Crystal Palace & Halls of Amenti

Once again I’m posting the latest Hathor message from Tom Kenyon. It recommends a meditative process that’s supported by Tom’s audio files that are downloadable from (direct link at the end of this post). I haven’t done this yet myself but wanted to post the message before any more time slipped by (I started preparing it yesterday morning but couldn’t take the time it needed to finish the job).

This Hathor message contains instructions for a potent energy meditation called The Crystal Palace Within and Opening the Halls of Amenti. You can use this meditation for great personal benefit whenever you wish. However, the instructions for this energetic process are being released at this time for those who choose to participate in a Hathor World Activation Meditation that will take place on October 31st 2010. A group will be gathered in Seattle, Washington at this time, to engage the meditation. This information is for those who are unable to attend the full workshop, but would like to participate in the meditation with others from around the world.

The Crystal Palace Within & Opening the Halls of Amenti
A Hathor Planetary Message
Through Tom Kenyon

Through the meditation we are about to convey, you can access higher levels of creativity, innate within you, and gain access to what we refer to as your Higher Mind—which is simply an aspect of your consciousness that extends beyond the constraints of your awareness as it is currently experienced within the constraints of time and space. This Higher Mind—this interdimensional aspect of your consciousness—is a potential source of immense inspiration, wisdom, insight and creativity.

The Crystal Palace Within refers to the pineal gland because part of its structure is crystalline in nature. These small calcite crystals have piezoelectric properties that can respond to the higher realms of light. By activating these crystalline potentials within your pineal gland you open a portal to your Higher Mind, which can bring to you, and humanity, an influx of creativity, insight and solutions to personal and collective problems.

The meditation has three phases.

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Adversities as Portals to Your Personal Power

Casey—the woman in this video—is a relative newcomer to adventures in consciousness (perhaps 1.5 years into it), who graciously posts her “reports from the field” (my phrase) online in a few places. I’ve been tracking her for about a year now. Her first series of videos focused on the ascension process—how it plays out in daily life IN THESE BODIES we wear—a big ordeal in itself as so many of us know!

Currently, her posts are more oriented to the theme of lucidity in dreams and out-of-body explorations. This one report made such a key point, I wanted to share it with you. Please check it out, you’ll be glad you did. As more and more of us are ‘waking up in the matrix,’ the realization that this is ALL a mind-boggling collaborative dreamscape we live in becomes crucial awareness that serves this notion of lucidity and conscious responses to what we believe is ‘out there.’

Casey’s videos are, to my mind, of particular value for those who are relatively new to this whole realm of higher energies and how it is to navigate them with our 3D human awareness. In my case, this has been an ongoing lifelong theme, so it’s not as ‘organic’ to me to think and communicate in fresh, newbie terms; it’s so much water under the bridge so to speak. However, Casey’s explorations of the higher realms (ie, 4D or astral journeys and dreamscapes) are much newer experiences to her, and she reports on them fresh from her cockpit! She is also very articulate and open in her sharing. This message makes a point that would be of great value to all who heed it. oxo ~W

PS: As an afterthought re: referring to Casey (and her sharings) as ‘newbie’ above… she has I believe been a longtime practicing yogini and meditator, so I want to give credit where it’s due! By ‘adventures,’ tho, I’m referring to out-of-body states, which she has been navigating with much inquisitiveness and courage over the past year or two.