You Cannot Get This Wrong

I hope you enjoy today’s edition!

(Actually an excerpt of Sophia’s edition. ~W)

Sophia Love

August 28, 2018

Is there someone who is available now and wants to connect?

Hello Sophia.

My… this is a familiar voice. To whom am I speaking?

I am what you would call a “re-boot”. We have engaged before… It was 3 years ago, you sense this.

You feel very familiar to me.

I come to you now new.

A new earth. A new you. A new interaction altogether. Continue reading

The Uncontrolled Narrative

Here’s a subject that is of great significance to me as a lifelong experiencer of things that I’ve retained in “clips” but not in a coherent, complete story. I seldom speak of it here, but very much look forward to the day when disclosure comes not only re: my personal puzzle-pieces, but re: our collective story as a universal collective. It’s of utmost significance, really, to anyone who craves truth, as do I!

This little documentary features people who convened at ECETI ranch recently. They discuss what disclosure means in every sense of “meaning,” featuring James Gilliland (owner of ECETI and host of this event), John Vivanco, Teresa Yanaros, Jimmy Church, Jordan Sather, Mary Rodwell, Clifford Mahooty, Greg Sullivan, Peter Maxwell Slattery, Billy Carson, Steve Murillo, Cathy Whittenburg Leidall, and Kenzie Kazme.

If inclined, check it out. Only 40 minutes.  oxW Continue reading

The Uncovering

Picture New one from Sophia Love. May it be so. May it be soon. W

August 23, 2018

I reach now to my friends on the Pleiadian Pipeline. Are you available to connect?

We are Sophia, yes. We are here now and so very pleased that you have called us to talk. There are many things to say now. It is an honor to participate in this uncovering. For uncovering is what it is, make no mistake. You are reaching deep within and pulling out those parts of yourselves and your world that you’ve kept hidden.

Thank you for coming forward. Will you continue now with any new and/or beneficial information for us?

We will, yes. Right now, on your world there are forces plotting an overthrow of those who are also on your world planning for its liberation. These plots will not be successful. It has been seen and it has been deemed that your world is liberated from its current enslavers. Continue reading

The Multidimensional Virtues of Beauty

SPLENDID ANCIENT GREECE FACE OF BEAUTY SCULPTURE STATUE New video interview from Regina Meredith on a topic worth considering and enlivening in our lives: the importance of beauty to the soul. Brings to mind a course I took in college, Philosophy of the Beautiful. We would be much enriched by contemplating the ancient Greek culture – and this thoughtful conversation with Steven Ross.

Regina’s blurb:

How often do we hear that the world is be coming an uglier place? The anecdote to these feelings of despair is Beauty – Beauty in all of its forms. To say that Steven Ross is a mystic and healer is to barely scratch the surface of the wisdom he embodies. In this conversation, Steven explains the human need for Beauty for everything from our spiritual and creative development to healing what ails us. As one of my favorite people on Earth, Steven shares a deep understanding of a path that every human being can benefit from and find joy in. Continue reading

Synchronicity: The Meaning & Quantum Origin

Very glad to see a new video from Tom Montalk. It’s been over two years since he’s uttered a peep, to my knowledge, and he’s too on-the-ball to go so long without, imo. I’m posting the transcript he kindly provided as well as the video (at end). Good, clear, helpful info for us to more deeply experience & work with synchros. I highly recommend drinking up everything he offers at his website. He knows his stuff and is a natural communicator. Enjoy!  ~Whitehawk

The Meaning & Quantum Origins of Seven Types of Synchronicities

by Tom Montalk

Let’s talk about synchronicities, why they happen, and what they mean.

A synchronicity, or synch for short, is a strange coincidence that you’re meant to notice. Carl Jung defined them as meaningful coincidences, as two or more events that are physically unrelated yet somehow connected in a spooky or metaphysical way. I prefer to think of them in a more general way as meaningful improbabilities. So they’re not just random coincidences or products of confirmation bias, but genuine anomalies in experience that grab your attention.

Now, synchs are really important; they’re personal proof that reality is sometimes malleable, sometime unstable, sometimes responsive to consciousness. Einstein was right when he said reality is illusion, albeit a persistent one. Synchs prove that this world behaves more like a collective dream or a Matrix simulation than an independent physical construct. Continue reading

Event Forecasting

I’ve only seen – lessee – 19 minutes of this hour-long video so far but already consider it share-worthy. It’s main topic is “event forecasting.” Also discussed is “why different people get different answers” re: topics when consulting oracles. Again, I’m only addressing how it starts.

Image result for calendar with date circled

Its main topic is the trouble we get into when trying to pin a date on a cosmic event. (Something I for one have a bit of experience with –  ahem.) Worth a listen.

The “different answers for same questions” subject is one I’ve noticed on occasion over the years. For instance, I’ve talked on this blog about monthly sessions I once had with “my guides” via a certain channel.

Continue reading

Season of the Witch

A few days ago I awoke one morning with Donovan’s “Season of the Witch” playing in my head. Of all the old, obscure songs to haunt me so to speak (as this has, since), this one would be among the last I’d ever expect to “come calling.”

Finally I thought, maybe if I write about this, the song will leave me alone! :-}

All I knew from memory was the title lyric, “Must be the season of the witch,” which I heard clearly in my mind. Also something about “picking up every stitch,” but for the most part, this mental implant was about it being the season of the witch.

Here’s something about this song, if interested to look into it a bit; I found the first opinion below the lyrics a fair POV. For me though it’s simply the title that came to me in my sleep somehow; I didn’t know the lyrics.

I imagine many readers can relate quite viscerally to the fate of the witch in America, from past-life residue. Witches – typically natural healers˚ – were loved by those they helped and feared by the dominating patriarchy who greedily grasped all power for themselves, with which to control the community “body” so to speak. Continue reading

How the Pole Shift Is Affecting Humanity

Sharing the following article & video from Open, which was originally on, for your discerning consideration. Open, from what I recall, was a successful Australian executive who, after a major life crisis (I’m thinking car accident but not certain), very proactively focused his life on creating media and classes about spiritual evolution.

Bless all, Whitehawk

How the Pole Shift is Affecting Humanity and the Planet
By OpenContributing writer for Wake Up World

Although the current Pole Shift on Earth has been spoken of many times before, I do not believe the full magnitude of the effects have been truly hoisted on board, or how this current one, combined with abrupt climate changes and Gaia’s 5D shift, creates the ‘perfect 3D storm’ scenario. We must understand how it is increasingly not only affecting the precious biosphere in which we live, but also the electromagnetic affects it has on the bodymind, and how it impacts our psyche.

It is becoming crucial we confront this inconvenient truth…

The Perfect Storm of 3D Earth Cleansing

In our new documentary PARADIGM SHIFT, we drew attention to the fact that the current Pole Shift will likely complete within the space of one human lifetime, as confirmed by Berkley scientists from California. It is becoming increasingly evident the impact this is ALREADY having on the activation of earthquakes and volcanoes around the world — such as Kilauea in Hawaii. As yet, we’re only in the early stages of this, but I can clearly feel it’s about to get more extreme, as the ‘hockey stick’ effects turn the curve and go vertical.

Continue reading

Prime Creator’s Journey

Here we have a “galactic review” from Barbara Marciniak. Thanks to Joanne for putting it under my nose this morning.

Marciniak’s Pleiadian transmissions were among the first galactic tales to really hit big in so-called New Age consciousness about, oh, 25 years ago. I know I read them with great interest! I also found Marciniak’s Path of Empowerment a good read.

I’ve since backed off a lot of New Ageism as I continuously explore potential answers to this “whole catastrophe” (as Zorba would say) but some of it is anchored in my head pretty firmly, like the creation story below.

When this came along in my Facebook feed, I decided to post it here as an overview/review (should you choose to accept it) of a pivotal portion of the history of this planet and the human species who have been in a totally unique journey here, in comparison to other colonizations in the cosmos.

What follows is Chapter 2 of The Bringers of the Dawn.  ~W ox

On Prime Creator’s Journey

Humanity is an experiment. Humanity has been designed, as has just about everything else that exists within creation. Prime Creator began experimenting with creation a long time ago in this universe for the purpose of greater self-exploration, self-gratification, and self-expression. Continue reading

The Lost Art of Resurrection

Egypt-3B-006 - Obelisks | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
I could listen to author Freddy Silva for hours on end – and have! His depth of research into ancient cultures’ mystical quests is astounding.
Here he is with my favorite interviewer Regina Meredith talking about ancient structures and their intended purpose to the builders: to connect and align with the powerful energies of creation to facilitate the vigorous challenges of living on this planet – and traveling beyond.


Video blurb:

Long before floods erased much of the human species and our creations, high civilizations knew how to work with the natural forces of Earth. They created temples and sacred spaces that allowed us to “remember” and awaken our divine genius along with our connection with the cosmos. Continue reading

The Spirit of Inquiry – What’s Real?

1trueWho hasn’t grappled with the question, What’s TRUE?

We now have mysticism & miracles colliding with deliberately deceptive media generating smoke & mirrors on a moment-by-moment basis.

I’ll be the first to say, how can we really know anything? How can we trust anything we hear, read, and even see?

Not only is the onslaught of (often convoluted) information overwhelming, the lenses & filters of our own minds typically add more mayhem to the mix!

2ruetrueI question – a lot. What this has shown me is that the more I question, the more comes in to BE questioned. The spirit of inquiry is an attractor factor in itself.

I entertain concepts beyond anything that would have even occurred to me a few years ago. I also question all kinds of things about myself, including notions I entertain, and why – which, right there, can quickly become a wild ride.

My – our collective – consciousness is having to expand exponentially by the day to digest all the befuddling strangeness coming at us at breakneck (or paradigm-busting) speed. The practice becomes examining what speaks to us and discarding what doesn’t. At least, for the time being. Perceptions can change in a heartbeat.

Continue reading

Pleiadian Event Responders

Event interest (dare we say progress) continues

What follows is from Sophia Love, who has conversations with off-planet friends. She had this one yesterday, with Pleiadians preparing to help us ‘transition’ when this anticipated cosmic event actually happens. (I’m of the mind this is destined to occur; trying to grasp the when of it though can be crazy-making! :)


They (as do other races, if info we get is correct) have (so we’re told) healing facilities/rooms/chambers/pods for humans to recover in after they make the shift, whatever that ends up actually being, and however it ends up impacting our body/mind/spirits to actually move into an entirely new environment that runs on different principles than we have here – with beings who are far more advanced than us, prepared to help!

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