Ascending into 5th-Dimension Frequencies:
An Initiation of the Heart

This page was inspired by core concepts from the book Telos, Volume 3, by Aurelia Louise Jones.  While it’s easy to just keep reading spiritual materials (which I’ve done voraciously my entire adult life), unless we integrate and flow their energy, essence, and wisdom through our inner worlds and outer activities, it all becomes just so much clutter in our mental closets, and not much more.  I offer this page with the encouragement that if it resonates for you, then find and purchase the book for your own journey (we need to support the messengers), and put it into practice (for the good of all as well as your own journey).

The term ‘Ascension’ refers to the extraordinary, hyper-evolutionary process of our souls/God Selves/divine frequencies coming into fusion with our physical, egoic selves/denser levels. One way we can look at this is, what humans have been perceiving and experiencing as distinctly separate realms of existence — ie, the higher planes, or “afterlife” (4D, 5D & beyond, and all inhabitants: guides, ascended masters, angels, various galactic beings, etc) and the “physical life” (up to 3D; all the physical tangibles) — are merging into one here on our planet, and in ourselves.  All this is happening while Gaia/the Earth is experiencing acceleration in her frequencies and becoming a ‘higher version’ of herself as well.

This is huge.  Our biospiritual mechanisms will become capable of sending and receiving many more channels at will; quite a lot to manage; quite a “graduation” into more responsibility… and reward. The destination is the state of unity, or Oneness, which (as I know from the days before I actually experienced Oneness) most egos are not likely to understand, nor subsequently  fully appreciate.  Egos are invested in remaining separate, individual, and — in their perpetuated 3D illusion — “special.”  I’ve also come to think of egos as chronic karma-generating devices (comes with the territory of defending one’s specialness), whereas Oneness  resolves eons of problems and debts through its inclusivity, its fusion of “above” and “below,” “us” and “them,” you and me.

Please understand, I’m not dumping on the ego here, nor do I consider it bad or something to be conquered.  It’s just quite an interesting paradox: to become (ascend into) our ultimate Selves, we really have to surrender to the fact that we really are all One.  Literally.  We’re billions of outlets of the One prime essence.  Egos would suspect that surrendering involves being captured into some form of enslavement, but it is in this insistent egoic idea of protecting “me,” and “what’s mine,” against you, and them, that keeps us enslaved in fear-based programming (in so many aspects of life) and stuck in perceived separation from, instead of one with, or part of, God.

shaktiAscension transforms duality, separation, and the belief that what is divine is surely not lowly me.  You might be comforted to hear, our egos aren’t being left behind or annihilated as we merge with the higher realms; they are coming along, absolutely integral to the whole process.  Our egos will soon be graced to an extent that  remains elusive — unimaginable, really — until experienced.   During my experience of ‘Oneness,’ I was fully aware of my individual self; I was also sublimely aware of my exquisite, expanded  existence in that higher frequency, that rarified quantum level at which all is connected and beautiful.  In Oneness, if my attention turned toward something or someone — regardless of what or where or whom — I felt a stream of energy switch on between me and “it,” fully understanding that “I” and “it” were ONE.  “It” was merely part of a far greater expanse of ME, just as my foot is an extension of my body, whether I’m consciously thinking about it or not.  When my attention turned to absolutely anything, I felt the energetic connection with it light up like a runway at night; it was amazing.  I’ve never studied remote viewing, but wouldn’t be surprised if viewers learn how to invoke this experience, and then travel the quantum runway to the target, simply by switching perceptual awareness from “local” to “distant.”

BTW, I created The Circle page of this blog because it reminds me of how Oneness feels: a transcendent sense of belonging — extraordinary, divine, infinite, connected, accepting, and buoyant — unlike anything I’d experienced before, or since.

How smoothly ascension goes, I suspect, will be unique to every individual, depending on our preparedness, which to a great extent concerns the degree and quality of love we hold in our hearts.  (I always emphasize this love must include love for ourselves [and not in a narcissistic distortion]  because wounded or distorted self-love ripples out into inability to truly love others (who are merely other aspects of ourselves, in the unified field!), which will ultimately be reflected in our relationships–how do others feel around us? –and our communities–are we bridge builders, or blockers?) Other factors are involved but I can’t address everything at once; this is only a page in a blog!  But the content here is useful if you take it into your heart, nurture it, and let it live through your life.  At the very least, you can join me in the practice!  Obtaining a copy of Telos 3 also wouldn’t hurt.


Dimensions represent frequencies.  Our consciousness determines which frequencies we experience. To access 5D, one’s consciousness needs to be able to sustain those frequencies, which this post is attempting to facilitate.  If one’s prevailing consciousness does not resonate with the higher, purer photon energies coming to us now, we may feel the discomfort of the disconnect between where we are vs. where the energies of ascension are (or, vibrate at). Note that “consciousness” does not equate with “thoughts.”  Consciousness is the sum of mind/heart/soul all working together.

(BTW, I’m not saying that 5D is the ultimate destination. It isn’t. However, 5D IS a reality which is energy-and-light-based, and existence is fluid. It’s based in flow/kairos, not linear/chronos.  I consider 5D the next major experience and jumping-off place to higher realms, beyond the shadows, emotional confusion, belief systems, and afterlife territories of 4D.)

One helpful practice to narrow the gap is to approach situations with the question, “What would a Master do (or say) in response to this?”  Of course, by “Master” we mean a master of enlightenment, not a master of tyrannical control!  Days of slavery are over, dear ones!  So, what would Jesus do, or Quan Yin, or Buddha, or ____ (insert your fave here)? Perceiving this ascended master as the highest — or future — version of yourself could be the best practice… as you are practicing for this very thing!  So check in with your ascended adviser (in your imagination you are building a bridge) before acting/reacting.   You’ve heard the saying, RESPOND, don’t REACT?  Responding is creative, and (hopefully) resourceful and resolving.  Reacting is motivated by the ego (the threatened ego more specifically) and tends to be defensive and antagonistic, thereby aggravating the original problem.

Stop believing that what you see is all there is. If your belief system can’t let go of the illusions of 3D (and no one is saying this is easy; it’s been our orientation for eons, after all), you might as well try setting sail across a shimmering, magical lake while remaining tethered to the dock.

I have to admit, my out-of-body adventures give me an edge here (not a free pass! … just a conceptual advantage).  I understand by virtue of these experiences that realms are just various collective agreements magnetized around sets and subsets of information and habits — “belief system territories” as OBE pioneer Robert Monroe calls them.  “Reality” is merely highly malleable energy awaiting an artist or builder to shape it as s/he would with any artistic media or building supplies.  Our recent access to information and ideas re: the matrix/grid, and quantum physics, zero point, and holograms, etc etc, is nudging us toward the REAL reality, which is, we are powerful creators!   We’ve just been asleep at the wheel and subliminally seduced for millennia into subordinance (in other words, we’ve allowed OUR malleable energy to be shaped by exterior forces, simply because they saw the opportunity and seized it)… while we also remain stressed, insecure, and drained of life force (being perpetually manipulated to another’s advantage will do it!).

The time has come to rejoice in the truth of WHO (and where) WE REALLY ARE.  We are infinite beings, native to a realm of pristine beauty and divine love, sleeping and dreaming that we’re minor players possessing limited options, and whatever doesn’t fit this dismal dream isn’t real.  WE’VE HAD IT ALL BACKWARDS.  Infinite love is what is true; our job as ascending souls is to live at that vibration, from the inside, out.  This is the way to turn ourselves around.

I’ll be the first to admit that habitual thought patterns can take extraordinary will power to change.  When life is manageable and reasonably comfortable (or at least familiar), why rock the boat?  It’s a rare being who WILL initiate changes when autopilot gets him through the day.  Well, things are happening now to help us mobilize. The earth is speaking up and shaking us out of this numb complacency, for one thing.  Previously buried pain and karma from accumulated lifetimes and lineages are now surfacing to be reckoned with as well.  The physical and mental health crises that are rampant now are these ancient issues coming up to wake us up and shake us out of this trance.  It is deep cleansing at work.  There can be no ascension if our fields (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual … ALL OF IT) are toxic and sludging at low vibrations.  Any and all of the discomfort we are experiencing is ultimately about waking up and claiming our vast, multidimensional, infinite selves.  Put it this way:  attempting an intercontinental cruise in a vessel that’s been stuck in dry dock for ages isn’t going to work.  That ship will require considerable care and skillful rehabilitation before it is seaworthy.  So it is for us.  (Notice my boat analogy got bigger? ;)

Judgment is a big snafu.  Training ourselves to lighten up on judgmentalism and expectation regarding ourselves, others, situations, and “how things should be” is paramount. Contemplating what outward appearances are trying to tell us, and how we (as powerful creators) might re-create or attract or allow things to unfold in a transformational way would be the “more interesting” road.  Judging something wrong just because my uppity ego doesn’t appreciate it (likely due to feeling threatened by it in some way) serves to keep the entire situation at a lower frequency… and lower frequencies tend not to move or flow into higher ones of their own accord!  It takes conscious intention and involvement to lift them.  And considering we have lifetimes worth of heaviness to clear out as it is, WHY ADD MORE to the load?  Our goal is enLightenment, not further emburdenment.

Secrecy is another one.  By secrecy I mean the self-serving withholding of information that would serve others’ right to be duly informed about <whatever>.  Secrecy is manipulative and not advisable if one is seeking to attain higher frequencies.  The higher realms ARE TRANSPARENT.  Practicing transparency (honesty) now is to practice mastery and preparedness.

Other ascension tips:

Embrace humility, and surrender to the wisdom of your sacred heart.  If that wisdom isn’t immediately obvious, take the time to go within and meditate on it, anticipating the joy of connecting with your higher self and establishing conscious union with your I AM presence.

Honor the sanctity of all life and be as harmless as humanly (ascending humanly) possible.

Rather than rutting into beliefs about the heaviness of life (which sets up all kinds of blocks and lethargy), ponder the increasing lightness of the situation, and let that energy build.  Continually release your issues into the sacred fire, and enjoy the relief that comes when shadowy energies are freed from the bondage in which you’ve inadvertantly kept them.

Seek out ways to regularly appreciate your circumstances.  If they are rough, try reframing them as merely lessons you’ve signed up for, to help yourself “get off the pot” so to speak, and express gratitude for realizing that your troubles aren’t punishment, but merely information to help you choose something different.  Remember, this is all an illusion — a dream — to help you hone your ideas and values; it’s not a hopeless vat of quick sand.  Keep considering HOW LIFE WOULD LOOK AND FEEL IF IT WERE ALL ALRIGHT, and then replay THAT movie (how would “different” feel?); the energy it generates will start magnetizing different ideas and circumstances to energize instead.  Consistency is key; the universe does not respond to vacilation, as vacilation doesn’t draw energy into alignment; it merely perpetuates static, or stasis.

Practice: fill a pad of post-it notes with the words “Thank You” and “Breathe” written on every one, and then put them absolutely everywhere — on bills in your wallet, inside your books, purse, cabinets, pockets; on the dashboard, mirrors, doors — you get the idea.  Then whenever you see one, put your hand to heart (remember your sacred chamber), say “thank you” (even if you don’t know what for, just do it), and take a deep breath, drinking that appreciation into every cell of your being.  Keep it up until it becomes a habitual gratitude practice; gratitude is powerfully magnetic to higher frequencies and will facilitate your ascension.

Nurture and expand a genuine desire for ascension and immortality, freedom from the karmic wheel (a 3D construct of endless reincarnation… which sets up opportunities for yet MORE karma to manifest).  Claim your power to just move forward on your ascension path and be joyous about the fact that you have “awakened in the matrix” and are now shifting into a wholey (and holy) new version of yourself and your life experience.  The path of ascension has been walked successfully by many before.  They have learned how to love; to be love and live love.  They were once ordinary humans who worked their way through karma and travails… until they realized the truth in the chambers of their own sacred hearts.  They have bushwhacked  the trail ahead of us, and have shown that it can be done.  They are not hanging around seeking to harvest the energy of our adoration, subordinance, or finances. They’re waving luminous “welcome home” banners and sending messages of encouragement via the inner planes, as our guidance and support.

Ultimately the idea here is to shed old ideas of what’s real (which is–heaven on earth) and what’s possible (our experience of this), and to practice gratitude that we now got the lesson, even if our execution of it takes a little more investment of consciousness before becoming our first response to all that life may throw at us.

2 comments on “*5D*

  1. very helpful. my training at the moment.

    “Dimensions represent frequencies. Our consciousness determines which frequencies we experience. To access 5D, one’s consciousness needs to be able to sustain those frequencies, which this post is attempting to facilitate. If one’s prevailing consciousness does not resonate with the higher, purer photon energies coming to us now, we may feel the discomfort of the disconnect between where we are vs. where the energies of ascension are (or, vibrate at). Note that “consciousness” does not equate with “thoughts.” Consciousness is the sum of mind/heart/soul all working together.”

    last month, i had a major company project shut down, due to a vibration and energy split. total accident. i got stuck and had to meditate with my Guides and Angel Michael. This was my computer, i almost had a complete melt down-lol-lol. I am secure but training in shifts for me and my organization.


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