beings, even), verrry powerful once they are loosed by a fertile mind — especially if energized by strong emotion — and verrry magnetic to more of the same.  They broadcast invitations to resonant others to come join them and their beneficent host/creators, being us, sometimes to the point of burning down the house with their explosive potentialities.  They can also be likened to viruses, reproducing exponentially in the operating system of a life, as we cluelessly, sloppily, and naively obsess over various dramas in which we participate — in starring roles, as supportive cast, or “merely” as hooked voyeurs… all of which are investments of the energy of our attention.  Of course, if one’s thoughts are 100% pure, loving and godly… then hey, no problem! But this post isn’t about that blessed state.feminine surrender

Consider that one destiny of these highly charged and magnetic thoughtforms can be the inception of addictions: ie, to the way one feels under the influence of a drug, or a person (ie guru or celebrity supplication/ worship are prime examples… or just a compelling peer connection), or sex.  Sex is hugely powerful; ground zero in the “nuclear neighborhood” of the lower chakras.  It is a portal to the divine if worked with in frequencies of high love and/or sacred intent. In the intoxicatingly charged dominant/ submissive dynamic between particularly aligned (or misaligned) male/ female polarities, it can be an ignition sequence for losing all control before you know what hit you if you don’t practice concerted management of your faculties. 

This seems to me to be particularly true for the feminine/yin polarity of the equation: the dominant (male/yang) energy can easily syphon precious – and potent – energy from the sex centers (being physically present is not a requisite) of an open female, sending her into a long spin right out of her root.  This can become dangerous, fast, for all control over one’s life can be lost if the lower centers lose their secure grounding.  The male in this scenario gets stronger (with a likely ‘substance addiction’ strengthening as well), while the female’s power wanes as she slides further under the control of the dominant partner as his provider, possibly intoxicated out of her senses and swooning every minute until she wakes up one day to a life in shambles.

So: thoughtforms.  Say you have a Big Experience somewhere along your journey.  These are mandatory for the earth school; otherwise we wouldn’t incarnate to learn.  That experience resides in one’s energy body, or field, like a highly compressed holographic recording, with its emotional tone as its magnetic mortar.  It sets up what might be considered a multi-dimensional domain (distributed across various levels of your energetic template)… and invites “guests” over to join it for as long as we live; even longer (as karma).  Because the lightbody tends to pair up with numerous physical bodies over time to work out particular themes to their ultimate healed conclusion… unhealed thoughtforms can accompany any number of “bodies” through incarnations. We continue working on these ongoing plot-lines until ultimately (please God!!!) we achieve resolution and can graduate to a whole new story.  (This, incidentally, is what I believe humanity is endeavoring to do en masse… graduate to a new story… within the very near future!)

The situation that initiated this rather loaded post involves a man I spent some time around the other day.  In a revelatory moment, a few choice thoughtforms of his personal life played through my mind like a slide show.  This has happened before… I occasionally have these little glimpses into “interiors” quite spontaneously… and it is not intentional.  I just have occasional “spurts of reception” with people I seem to have a sympathetic resonance with.   I have no sense of it coming… I just suddenly receive little transmissions which also nail me with the full-throttle emotional tone of the scene being witnessed.  I really FEEL these.   I’m an empath, which is still a new revelation (and learning curve) for me in the full sense of the term.  (Note – Zeroing in on this easily-overlooked feature in my psycho-energetic makeup has illumined a very specific and crucial nook of my existence! ~ And if my experiences ‘feel familiar’ to you, do yourself a big favor and study up on The Empath, as well as the importance of clear boundaries. Could spare you a world of grief.  I suggest you check out  http://mysilentecho.com. ) I tend to take things in (or more to the point, I suddenly “find things in me”) that I then have to grapple with in some way.  Sometimes I have no idea what they are or why I’m experiencing them so intimately and intensely (as was the case when I “experienced” the events of 911 before they happened from a ground zero perspective; devastating!  It didn’t make any sense to my rational mind until after the event… tho it certainly freaked the bejeezuz out of me).

In this case of the other day, I knew exactly what was going on, and it was troubling, and it took me on *quite* an extensive ride.  It is, in fact, a prevailing ‘neverending story’ of the sexes, and one of the deepest wounds in my life (speaking karmically, across timelines).  It’s probably the Big Wound in the lives of most women (throughout time): the absolutely primary orientation to love, countered by the agonizing loss of trust in love.  Not that men don’t have their hurts, of course… but being a woman, this is my lens. 

What “popped” out of this man onto my inner screen was a very personal (to him) scene involving sex.  The woman in that scene actually reminded me of MYSELF; her entire emotional frequency, investment, and heart full of desire to give in that situation at the expense of her own receiving felt intimately familiar, and it set off a huge reverberation in me (my ‘resident’ thoughtforms/ karma were totally set off by this, if you follow) which continued to reverb through all time, all women, all earthly dimensions, and all archetypes involving male/female dynamics going all the way back to “the fall,” or first separation, by which I mean the point at which the sacred man/woman union of bliss and mutual harmony, respect, and co-operation fractured into what we have today.  What we have now is a deep distortion of that beautiful bond – rife with fear, power plays, secrets, lies, and manipulations.  Some day soon, in these shifting times, I envision this once again unifying into the shining, blessed pillar of solid connection that upholds the lives of a loving, committed couple — and their family, and the family of man on earth — as we are all such integral parts of the healed Whole.  The final and ultimate healing begins with the masculine/feminine rift at its basest levels.  The Ace of Wands!

So this little event sort of “caught me,” or I caught it, like a virus that hijacked my thoughts and my emotions on such an expansive issue… and I feel it all echoing through me like some kind of giant, entangled MEME for the entire species.  My heart is literally aching, and extremely tight.  I sense this is another immense layer of “genetic pathcutting” (ie “batch” karmic processing and cleansing on behalf of humanity as well as oneself) in fact, at this point — I have to heal this gargantuan, mass thoughtform in myself to send that “healed ripplet” into the collective heart/soul… to contribute to the rainbow bridge back to oneness.  If you’re a meditator… I invite you to join this effort as a healing practice.

This particular meme is about the expectation that women submit to men.  The eternal “pleasing of the king,” while not having her own needs met or remotely even acknowledged… her needs (and entire life lens) being more emotional, as she struggles to be the love-and-care giver to everyone around her, while so often being taken for absolute granted or even disrespected for that form of service… and gradually collapsing over time inside her own suffering.  She has been trained by society to keep silent because her truth is something no one wants to be bothered with.  While men are free (encouraged!) to openly make their wishes known and pursue them – and have the ‘entitlement’ to simply expect women to acquiesce to them – women tend to have to struggle to find alternate work-arounds to keep themselves in the game in ways that aren’t completely demoralizing.  Women often can’t speak up without some form of physical, mental, emotional or professional repercussion.  Women, by and large, are encouraged to be “sweet” and generally compliant… which can work for her to an extent… until something happens that absolutely requires that she rise up. Which may be something as basic as her Truth asserting!

So… back to this man and his illustrious thoughtforms.  I found myself thinking of his wife sleeping next to him all these years, and while she may not have seen his “repertoire” like I did, I know she had to feel this at the core of her being.  I feel certain of this, and my heart broke for her, and for myself, and then for all women in similar situations… in which they cannot trust the man they love, as he cavalierly romps around among various interchangeable toys.  Women give their bodies & souls to their relationship (and its offspring), but it isn’t enough.  And, what is there to do with such situations?  Just keep suffering silently the entire life?  Venture out into a highly complex and competitive world solo after 20 years?  On and on this went.  BTW, I know this is a complicated situation, that I am addressing in a rather singular way, and there are a thousand reasons that partners stray or love expires… though I suspect these reasons fall into a small group of core themes.

Now I am working on clearing all of this from my OWN field, as it has taken on MYTHIC proportions here, like the universe is processing one of its biggest tears through me.  (By “tears” I mean “rips,” but tears in the sense of crying — also appropriate!)  I feel strongly that our biggest task at this time is to just keep healing these karmas, keep nipping (blessing, healing) negative forms in their buds before they gather too much steam, and keep holding faith in the promise of sacred union between the sexes, and the ultimate healing of humanity and its return to vibrational Oneness with God.  We cannot expect the “vibration of Oneness” (or bliss) to do this for us, ie, “I’ll get healed when I’m in heaven.”  We have to become heavenly (loving, respectful, considerate, compassionate… including – or especially – to ourselves) in order to merge with that heavenly vibration during these ascension years!  Quite the challenge when our egos are reacting and responding to everything in their own primal, self-oriented, and generally rooted-in-fear inclinations.

I will end this by offering a very elementary exercise that can help clear ones’ field of gnarly thoughtforms and other energetic gunk.  It involves invoking light and healing from your own soular level, which can be envisioned as a tube with “little earthly you” on one end, and funneling up into the “vast oversoul you” that merges with Source Creator on the other end (imagine the Galactic Center, if you appreciate specificity).  Open that tube, or funnel, and draw in the purest whitest energy you can imagine, and scrub yourself out with it, from the bottom up, as often as possible.  I’ve done this with my beloved “photon bubbles” mentioned elsewhere in this blog; I’ve also done it igniting mini-explosions in each chakra, sort of like big old box cameras used to do when they took the picture — the “pouf of light,” if you follow.  Just play with what feels best/most effective.

After this “cleansing,” it is advisable to invoke a final “whirlwind” of photons down through your field, past your feet, into the earth.  The point of this piece is, that “spinning vortex” vacuums up all the “debris” shaken loose, even pulverized, by the first step, and recycles it back into neutral energy that the blessed elementals can come along and recycle into positive new forms!  It also doesn’t hurt to finish up with the great and good Violet Flame.  The Violet Flame is like the extra wax job on the vehicle that’s been cleansed to a gleaming shine.  Search that term if it is new to you; I’m sure you will find a lot of info online.

So… quite a major and meandering gush her.  If it speaks to you, I’d be interested in your response or experiences.

Love all… Whitehawk