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The Gift of Being a Gift-Giver

Greetings to all who have discovered this outpouring of love, the Winging with Whitehawk blog. I (Whitehawk) have been offering insights on matters pertaining to our ascension in this space since 2007, with a primary focus on the incredible and intriguing up-shift into higher frequencies we earthlings (and all life) are now traversing.

I invite you to look beyond just the recent posts into the archives that burgeon with an amazing array of enlightening and unique information – unique because it either represents the direct experiences of – or has been filtered through – the guiding spirit and voyager between realms that is Whitehawk.

(continued below)


::: Kindreds & Beloved Fellow Journeyers :::

The hundreds of light-filled posts freely available on this blog represent MY donations to the spiritual quests and questions of my dear readers –


Please show your appreciation for this ongoing offering from me with a donation of your own.
Any amount at this critical time makes a difference and is most appreciated.

Thank you!


The primary gifts I offer here arise from:

  • a soul that craves an ever-expanding awareness of – and a personal relationship with – the Divine, the One, the True Source of All that we see, do, feel, and experience.
  • a heart that craves to inspire & encourage those who receive the illumination I offer here
  • an aptitude for finding, filtering & sharing pertinent information amid a glut of a dominant ‘noise to signal’ material on the ‘net,
  • my revealing many pertinent – and often times intimate – personal experiences as I endeavor to “remain aloft” during the ever-intensifying frequencies of this profound cosmic event.

WE NEED EACH OTHER, you and I, and all who stand in this New & True Light.

Some of us, myself included, experience many of these profound galactic transmutational forces in our bodies. We’re referred to by Eckart Tolle, among others, as the “frequency holders,” referenced in this post. We are the pillars of light bringing in and emanating the juice now gushing in from the galactic center.

It was given by my ascended mentors that I’m transmuting frequencies as a primary service in this event. I surmise that the intense clearing I underwent during my long dance with active kundalini was integral to serving this purpose. This, or something similar, may apply to many of you as well.

The biology tries valiantly to keep up! But not without challenge. I know many will relate. This ongoing experience does not interface well with the 9 to 5 program.

After these years of freely offering my gifts through this blog… I am now posting this permanent donation opportunity for my readers. It will resonate with some and not with others. It will be possible for some but not for others.

If this blog resonates with you, if you ARE able to “return the favor” that has been extended here throughout the years, then please do demonstrate your acknowledgement and appreciation.

As for myself, I’m putting my clear and focused intention out to the living, loving, responding Cosmos that a portion of my considerable needs in this physical plane be met in this way, through the awareness of my readers that ascension FUNCTIONS via an ongoing, divine dance of balanced flow among us, the dancers.

We are not only the dancers, we are the dance itself. 

We are the rhythm & pacing & joyful expression of this most profound event! 

We serve nothing by standing by for “them” to carry the ball of this process. That merely slows down the pace. What we do, we do in service to – and is received by – every entity and elemental in the cosmos, from the tiniest ‘adamantine particule’ on up to planets, solar systems, and beyond. This is NOT a spectator sport. This is probably the most significant lifetime for every evolving spirit reading these words.

If anything on this page/in this blog speaks to you… touches you… moves you… and if you possess the ability & desire, perhaps your heart will guide you to pitch in now.

It’s not easy to put this request out like this, but I have to get over myself and just stand and do it. If supporting me by pitching in any amount feels right for you, you have my immense gratitude.

Thank you, bless you, and love to you.


Your show of support via any amount is in fact a significant act in the greater scheme, and so very appreciated.
Thank you.

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