The New Normal

Sharing this recent piece by Aluna Joy ~

The New Normal

a message from
Aluna Joy Yaxk’in

Another phase in the shift of the ages
Many years ago, the Star Elders told me that when we came upon the shift of the ages many basic rules of nature, regarding how our dimension works, would change. Because most ancient cultures have prophesied that we are now in the shift of the ages, it is essential that we keep our eyes open to changes around us. The changes we see, the feelings we have and the effects that we see in the world, are all clues to what rules are changing and when.

We have had in recent months, a massive wave of heightened light and frequency wash across our dimension. Because of this, the laws of nature, the very fabric of our old dimension, is beginning to dissolve. One aspect that is greatly affected is the rule of duality and separation. Duality and separation creates up and down, black and white, right and wrong, etc…. Duality creates separation, and separation creates duality. The interesting point here is that we have never been separate from each other. We have always been intimately connected, but we have been unconscious . . . like sleeping zombies.

Thanks to massive waves of light coming into our dimension now, we are beginning to feel the impact that we are indeed connected to all life. What affects one, affects everyone. It is what the Maya call “In Lak’ech Ala K’in”. This means what I do to you, I do to myself, and what I do to myself, I do to you. In Inca traditions this time is referred to as Taripaypacha (tah-ree-pie-pah-cha) with literally means “to merge with the universe”. In Andean prophecy, this refers to a new Golden Age in the human experience. It is known as the age of meeting ourselves again, and heralds the coming together again of the Children of the SUN, and the recreation of a new and better world.

The terrible earthquake in Haiti reminded us what post-traumatic stress syndrome actually feels like in the collective consciousness. Any time there is a huge trauma or displacement in the family of humanity, we all feel it whether we know it or not. Many people suffered feelings of suffocation, tightness in the chest, panic attacks, uncontrollable hunger, stomach and digestive issues and a pervasive numb/empty feeling. It has been hard to get moving, because we have felt stuck, trapped and frustrated. We did daily battle with relentless procrastination. Life has felt like life itself was circling in a holding pattern. We are still having strange dreams of the past, as we clear out our past issues once and for all.

Even before the Haitian earthquake, humanity has been manifesting more and more physical illnesses; most of which are phantom symptoms that have more to do with the collective rather than the individual. The drug companies make more and more exotic designer drugs trying to help us deal with these imbalances. But the drugs have terrible side effects, and we end up being sick in another way. We are struggling to feel better, because deep inside we are becoming aware of the harmony, the balance, and the oneness that now exists in these new frequencies. But going into denial of these imbalances will give only a temporary reprieve, and prolongs the uncomfortable symptoms. We need to face the proverbial “bogeyman” inside of us so we can be free again.

We do the best we can to deal with the ever increasing frequencies which we are feeling. So we numb ourselves so as not to feel this stress; not because we are lazy, but because we don’t know what to do to fix the imbalances. The problem appears to be too big and overwhelming to comprehend. We learn to adapt the best we can. Most everyone on the planet can feel that something is desperately wrong. Our fright or flight / catastrophobia mechanism has been kicking into overdrive. Emotionally we try to numb ourselves with more things, more food, more sleep, more drugs, more spiritual practices, more meditation and more yoga. We are finding that there are not enough things to have, or things to do in the world, to ease the stress that we feel inside. We find ourselves still hungry, and searching for a better high. Nothing seems to work.

Now that a little time has passed, we have already begun to assimilate and integrate the post-traumatic stress created by the Haitian earthquake. Even though it may not appear outwardly, we are working very hard to break through the veil to balance ourselves and our lives within these new higher frequencies which have arrived. We are learning to deal with what I call yet another level of the “new normal”.

As complicated and challenging as this wave of light appears, there is an easy remedy. Recently the Star Elders shared a simple suggestion to help us get through this wave, and those coming to us in the future. They simply said “KEEP MOVING”. I didn’t understand the impact of what they were saying until recently. Continue reading

The Riot Inside

Stalking the Remedy Frequency

So: I’ve been going through some pretty major physical challenges, most of which involve debilitating pain. I prefer not to complain, but this has not been pleasant… and while I consider it a message calling me to understand something – I have thus far not decoded the message. I will, but just thought I’d take a moment to share with you some thoughts along the way.

Recently, I took a job editing a book. During the first few days of this task I could hardly see the material in front of me, so completely distracted was I by violent pain screeching from several areas of my body like bombs on a perpetual detonation loop. I sat at my desk feeling like the embodiment of the mayhem in the world – devastating earthquakes, wars, and any other manifestations of human fear or Gaia’s “corrections in progress” that are in play here “on the way to the wedding” (of higher Source energies with old 3D forms).

This has been a very intense period for me, as a physical being.

Being an empath who can be slow on the uptake, I began wondering how much of this pain was really “mine” vs. the pain of the world reflected in my particular focal point of the hologram? I’ve discussed here before the existence of Earth empathy; not too unusual actually… plus animals feel these things as well (ie they know when to flee before disaster strikes), so why not human animals? We’re all integral to the greater world.

Is this primarily about the intense new Light frequencies infiltrating the planet… penetrating everything and everyone? These frequencies are cleansing. Their purpose is to transmute millennia of karmic debris, clearing the slate for a sparkling new start here. So, have my recent agonies been old karmic issues, packed away in the inner caves of my cells, hiding like armies of mini bin Ladens, getting “nuked” from their secret places in these galactic energy waves of a decidedly higher vibration?

(Sidebar: I just flashed on a dream I had a while back, in which I attended a memorial service for a great mystic – a man I didn’t actually know personally. This event was held in a cavern of rose-tone rock; rose quartz. A man who had worked for the mystic came to me and invited me into the mystic’s “inner chamber” thru a door to the side. “What was his primary modality?” I inquired. “Rocks and water,” the man replied. That was all he said. I sense his concise message just about says it re: what is happening on the planet: the deep light is here to smooth out all the roughness of the dense matter, and by virtue of a constantly flowing stream, it IS.)

I imagine many can relate to the health dilemma experience these days. How does one know if, in these profoundly unique times, one’s physical issues indicate a deep healing is in process – which could feel like volcanoes, quakes, and other devastations inside as stuff releases – or if some major health crisis is kicking in? Frustratingly, I am not getting a clear intuitive signal on this mysterious condition plaguing me currently. Have had a few dreams that seem significant… but with all the symbology and possible interpretations… nothing is clear. I am definitely in the market for clarity regarding my health!

Hear me, up there?!

In recent years since my kundalini awakened and initiated a deep purge of many old karmic issues (personal and beyond) from the organs, tissues, and bones of this body I wear (not to mention psyche)… I have become fairly adept at not taking physical troubles too personally. I’ve rather come to think of them as something passing through on their way to being healed once and for all; maybe I’d “get” their significance, maybe not. But I’m generally quite good at not buying into fear over health matters; I remain detached. This one though is starting to get to me. I drift from feeling absolutely clear that whatever this thing is… it’s merely a spec in the Field that can be managed/assuaged with my affirmation and allowance.

Our role as physical beings is not to let form dictate spirit – who would give such power over the INFINITE POWER of SOURCE? Talk about inmates running an asylum! Rather than whine about my “big problem” to God, why not just offer the (minute by comparison) problem to Infinite God for transmutation?  If you happened to read my Deep Light chapter in the book Kundalini Rising, you might recall, this method of surrender has worked before!

Just sharing some inner space with you here. I am in some kind of something that is pronouncedly frictioning my comfort zone, in every way. I “know” I can handle this; I’ve handled everything else that’s slapped me around thus far! But as I write I have yet to master this particular 3D challenge… I’ve yet to plug into the remedy frequency as of this moment.

So this is my report for this particular Now; perhaps while I’m finding my way through this particular homework, a few videos or thoughts by others may appear here in the interim. We’ll see!

Meanwhile Spring is springing, birds are singing, and the world with all its infinitessimal parts continues to turn.

Love all ~ W

Ascension Checklist :)

Who could argue? ~ Whitehawk

A Little Light on Ascension by Diane Cooper

You can ascend without knowing anything about it. You can work feverishly on all kinds of practices and still not ascend. The reason is that to ascend we must live as a child – in our hearts. Many want to ascend but they are all logical, rational; in their heads. The head blocks the heart and for Ascension the heart must lead the head. The child has the magical quality of innocence, which means living in our essence, being true to our feelings. The head dampens the enthusiasm, the joy and naiveté of our true selves.  To ascend we must master all aspects of our lives.

Simple guide & checklist to Ascension

The basics

1. Be yourself — fully and gloriously yourself.  Don’t lose yourself to anyone’s “ideal,” including your own fantasy of  “perfection.”
2. Do as you would be done by.
3. See God in everything.

Physical levels

4. Clear out your house. Release clutter. Where there is physical dirt there is psychic dirt.
5. Eat as light, organic and vegetarian as possible.
6. Exercise regularly.
7. Sleep sensibly.
8. Have time for fun.
9. Set up wholesome routines and rhythms in your life.

Emotional levels

10. Look after your inner child.
11. Strengthen yourself emotionally, so that no one can upset or influence you.
12. Create cosmic wise parents to nurture, protect and encourage you.
13. Get on with your agenda and let others get on with theirs.
14. Understand others’ perspectives.
15. List your enemies’ good qualities.
16. Forgive readily.
17. Be open and generous-hearted.
18. Listen with your heart to understand, not your mind to respond.

Mental levels

19. Fill your mind with mantras.
20. Make daily affirmations.
21. Stay calm and centered at all times.
22. Detach from material and emotional desires.
23. Take full responsibility for your life.
24. Watch for the signals and signposts which guide your individual journey on Earth.


25. Choose your friends and associates with care.
26. Choose your thoughts, words, and actions with responsibility.
27. Read and watch only those things which raise your vibrations.
28. Be moderate in all things. Master your addictions and excesses.
29. Cultivate higher qualities like kindness, generosity and caring.


30. Accept everyone and everything as Divine. God is in the tree and the cockroach. Treat them accordingly.
31. Bless your enemies as well as your friends for they are part of the Divine Oneness.
32. Hand over your burdens to God and when you have handed them over do not grab them back. 33. Remember challenges are opportunities to grow. They would not be offered if you were not ready.


34. Ask the angels to help and protect you.
35. Protect yourself with one of the methods in this book or any other that resonates with you.

Creative visualization

36. Remember creative visualization is the building block of your future.
37. Visualize the barriers coming down from your heart.
38. Visualize what you want to create.
39. Visualize others receiving what they need.

Spiritual practices

40. Laugh a lot and take life lightly.
41. Meditate daily and find still quiet times for reflection.
42. Constantly give thanks and blessings.
43. Pray frequently and meaningfully. Connect with angels, guides and Ascended Masters.
44. Read spiritual books.
45. Silence is golden. If you cannot speak good, say nothing.


46. Help the planet and other people.
47. Remember another person’s suffering is ultimately your suffering. Hold out a helping hand.
48. Do the chores and boring jobs with good grace.
49. Sai Baba says, ‘Hands that help are holier than hands that pray.’

Final check

50. Ask yourself, ‘Would an Ascended Master think, say, or do this?’

Catch a Sanskrit Buzz

Sounds of the Soul

Feeling inspired today to bring your attention to two sisters – Andrea & Sara Forman – who have a very interesting life story, and whose music was an absolute godsend during my lengthy kundalini ride. I’ll try to embed an audio file here, but if it doesn’t work I hope you’ll click over to hear their clips at their website and maybe gift yourself with their sacred sound!

Story: two little girls growing up in Texas discover that they both have an inherent understanding of – and extraordinary gift to speak, sing harmonically, and compose in –  the ancient (and nearly lost) poetic, sacred Indian language of Sanskrit. Sanskrit is amazing to merely HEAR. I become instantly mesmerized by *something* about it that I can’t express in words, as soon as it registers in my awareness. (“Mere English” seems clumsy in comparison to Sanskrit.)

Anyway: these sisters, as little girls, got into their mother’s ayurvedic healing books, instantly recognized/’remembered’ the language they saw in those pages, and started chanting it together in truly angelic harmonics. They were only 9 and 7 years old when this began! Serendipitously, their father was a musician who owned a recording studio. They started recording their chants… and eventually started going public… and somehow during my kundalini heights I discovered them. I purchased two CDs online and kept them playing in my house for hours/days/months on end!  To this day one of their CDs has a permanent place in my CD player. (And no, I have no monetary interest in their sales!! ;)

If/when you are in a highly sensitized state (as can certainly be the case when kundalini is firing) … you might want to avail yourself of the unique gifts these young women (now in their 20’s) offer. Their chanting is deeply healing and, while the words will likely mean nothing to you, you’re being saturated with sonic grace from heaven; this I believe by experience. Any chaos in the atmosphere will be soothed by Sanskrit chants. It is so sweet to have this frequency (by which I mean ‘vibe’) in your space… well… you’ll thank me later if you follow up :)

Now, I’ve discovered by looking them up for the first time in a few years, their younger brother – who was just a kid when I found them in 2003 – grew into a deep baritone voice that adds a whole other layer to their sound. This is very much a family band – and it’s not the Partridges ;)  They obviously love what they create and it was ‘meant to be’ that they incarnate together to bring this to the world.  They are Shanti Shanti; they’ve been publicly quiet lately but I just discovered they have a CD that I have yet to purchase – VEDA – so I intend to order that pronto!  Seriously, I’d like to produce a big event just so I could invite them to perform at it.

Mantra Pushpam (sample mp3; others accessible via this link as well).

Let me know if you too get the Sanskrit Buzz once you listen to them for a few minutes. Your space – around you and within you – will be transformed :)

Hawk Speaks: Give Yourself Over to Life

How could I not share this one from Carrie Hart? ~ W

The Hawk speaks:

Come up here, where the air is fresh and clean and you can spread your wings and glide on the gentle winds of heaven.  Come up here and float over the world so that you may better see how things are.

From here, you can see all of the movement.  Some of it makes sense and some of it does not, but up here, it is all put into perspective.  From here, you can see opportunity approaching from far off.  You can hover lightly over the earth and prepare for what is coming your way.

And then, when the opportunity arrives, when it dashes out of the bushes and across the field, then is the moment of choice.  Then is the moment to give your all and plunge down, committing yourself completely to what you want.

Ah, the joy of it, the rush of it, to give yourself over to life, all parts of it:  the great soaring upwards, the watchful glide, the moment of choice when your sharp eyes see the chance and the deep plummeting dive.

And then, and then, to do it all over again.  Ah, what could be better than this?

You have within you, in your soul, the wings to lift yourself up and see the wider view.  You have within you, in your intuitive senses, the ability to spot the opportunities as they appear.  And you have within you, deep in your heart, the courage to commit yourself to the headlong dive into what you truly want in life.

Ask now for the hawk to come alive within you, so that joy may lift you on wings of love and courage and a deep commitment to life may fill your heart.


Courtesy Carrie Hart & Quado, and  also @ online radio show, “Ask Spirit” (www.blogtalkradio/carriehart), at 4PM Pacific (PDT) Sundays.

The Changing of the Guides

Everything is in flux, everything is changing so rapidly – including Earth herself – that “routine” is going by the wayside.

Done any self-inventory lately? Notice how differently you *feel* these days? About what’s happening in the world… about your own life circumstances…  about Life as a whole? There is so much moving and shifting along the ever-heightening spiral, it is often daunting to even ‘know thyself’ anymore!  Who are you NOW?

I for one bear little resemblance to myself at, say, two years ago. At that point I was in a state of complete dismemberment after a verrry long initiation with kundalini and its sudden unexpected climax… then crash, as my ego seemed—well—gone. Underwent a long recapitulation after that.  And the ‘me’ I was pre-kundalini? Pff! Virtually another incarnation altogether.

The point I’m  meandering toward is – as we change, the ‘guides’ who’ve been with us during particular stretches of the journey may, appropriately, depart at forks in the road. OR it may be absolutely correct for you to REQUEST a new guide for who and where you are now… because guides, like anyone, can have specialties! Just because a guide/mentor came in to support you in your quest for, say, mastery of a particular yoga, does not mean this guide is primed (or the optimal candidate) to stick around while you evolve beyond a certain threshold or take interest in a new trajectory.

Similar to most teachers or counselors, guides can specialize in a certain bandwidth of mentorship or support beyond which it is correct to move on toward new relationships. It’s the way of the evolutionary journey!  So if you are feeling a bit adrift or stuck lately, or you’ve been through so many personal shifts, changes, accelerations or even setbacks you don’t know which way is up… consider setting aside a little time for ritual in which you heartfully, respectfully state your situation and request a new mentor – one who could meet you where you’re at and guide you further along your optimal path. Or one who can help you cut ties with a routine that has run its course in favor of something aligned to who you are and what your priorities are now.

As one with some experience with such a ritual, I can attest – things really MOVED in the aftermath! I’m writing this post now as a little ‘self talk’ to do it again, because the shift is ON, and we are on board!  The best tool we can carry to navigate the Now is conscious communication with personal guidance. Maybe an ascended being; maybe an expanded aspect of self (the best option to pursue imo; the eternal relationship, and why I chose this graphic for the post); maybe a new physical mentor or friend will appear (always a gift :).

Bottom line: make a bit of a self audit, and then ASK for that which you SEEK! Ask for a new mentor if you feel you are ‘in the market’ for one (or more). Specify your intentions and inquiries. State clearly you are only open to guidance that is 100% aligned with the Light. This is no time for rif-raf!  Start each day running mental movies of yourself at your highest, most effective, most gratifying expression (in service to Source would be a nice touch)… and expect waves of new energy and connections to carry you forward!

And also: once you initiate this contact, set quiet time aside each day to listen. Important piece there ;-).

Love all,