Ascension Game Changer?

403094ec-735b-4a89-95c1-a93d556b09c5.jpgHello friends. Easter arrives once again. May blessings of love, abundance, and radiance be yours. May your burdens be lightened to the point of evaporation in this period of ascension; may you re-member the master you really are.

I’m here to encourage you to embrace your inner maestro of cosmic resonance & harmony!

Author & spiritual mentor Lucia Rene offers ideas and a technique to use to work with the energies of ascension as registered by the Schumann resonance in this video. She puts forth that Earth is struggling with this process herself, due to the large pockets of density/ darkness being held/generated by humanity (and I might add, “others”). Continue reading

Are You a Bridge Between Two Worlds?

Yes, with zero doubt, all my life. Likely you too. And a delicate & swaying bridge it can be. I find this topic poignant to share on Good Friday (death) heading into Easter (ascension), in the Christian traditions. It’s been feeling as tho our collective “Good-Friday-to-Easter -Sunday” window has spent *eons* in the in-between, as opposed to a mere three days as the Easter story holds, or three months, ie winter as a death cycle and spring a revival of life.

We are in a window of unknown expanse in every sense, from the “time” it’s taking to make a true, profound, no-turning-back leap in the quantum sense, to entering mysterious energetic realms where reality is far more fluid and light than this planet (and these bodies) has ever known before. ~W


Are You a Bridge Between Worlds - fbBy Christina Lavers

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Many of us, who feel we have awoken, currently find ourselves straddling two worlds. One is the old world, the one we all grew up in. This reality was imposed on us from the top down. In this version we are taught that life is harsh, there is much to fear. It is vital that we trust authority and for our own safety, accept being governed (aka controlled) by external influences. Immersed in this old paradigm we indeed look out and see so much that reinforces its dismal, restrictive perspective. This is a dog-eat-dog world in which me must struggle and fight to get, and hold onto, our piece of the pie.

In contrast, the new reality that many of us feel lapping at the edges of our internal horizon, is based on love, authenticity, and personal sovereignty.

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Chaos Before Birth

Following is extracted from Solara’s current Surf Report. As for me, the past week or so has been about overwhelming allergies, brain fog/headache, and unrelenting, heavy sky-spraying that – if not causing all this outright, is certainly exacerbating it. Weary, wary, and carrying on, regardless – what else is there to do?  ~Whitehawk


March is a dynamic, action-packed month from the very beginning until the very end. The Green Lights are fully on! The Fire Monkey is already scampering around in the treetops with his pockets full of wild antics, exciting creative projects and unexpected breakthroughs. Everything he / she does this year is for the purpose of breaking us free of old patterns and aligning us with our True Path.

images.jpgRight now, the collapsing world of duality is creating intense chaos in the outer world. Lots of old distorted energy is being stirred up and much of it is extremely dirty, noisy and more than a bit mad. This chaos is sowing the seeds of fear, anger and hysteria. It’s full of sinister science fiction scenarios and way too unreal. The chaos is caused by all the old energies which are being stirred up and knocked loose by the New Reality. Now these illusory energies must leave the planet.

Chaos always precedes birth. Since this is such a massive birth, there is massive chaos. Continue reading

Create More of Who You Really Are

Manifesting Your Ideals in Parallel Realities

Bashar offers a unique visualization process that seems the perfect follow-up to the “parallel planes” post from him that I published yesterday. Essentially you work with your higher mind to create the scenario you want, then resonate with what you’ve built to make it manifest in your physical experience. Continue reading

Clearing Your “Inner Clogs”

This short video from Caroline Cory offers a “quick-clear” practice we can all use to maintain an uncluttered, emotionally unencumbered field.

Remember, what we carry, we project, and those projections (whether behavioral or “just” energies emanating) are strong attractors for more.  I find I’m very sensitized to people’s “vibes” which has brought a bit of a challenge sometimes re: “social navigation.”  W. Continue reading

When Equinox, Will You Answer?

On this day in the Northern Hemisphere, we are in perfect balance between light and dark.

Let us pray loving attention to the fragile sprouts of inner beauty which have survived the long dark of hibernation, despite all odds, to push up through the soil into the light.

Let us honour the faith it has taken to believe in the invisible, upper world, where soon we will blossom into sprawling gardens overflowing with fruit.

Let us hold our painful hearts with gentle hands today. Continue reading

Waking Your Navigator in the Dream of Life

Have you noticed your experience of life seeming increasingly dreamlike in nature?  I sure have. The more “awake” we become, the more we re-perceive this “setup” we have! Interesting shift; interesting paradox to acclimate to and navigate within.

Sharing this video quickly before I’m offline for the day. Paul Levy has had quite a ride with his life, including a massive kundalini awakening that came in like lightning to a life tormented by darkness. The question this type of experience tends to raise is “breakdown or breakthrough?” … which typically brings in psychiatric attention, evaluation, drugs, etc.

For those of us thrust into this while NOT in a “safe container” (perhaps an ashram or similar), in the full bustle of western life, this can be a tumultuous and disorienting time. And it can go on. Continue reading

Manifesto of the Sovereign Integral (Wingmakers)

images.jpgWingmakers is a fascinating phenom to explore, if you’re rather intrepid :) Following is a list of primary tenets for the Sovereign Integral, maybe worth a gander/ponder. ~W

Manifesto of the Sovereign Integral

  • There is no space more sacred or powerful than another.
  • There is no being more spiritual than another.
  • There is no thing more divine than another.
  • There is no tool or technique that accelerates the unfoldment of consciousness.
  • There is no truth that can be written, spoken, or thought unless it is
    conceived and expressed through the Language of Unity.
  • First Source transcends Wholeness.
  • All the fragments of philosophy, science, and religion, even when unified,
    represent but a fractional picture of reality. Continue reading

Who or What is Mogay?

[This post has been edited down since originally published.]

I find this interesting.by_darkzero66

I discovered it via Dr. Elisa Medhus’s youtube channel, where she has “talks” with her deceased (by suicide) son, Erik. Erik has become a connector on the other side, bringing people (and other beings) through channelers to converse with his mother, Elisa;  these videos are posted on youtube.

The vid I’m describing here is inserted below. It features a unique conversation with Mogay – a being whose entire home in another universe was destroyed via a catastrophic event, apparently a collision with a ‘planetary body’ of some sort.

The story has been circulating around since last month that there are ETs stranded here in electromagnetic frequencies of earth. They exist IN – and AS – these frequencies. They are apparently moving in and out of humans’ “fields” (purportedly in a “non-parasitic, non-energy-sucking way”) to communicate their plight of being stranded here. Erik came thru with the confirmation that this was not fiction; Mogay’s claims are true.

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Rebooting with Explosive Energies: Equinox Between Eclipses


We have passed the tipping point between the solar and lunar eclipse and are heading for spring equinox. The energies are brewing, as the planetary constellations are quite challenging these days, causing a lot of confusion and bringing up a lot of ancient patterns stored in cellular memory. We are tested on our patience and trust big time, as this story of ups and downs just never seems to end. It feels hopeless, but the opposite is the case. Our systems are rebooting with a new software, based on the high frequencies of universal love.

March has been an intense month of high gamma frequencies streaming in. It has never been that high and these energies have one purpose: The reprogramming of our systems. It is all in line with the DNA upgrades and the change in our bodies. We become true light beings and that means that all heaviness needs to go.

A lot of us are still experiencing mental, emotional and physical symptoms as we move through the time between the eclipses, heading for the spring equinox on March 19. We might feel all over the place, not being able to clearly focus on anything. Many of us lack the ability to concentrate on something specific and the motivation or desire to DO and/or create. We even have problems to express what we truly want to say, almost as if our speech centre has been hit by a little stroke. On one day, we might have weirdest cravings without hunger, on others, we cannot eat anything at all. Our whole system seems to go berserk, as if we had caught a computer virus and nothing seems to function properly anymore. Doubts can creep up and there can be this inexplicable feeling of longing – a pulling in the heart chakra region. Things we thought we had moved beyond, can show up again and we can feel lonely, separated, lost and confused.

Rest assured though, that this is perfectly normal. This is not a virus, but indeed a very positive sign that the reprogramming of your cellular software from a fear based to a love based program is running successfully. The faulty fear based patterns are pushed to the surface and are replaced. In this transition period, love and fear frequencies exist in parallel in our systems and that is causing the feeling of being lost in space.

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Immense Destabilzation

The following is from the Hathors, via Tom Kenyon.


Your world is entering a period of immense destabilization.

In past messages we have referred to Chaotic Nodes as unexpected catalytic and chaotic changes. We have also noted in past communications that multiple Chaotic Nodes are emerging, and their interaction is what we are referring in this message as destabilization.

(see a previous Hathor message titled Escalation of Chaotic Nodes and the Dismantling of 3-D Reality).

This destabilization of your world is occurring at the ecological, social and individual levels of existence.

Let’s begin with the ecological issues.

Your planetary environment is, essentially, being poisoned. The acidification of your oceans, the overuse of pesticides, chemical agents and fossil fuels are all interacting to create an ecological Chaotic Node of immense proportions. Indeed, a growing number of your scientists are saying that your Earth is entering the beginning stages of a “6th mass extinction.”

We will turn our attention to the ramifications of these issues in a moment but let us address the other two levels first.

At a social level your world is entering a highly volatile and destabilizing state. This is a complex situation but addressing the most rudimentary levels we would say you are witnessing a clash of cultural values as well as the impact of both climate change and war on migrations of human populations, some of which are being caused by circumstances and some of which are being manipulated by power brokers behind the scenes.

The third level is the individual—you—the one reading this message.

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Kundalini & Ego Death


Ego Death by Brendan Monroe

Ego death is something with which I have profound and lasting experience, which I will write about one of these days. I admit to a bit of reluctance to return to the intensity of that space to accomplish this. It’s one of the most impactful things that can happen to a person’s psyche and sense of self, IMHO – aspects of which are luminous to the extent of sensing perfect bliss and divine union, while others can be frightening, disturbing, or at the very least, disorienting.

Meanwhile, here’s a ride on the subject by Jana Dixon, one of the most prolific and deep-diving writers on kundalini around currently – author of the tome, Biology of Kundalini. Even if you only get through the first few paragraphs of her article, I’m thinking you’ll be enriched for it.   ox Whitehawk

The ego protects us from full knowledge of the shadow and to the extent that it does this it also blocks us off from super-consciousness as well.

The ego disappears in these extreme experiences because of the extreme energy going through the hindbrain, sensory-motor cortex and limbic brain. Especially in extreme fight-flight chemistry the prefrontal lobes are disengaged in order for the more instinctive parts of the brain to deal with the danger. During such a spiritual emergency however the sense danger is internally generated. Often the autonomic shock is many times greater than that which we could ever experience in the normal course of a human life.

Just as a virgin only has a limited grasp of what it is to be human prior to having sex, so to those who have not experienced the ecstatic inner-conjunction or a Dark Night also have a limited perception of the height and depth of reality. These extreme events in consciousness make the ego more sober, respectful and humble because of this reorientation of what it is to be Human. This adjustment is largely biochemical. There is both vast expulsion of stored tension-energy and extensive reconstruction of the brains hardware that is brought about by these events. And it is this chemical, energetic and experiential reformation, which leads to what we know as Ego Death… whereas really it should be known as an expansion of the tight boundaries of the Ego to encompass a larger felt-sense of humanization.

What is Ego Death?

Ego death represents the neurodetoxification of fossilized repression, removing the friction and futile cycling of the nervous system, allowing a higher pattern to form. Continue reading