Ja’li Speaks

Whitehawk here: This series of nine messages* came through a woman in Hawaii in December 2014. They pack a wallop and have created quite a stir among readers. I’ve decided to give them a dedicated section of this blog for ease of reference, and have posted them in order, from the first message to the last. Proceed at your own risk of disclosure to the point of feeling a bit squirmy :)  And as always, filter through your own constellation of awareness for potential personal resonance with this information. If it’s not for you, let it go. Maybe a time will come to return to it.

*Now 12 messages; 3 more came in Fall 2015.

Ja’li 1 – Holographic Lab 101

Mr Ja’li speaks:

Welcome each and every one of you to this most relevant information.

Before I begin this discourse, I want to point out that this information addresses people who know that they are God, Creator, Source, the Universe, the Great Spirit, Universal Mind, or whatever name you have attached to It; you know you are the big Kahuna, as you would say. You have passed through all the layers of the perceptual onion to recognize clearly that this is ultimately who you are.

This information is not about bringing you to this understanding. It goes beyond it. This information takes for granted that you know who you are as the one God individuated into the many Gods who are, forever, equally as much as all that which the one God is; that you are all that It is for you can never be anything that It is not because It is all that is.

Those who have yet to come to this understanding in a matter-of-fact, no-nonsense manner, well, proceed or not as you feel compelled from within to do.

Now, just so we have that matter cleared up, as to who will comprehend thus benefit from this information, we can proceed.

Contrary to the softness of the manner by which the Intergalactic Board of Council’s communiqués were conveyed to you, I caution you that I am a no-nonsense entity. I will present to you what is and I will do so in a manner that is emphatic, and impassioned if necessary. I don’t mince words, I don’t beat around the bush, and I won’t soft-shoe you.

You have graduated from the soft cushions you sat on in audience before the Council. You are now in the audience of one who dispenses the hard stuff, if you will, who tells you like it is. In other words, when I see that you need to be pushed, I will push you, I will prod you, and I will do so firmly without apology or regret because you need it now more than ever! Is that clear?

So, for those who are tough enough to take reality even if my words bite a bit because, my dear siblings, most of you have no idea what reality is, and that is what I am here to do… to remind you what it is through telling you also what it is not, and that might bite a bit.

I am here to wake you up because you need to wake up and you need to understand why, because you have very well little time left to do it in!

That alone should get your attention, so open your minds and listen up.

There is a cosmic situation that has been transpiring for some time and we who exist outside your so-called 3D reality and so on up—what the Council called the Lower Triad and the Upper Triad—we have seen that this development is fixing to change the changes that were occurring in ways that were previously unanticipated but which are currently presenting themselves as what is.

The Council told you that the Lower Triad is folding up, as they termed it, that it will cease to exist. We, who exist outside the so-called universe you are focused in, concur with their assessment. But we have had an outside perspective on how it is developing, and we have seen that there are other cosmic and sub-cosmic factors at play that they did not recognize. Consequently they could not inform you of it.

I am here to do that; to fill in the blanks that they were unable to observe from their inside-the-universe point of view.

What the Council called the Upper Triad is also being affected by this additional factor.

Now, first I need to distinguish something here.

You are focused where you are solely in consciousness, dwelling in what the ancients recognized is a dream, a manner of perceiving what is as an illusion.

You do not exist in any kind of realm based in any degree of reality. It is based purely in nothing but ideas — thought projected within, throughout, and from the mind of each and every one of you. You are in a collectively created dream.

There is nothing real about where you are, about what you believe, about what you do, about what you have, about where you go. Now if that is not a harsh enough reality to bite you in the head, then what is?

You have had scientists theorize about this possibility. You have had ancient peoples impart to you and your scientists their wisdom about it. They, your ancient peoples, knew of it as a fact. That fact eventually became deliberately replaced with the lie that says where you find yourselves is real. It is not. And only those of you who are tough enough to accept this as a fact are the ones who will wake up.

The lie replaced the fact so that those who generated the lie could gain absolute control over you and the entire dream realm where you believe you exist. You do not exist there, you are dreaming a belief that you exist there, and they have convinced you to accept it as real, as reality.

They have replaced your original awareness about reality with an illusion, and they have been convincing you of it for as many generations as would be necessary in order to make you believe their lie so they could gain control.

The Council referred to them as the negative faction. I shall refer to them as the matrix controllers for indeed the illusion you find yourselves in is based in codes that are points of ideas connected together into a matrix that generates a conscious perceptual sense of being in a dream. The matrix controllers hijacked the dream. That in itself is an illusion but it is critical that you understand why and how it came to be thus, so you can set yourselves free of them and their illusion being inculcated upon you.

Now, those who originally created this matrix dream realm, so to speak, did so with pure intentions. They are the matrix builders. As a group of souls huddled together in a cluster they focused their consciousnesses together so as to generate that which you refer to as the 3rd dimension, and that which the Council refers to as the Lower Triad.

But they did so by unanimous agreement of every soul in existence. It was a project meant to be an experiment in learning more about nature of the Creator Beings that we all are. We all chose to do this and we all thought it was a brilliant idea. And it was.

In the beginning, though, we were all a bit naive of what possible events could take place within the new dream realm.

The Singularity, or what the Council refers to as the Upper Triad, exists within the dual-based holographic realm but it functions according to a higher principle which I shall discuss in a future message.

To create this second holographic realm it was necessary to divide the higher principle down into further segregated constituents. This resulted in what you call duality, or the dual nature of energy of positive/on and negative/off charges, or what you refer to as binary codes.

This duality-based holographic realm, Dreamland, was created for, as I said, divine purposes of exploring further the nature of the Creator Beings that we are. The objective was never about inserting ourselves into Dreamland with the intent and purpose of creating it into a realm of inhabitance, if you will. It was never meant to be a place for permanent dwelling. Its sole purpose was to be much like what you would call a clinical lab for conducting experiments and exploring the viability of the nature of that which was created. That which was created in the Lab and was eventually deemed viable for existence in the real world which I shall refer to as Home, would be ascended, if you will, to become part of the reality of our Home. Our place of Home exists as an independent hologram which I shall discuss in another message.

We were meant to go forth and do this work and then return back Home with us what we had created. We were to come and go at will, but we were never supposed to remain in the Lab as a permanent residence. It was our lab, not our Home. This is a crucial point to remember.

Now, to clarify what the Council told you, the Upper Triad is but a step in consciousness toward that which is Home. In other words, the Upper Triad is the doorstep in consciousness through which one passes upon returning Home.

The Upper Triad is also a perceptual location in Dreamland. Both the Lower Triad and Upper Triad are 2 perceptual phases in consciousness composing Dreamland.

The Council did not convey this to you in their information because they were focused on assisting your ascension processes from the Lower Triad to Upper Triad. They were not yet concerned about ascension from the Upper Triad to Home.

While they were teaching you all that they know and understand, they were simultaneously receiving information regarding additional developments that are advancing upon the Lower Triad and Upper Triad. They refuse to teach of that which they have not yet experienced. So I volunteered to do that task.

Now, because the duality-based holographic realm of Dreamland is composed of consciousness and energy codes—binary codes arranged into a matrix that generates the dream state you are in—it is based in what can be referred to as the holographic principle.

Now, your scientists did not create the hologram. It existed from the beginning of the creation of Dreamland. Dreamland gets its dream-like quality based in a duality-based holographic state. If it were not, then your scientists would never have themselves discovered this principle because whatever creative principle is not part of the composition of Dreamland cannot exist within Dreamland as a useable principle. Holography or the holographic principle would never have been discovered did it not already exist as part of the Dreamland holoverse.

Actually, the holographic principle your scientists discovered is but a principle stepped down from the original or mother principle upon which it is based. The mother principle is far more complex than the more simplified one you know about. But this is not a science lesson so we shall not delve into the knowledge of that matter.

It is enough science for you to know that the holographic principle, or the nature of the hologram, is layered in its ability to become tangible. Bearing in mind that tangibility is relative to the dimension you are focused in, holographic images possess fields of tangibility that compose the entire realm of Dreamland that you are focused in consciously. You are not really there, remember… you’re there just in consciousness.

So, to recap: both the Lower Triad and the Upper Triad are actually the products of holography. Neither realm possesses any degree of reality. They possess degrees of holographic tangibility and this tangibility to any degree is not real. It is what we could say, degrees of tangible binary-based illusions. Relative to whichever holographic binary-based dimension your body is focused in, this is what allows your body to touch an object and be able to sense it, handle it, interact with it, yet it is not real. Keep that in mind as a fact.

Science tells you that atoms and their fields are what produces the substance or density of objects. But these are mere by-products of the holographic principle condensed down to a particular level of tangibilityThe atoms and their fields are no more real than is the hologram from which they spring. And since the hologram is not producing anything beyond that which are ideas of thought held in consciousness, then nothing in the holographic universe, or Dreamland holoverse, is real or substance-ial.

The bottom line of all this is that beyond the holographic realm of Home, reality does not exist in the way you suppose it does. Reality is relative only to the Home, and the Home is not based in the duality-based holographic principle.

Are you getting the picture?

Now, the Council said that the Upper Triad has no duality. That is true based in areas where the holographic principle is not condensed down to the level of the 3rd dimensional tangibility. In the Upper Triad, while there is no opposition nor resistance that opposes what has been created, there is still the nature of opposites so far as up/down, forward/backward, fast/slow, and so on. There is no opposition or resistance that opposes the progressive movement of consciousness into ever-higher states of awareness. In other words, in the Upper Triad there is no entropy or death in the binary tangible images, and there is no negative factions opposing progressive movements of consciousness into ever-higher states of awareness. This is what the Council meant by it not being based in duality.

The Council said that the Upper Triad is in a state of the Singularity, and it is only to the uppermost degree that can be configured within the holographic principle. In other words, as I said, the Upper Triad is the doorstep that leads Home to that which composes reality. It is the part of Dreamland’s hologram that begins to merge with the reality of the Home.

This is a complex science that one day you will understand, but not until after you’ve left Dreamland and returned Home because your consciousness is currently tied up with retaining your focus in the matrix codes of the holoverse.

For now, what I am telling you is efficient enough information to effectively help you comprehend where you are, what is going on, and do what you need to do.

Believe me, the more information were I to give you about this matter the more you would tie yourselves up trying to comprehend what you cannot comprehend while you are tied into the matrix codes themselves. It would end up being what you call chasing your tail, creating a catch-22 situation that would keep you trapped in a situation that you desperately need to get yourselves out of.

So, what does that mean? Let’s get back to the fact that you are caught in a hologram, literally. And while this state exists only in consciousness, that does not negate the fact that you’re stuck in what you call a mindset, or stuck in a rut in your thinking regarding who you are and why you’re in Dreamland, and how this is being used to keep you stuck.

And being stuck, that means you have become unnecessarily trapped by certain misgivings and other outright lies that are designed to keep you stuck in Dreamland. Yes, the illusion you’re stuck in is a real illusion, and that’s a play on words that is being used to keep you stuck in the illusion.

You have some, what you call, ‘movies’ that cleverly demonstrate this kind of situation that you’re in. Gesanna shall list a few of them at the end of my Message to you. When you view them from the fact that you are stuck in a holographic image portraying what you’ve been told is the real world, and when you stop to question that assumption for yourselves then it will perhaps give you a bit of a wake-up call.

What I want you to understand here is that Dreamland is a hologram, and everything in it, in both Lower Triad and Upper Triad, are composed of varying degrees of holographic fields of tangibility. 

Only when you accept that nothing there is real can you then begin to wake up so you can return back to that which is real, go Home to reality.

This is enough information to toss at you at this time. My next Message will focus upon how you came to be stuck in holographic Dreamland. Eventually I will discuss how you can set yourselves free from it.

For now, go have some fun viewing your movies with family and friends, and perhaps discuss with them how you too are becoming aware that you, and they, are experiencing a similar situation. And by the way, please use your viewer control pads to fast-forward through all the unnecessary violent scenes. That has nothing to do with what I am teaching you.

Rejoice because your awakening is transpiring so your return Home is certain. Don’t worry… be happy!

From that which I am, called Mr. Ja’li, to that which you are, the many of you called by many names, that is all.

Farewell for now.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

(Note: list of some movies… )
=> The Thirteenth Floor
=> The Matrix
=> Lost Horizon
=> The Truman Show
=> The Adjustment Bureau


Ja’li 2: The Illusion of Your Insignificance

About These Messages
Mr. Ja’li’s Name & Identity
How We Are All That God Is – No Less, No Different


Ja’li speaks:

Greetings again, quite soon, to you all. My intention is to put forth a series of messages quickly that will consist of information pertaining to the grand illusion you are in and your awakening from it.

The purpose for disseminating the messages quickly is multiple, and I shall elaborate.

For one thing, the illusion you are focused in has caused you to become predominantly externally oriented so that you tend to gravitate towards sources of information that are external to you. While this is not a wrong or bad thing, the continual act of doing so has conditioned you to move in the opposite direction of where you need to be in order to wake up and return back to Reality.

By providing you, over a short amount of time, the needed information as briefly yet to the point as possible, I won’t be contributing to keeping you externally crutched. This information will lead you in the direction you need to be focused upon in order to wake up. In other words, if you’re going to wake up and go Home to Reality, you must reorient your focus of attention and energy.

Another reason for giving you what you need to know quickly is because in order to do that through this manner of activity, the very act of Gesanna [the woman who channeled this material] having to spend many days of her life engaged in presenting the information to you is cutting into her own need to focus her attention and energy into engaging her shift back Home.

Another reason for quickly disseminating my messages is because I too have a life to live that does not include stringing you along for a long drawn-out process that ends up keeping you externally crutched with me tied to your hip. That is not beneficial for either of us.

Now, at this point it is important that you understand that, for significant reasons I shall not discuss, I have requested my actual name and identity be kept private until such a time as I deem it appropriate to reveal it. Gesanna believes she recognizes who I am, and I shall not confirm nor deny it either way. This is done to deliberately protect her from any accusatory nonsense that I have witnessed some of your people doing to the compassionate messengers who are daring enough to step out on a limb to provide you with crucial information you are in need of.

On the matter of my messages being addressed to “those of you who know you are God,” I see that I need to clarify that this does not mean that you perceive yourself to be “a part of” God. That notion is another illusion created by the matrix controllers of Dreamland. In a holographic state wherein every bit and part contains the whole being a ‘part’ of God is an impossibility. In other words, you can never be anything less than or other than the whole of what God is. That means, then, that you are God through-and-through, wholly, completely, absolutely.

Yet in spite of that fact, the matrix controllers managed to cause you to perceive yourselves as being something less than and other than the fullness of God that you actually are. This is part of the illusion in consciousness that keeps you asleep at the wheel of awakening. This erroneous self-perception exists as an idea in your mind and ideas are not real which means it is alterable, as all illusions are. All ideas serve as perceptual points of information connecting together into various arrangements that are fabricated upon the matrix, thus being that which the hologram presents itself to you as.

The fact that God exists is a fact that exists throughout the whole of the hologram. The only way you might not recognize yourself as the whole, the all that God is, is if you buy into the illusion that you are merely some lesser part or lowly child of God. To repeat, this is a lie because it is an impossibility in a holographic state that contains the whole in every bit and part thereof.

So, put it together, people. You are God, period. God is you, period. You cannot escape it so long as your consciousness is focused in a holographic environment.

Now, when you are focused in the Reality of Home, which is also a holographic environment, we are the fullness of God there, too, but everyone who is there knows it absolutely. There is no illusion or lies about it for such states of thought, perception, and so on do not exist there.

That which we call Home exists in what I could call a type of hyperholographic state. I shall not even begin to describe it to you because it functions not only by constituents not present in your dual-based hologram, but also upon a different type of principle that is what, in your language, we could call totality based; the constituents therein are undivided, it is non-dual based in its state of being.

The totality-based hyperholographic principle is the original principle that your scientists have not discovered, and they will not. They literally cannot comprehend it so long as they are immersed in the secondary lowered, simplified version of a dual-based holographic field.

When you are focused at Home in the totality-based hyperholographic realm, the fact that God exists is just as much a fact there as it is in the duality-based holographic realm.

This God factor is the one aspect of all holograms that remains a fact because the holograms operate through—and are being held together by— Gods who exist outside of the dual-based holographic realm.

The fact that you are God has its roots not in the duality-based holographic realm (containing Upper and Lower Triads), and not even in the totality hyperholographic realm of Home. It has its roots in the very core of each one of us because at the core of our Beings we each exist as basic units of consciousness and energy, intangible sparks of light without form or image other than sparks of light set against a black void. Our only motion is that of a gentle undulating up and down wave pattern within the void. We do not ‘go’ anywhere in the void. The void is an essential component of that which we are as God. It is much like a flowing sea of information that contains all that we Gods have ever thought. Every idea, every perception, perspective, every state of awareness is contained in the void’s sea of information within which we ride the waves. We all have access to this sea of information because we are ‘it.’

In other words, we are the “God Particles” who are “riding the waves of information” in the “black and formless void.” That is the ultimate and original state of our Being which always was, is, and always shall be.

Before we created our holographic Home, as formless intangible God Particles existing in the black void, all we could do was informationally detect one another’s sparks of light. We could not interact in any manner such as you are used to doing. That ability does not exist for us in our original state of being of pure thought and energy – Particles and Waves.

Eventually we considered the possibility of tangibility so that we could interact in a new manner.

We created the totality-based hyperholographic principle and within that new environment we fashioned a whole new realm wherein we could create and interact with what we had created and with one another. We came to regard it as our ‘Home‘, Shambala, Nirvana, Paradise or whatever you want to name it for yourself… it matters not. And it turned out to be a grand idea and a great success.

After eons of time playing around in our wonderful Garden of Eden – another name for it – curious Beings that we are, we wondered if we could do the same thing again: create yet another holographic realm that this time would be used as a clinical lab, meant exclusively for creational experimentation purposes.

Everyone agreed that it was a fantastic idea. In a self-contained holographic environment operating independently of our Home we could experiment safely with our creations without accidentally affecting or contaminating our Home environment.

So we created the duality-based holographic principle and gave it two layers of frequency ranges, which the Council refers to as the Lower and Upper Triads. The Upper Triad would be the higher vibrating threshold that would lead us out of the hologram to Home.

Even though the Upper Triad is a hologram based in a duality type of principle, it was designed to contain aspects of what the Council calls the Singularity principle, and this is not the same thing as the totality principle. This Singularity principle would not be part of the principles of the Lower Triad.

Some ancient peoples considered The Upper Triad as the “Middle-Land,” “Middle Earth,” “Midgard,” the “Mid-Way Region,” and so on, between the Lower Triad and the Totality of Home.

So, with the new duality-based holographic realm as our innovative clinical lab, we began to create novel and wonderful things that we could not produce through the original principles of our hyperholographic realm.

Eventually we figured out how to “export” our creations that were deemed viable enough to exist in a hyperholographic-based realm. This is the reason why we inserted into the Upper Triad the Singularity principle. It is through this area of the hologram that we would exit it and take our creations Home with us. This provides a stepping-up process through which our creations would be reconfigured by the Singularity principle for effective entrance into the totality principle of Home.

Thus we invented the process of ascension. All viable creatures, plants, and even entire planets were ascended from the Lab (the duality-based holographic realm) to Home (the totality-based hyper-holographic realm).

Now my reason for expounding upon this topic is to help you understand why each of you are God through-and-through. As Gods, we created both holographic realms, and I said the hologram contains the whole throughout every bit, wave, and particle of it. These two holographic realms are the products of the God Particles that we are; consequently, each holographic realm contains the whole of God that we each are.

This means that every one of us is as much God regardless of where we focus our consciousness – be it as our original spark of light within the void, or as the you that you see yourself as in this moment within your current holographic realm.

The fullness and wholeness of our God-ness remains constant and consistent wherever and however we focus ourselves. It matters not. Even if you have been lied to about being only a part of or a child of God, you are still the whole that God is. The lie generating the illusion does not override, overwrite, or in any manner change the reality that you are wholly completely absolutely fully God, forever. The nature of the hologram alone should make this clear to you.

I do hope that this information has helped you grasp not only the true nature of your Being but the significance and importance of who you truly are.

At this point I’m going to end this part of my message because I suggest you contemplate how it is that you are God in every way so that you can unquestionably accept that as a fact that moves you beyond the illusory notions that as a child, spawn, portion or scrap of God you are therefore somehow less than, distinct from, inferior to that which God is. You are God individuated as a basic unit of consciousness and energy that contains the whole of what God is. Together we compose the whole, individuated we contain the whole of that which we all are as God. Please understand this.

Until next time, farewell.


Gesanna’s note: Mr. Ja’li’s comment about a hyperhologram composing the original holographic realm we call Home brought to my mind what is called a hypercube. Since there are hypercubes and so on, then it would be just as reasonable that there are hyperholograms as well, the science of which would completely elude us here in our simplified hologram state.


Ja’li 3: This Holographic DreamLab ≠ HOME

Two Holograms – Reality & Illusion

Gesanna: Hi Mr. Ja’li. I know you were going to continue with your previous discourse, but I have a question, which I’m sure your insight would help clarify for others as well.

Am I correct in understanding that there are two distinct holographic realms?

Mr Ja’li: Yes, that is correct.

Gesanna: OK. So each of them then produces what are considered to be illusions of whatever may exist or be created in them?

Mr Ja’li: That is correct as well.

Gesanna: Then how can the holographic realm that we consider to be our Home, be considered real or as a place of reality if it is also an illusion?

Mr Ja’li: That is a reasonable question. I shall endeavor to explain.

Recall that I said that the holographic realm we consider to be Home is based in a totality principle. This is a type of principle all of you were once wholly familiar with, until you left Home and headed for the holographic realm you currently find yourselves stuck in. You will remember this principle clearly upon your return Home.

Now, the totality principle is the basis of hyperholography. Hyperholography consists of holograms within holograms within holograms into infinity. This kind of configuration of consciousness and energy generates a quality of tangibility that is unlike what you experience in your holographic realm.

As such, in a hyperholographic realm, matter—as you would refer to it—is of a far higher compositional order that makes what you consider “matter” to be what we at Home consider as a very inferior or lesser quality. I am not saying it is inferior or lesser in importance or usefulness. It is, rather, like comparing a disincarnate spirit or ghost to a flesh-and-blood person, or the comparison of a house’s blueprint to the constructed house.

Matter is, as you know, a matter of relativity. Matter is relative to the composition of consciousness and energy within the type of hologram you are focused in.

I said previously that the hologram you are currently focused in is a stepped-down version of the hyperholographic principle, which is totality-based. Duality-based holography is lowered or divided in its consciousness and energy composition. This state produces a stepped-down version of tangibility.

We, Gods, created the—shall I say—secondary hologram, so to speak, not to be a permanent place of residence, as I already stated, but as a clinical lab for creational experimentation. We knew that there was no need to dwell there when we already have a much grander place to reside. That fact was and is known and understood by all who dwell at Home.

As an experimentation lab designed solely for dreaming up creational ideas such as creatures, plants, planets, and so on… then ascending the viable ones back Home with us (and I shall refer to this hologram as the Dreamlab or the Lab rather than Dreamland if that is all right by you)

Gesanna: Yes, I agree that’s more appropriate.

Mr Ja’li: … that which we created in Dreamlab, or the Lab, could never be composed of the greater degree of tangibility that it would eventually become once it was ascended Home into the totality-environment of the hyperholographic realm.

By virtue of that, then, the degree of material tangibility you experience in the Dreamlab hologram is a but shadowy semblance of what material tangibility is at Home.

It is this difference of composition between the two holograms that makes the difference as to which one is considered to be ‘real’ and which one is considered to be ‘illusion.

While there is actually nothing that is truly ‘real’ outside of our own pure spark of light essence that we call “God individuated into Gods,” our formless intangible God Particle-Wave Selves is the only real thing that truly exists.

All holograms, to whatever degree of material tangibility and so on, are what we consider to be illusion-based. They are ideas we dream up, taken from the sea of information, that we configure into holograms for the purpose of ongoing experience. It is through these holographic systems that we are able to actually do anything for the purpose of experience, thus to explore our self-discovered, self-endowed power to create. We are Creator Beings.

Now, knowing all holograms are illusion-based, we Gods conceived a way to create one hologram in particular that provides us with a level of tangibility possessing a superior quality of life that then became a place of choice in which to focus ourselves for mutual interaction, personal experience, and creative exploration. We came to fondly refer to this hyperholographic realm as our Home.

The Lab holographic realm you are focused in currently is not Home. It was never holographically designed with permanent residency in mind. The hologram itself was never created to sustain our creations for very long.

That is why all things therein goes through the processes of entropy, decay, and death. It is not life itself that is doing it or causing it; it is the information itself composing all images therein that entropies in its ability to hold itself together. The Lab hologram was never designed to do that. The creation of all things therein was designed to retain its integrity only long enough for us to perfect our creations and then ascend it back Home.

Whatever was created in the Lab that turned out to be not viable for taking Home with us would—through the hologram’s built-in entropy process—break down and disintegrate back into the information field from where it came. That is what you call ‘decay and death.’ This process was never meant for we Gods to be a part of, to experience. But it happened.

How it happened and how everything that exists in the Lab is the product of a specific situation is what I will talk about in my next message.

Do you now have a better understanding of this matter with respect to your question?

Gesanna: Yes, I do. Thank you very much.

Mr Ja’li: You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure to help all of you remember who you truly are. I shall end this message and greet you all with the next one.

Until then, farewell and stay well.



Ja’li 4: Stuck in the Avatar & How to Escape

Story of the Fallen Angels,
The Forgotten Gods & Their Virtual Reality Game

Mr Ja’li speaks:

Greetings to you all. I desire you to know that the following story, while true in essence, will help illustrate the immenseness and gravity of the messy situation in which you all are currently immersed, and how it came to be so for you.

Please open your minds to the possibility of the story as fact rather than as fiction. You already have the bunk that your matrix controllers want you to have/believe as it serves their purposes for you to see it their way.

This is what they don’t want you to see. If you haven’t yet read my and the Council’s  previous messages please do so now as the content of this story is based upon that knowledge.

Listen well.

As the Gods who invented and are now immersed in and interacting in our Lab holographic realm, I shall remind you that you are the fallen angels; you are the forgotten Gods, so to speak. This ancient accounting is literal; not mythical, not allegorical, not archetypal.

The fallen angels were not a group of deviant angels or Gods bent on making trouble for everyone else. That act came much later in the story, as it were, and will be discussed in a later message.

They did not fall out of grace with some tyrannical God who banished them to a lower realm. That notion is entirely mythical, a lie to prevent you from remembering that it is you who are God, or the Gods, who fell from your own grace.

Now, that act was not bad or wrong. It was done very innocently out of our innate sense of curiosity as Creator Beings. Rather than lecture to you about it, I shall give you an analogy of how it happened. Here we go:

All was fine and dandy for everyone at Home in the hyperholographic realm. Life as we were developing it there was immensely beautiful and wondrous beyond your wildest imagination.

Then, one bright sunny day during teatime, at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, a group of Gods congregated in the shade of a great oak tree. Casually lounging with glasses of iced tea in hand, they enthusiastically discussed the creation projects they each were working on. The day waned into evening and each of them went to their favorite individual dwelling place.

The next day, one of those Gods had an idea that came to him as he lay relaxing in the sunshine pouring onto the porch of his charming but modest abode set in the valley of a grand mountain range.

Because his current creation project had recently been accomplished successfully, he meditated on what his next project would be. He wanted to do something different, something that had not been done before. He let his mind drift freely upon the sea of information.

Then, quite like a bolt of lightning suddenly striking out of the pale magenta sky above him, he sat up quickly as a brilliant idea flashed through his enormously curious mind. It was indeed an ah-ha moment if ever there was one.

What if,” as the idea reasoned within him, “instead of creating a new creature or plant in the Lab, I create an embodiment that I could inhabit for myself? What would that be like, to actually be part of the duality holographic principle itself? Would it not be prudent for the Creator to gain wisdom that allows us to better understand what the creatures we create must experience? When I’ve gained the wisdom, or if it doesn’t work out well, or if I don’t like it, I will simply ascend out of the body and return Home, certainly no worse for the wear but having achieved a level of awareness and wisdom that no one else has yet gained. What a brilliant idea! I’ll have to share it with others.”

He laid back down on his sunny porch and telepathically dispersed the idea instantly to everyone else. The response he received back from them was mixed, with some who liked the idea and others who did resonate with it much.

Of those who liked his idea, he was voted to be the first to try out his own experiment. The other Gods would watch and assess the test run.

As it went, the experiment was a great success. He had created an embodiment to indwell, crude though it was compared to yours today but it got the job done so far as gaining a rudimentary awareness from the perspective of that which is created in the Dreamlab hologram. His excitement was felt amongst all who became interested in doing the same thing.

The entire endeavor soon turned into a whole new form of entertainment, consisting of fun things to do that you would refer to as virtual reality amusement.

Instead of wearing a headband or other such electronic devices that you use, they wore a dual-based holographic embodiment that allowed them to immerse themselves directly into the environment of their Lab whereby they would gain firsthand experience of it.

The Gods participating in this entertainment gradually shifted their focus more dominantly upon experimenting with perfecting their own embodiments, their VR avatars, as you would call it.

Given the innate ability to evolve themselves, many different versions and upgrades of their avatar embodiments were created over time. The need to have an evermore efficient avatar embodiment so as to play the game more effectively became the fad.

So it turned out that the purpose of the Lab had doubled as an amusement park, as it were.

The Gods who were not much interested in participating in this kind of innocent entertainment watched with intrigue, feeling that there was no harm being done to the Lab or to those participating.

They observed it all with a sense of amused curiosity as for eons of time their fellow Gods came and went into their new amusement park as freely as when you hook yourselves into a virtual reality game and then disconnect from it when you’re finished… no harm done… that is until one day, before he could ascend back Home through the Upper Triad — which was where they always had to leave the Lab to return Home — one of the Gods died from an accident while still dwelling in his virtual avatar body. Everyone else in the game looked on in horror, frightened by what it meant. What would now happen to their dear brother? Seeing his lifeless body, where did he go, for he was nowhere to be seen.

Well, in an unseen area of the hologram he became caught in what you might consider to be a sub-space layer of the program. Try as he did, he realized that he could not disengage himself from the game, so to speak, because his unexpected and frightening experience of death caused him to become stuck in the slower frequency band of Lower Triad.

Those still in the game, if you will, who witnessed this tragic event were themselves thrown unexpectedly into fear that consequently lowered their own frequencies to that of the Lower Triad vibrations. They too became stuck in the game.

The other Gods who had chosen not to participate in the whole affair were glad they hadn’t done so, but now they had to conceive of what to do to help their brothers and sisters who were now stuck in the Lab’s virtual reality hologram.

They concluded that the only possible solution that could be offered to their loved ones was to assist their efforts to raise their frequencies back up, high enough so they could ascend through the Upper Triad and from there return Home.

With their help a few managed to do so, most didn’t. Of those in the Lower Triad who didn’t, they have been reincarnating therein ever since.

That first God who died and went to the sub-space realm, it became that which you know of now as the death zone. The Council spoke of it in their Communiqués. As the place where you go between incarnations, this brother-God was the one who, due to his new circumstance, ‘invented‘ the death zone, if you will, as well as reincarnation. He had to do so in order to get himself out of jail, as it were.

Thus the wheel of reincarnation became the only way for repeat-offender Gods to continually get back in the game in order to go back Home.

You have erroneously supposed that the wheel of reincarnation was designed as a way to reincarnate with or without karma so you could learn more and more lessons in order to evolve onward. That is the lie that is designed to keep you trapped in the game within the Lower Triad of the Lab hologram.

The truth is that the only lesson to be learned from each reincarnated lifetime is that you remember you are not supposed to dwell here but are supposed to go back Home; not stay on the wheel of reincarnation which is gradually trapping you into the very kind of situation that the misconceptions of reincarnation and karma is supposedly meant to get you out of so you can return Home. But it won’t because it can’t possibly do that!

At any rate, this deceased God made his reincarnation move back into the embodiment level of the game, as you would refer to it. He was able to do so once the other Gods who were also stuck in the game began to conceive children, an act none of them had ever done until after their fall from grace, meaning from their innate ability able to come and go at will into and out of the game, which had become restrained by the Lower Triad’s slower frequencies.

The only way out of the game was to go inwithin themselves, in order to raise their own vibrations to match that of the Upper Triad wherein they could take their next step back Home.

It eventually became understood by all who were caught in the game that this is what they would have to do in order to return Home. They came to accept the fact that no one else could do it for them. They would be assisted by their family back Home, but it was still up to each one in the game to embrace and engage, or not, that intangible vibratory assistance. It was easy to overlook it or disregard it in light of all that was going on around them being one distraction after another.

Thus was invented the schools of inner training that were specifically designed to help each God caught in the game raise their vibrations, ascend, and return Home.

For a very long time the schools indeed helped many souls to ascend. From the Upper Triad, some went on to return Home while others remained in the Upper Triad to explore what could be experienced through the vibrations unique to that level of the game. The Upper Triad level of the game experience was on.

You see, the virtual reality game, they discovered, has many levels to it. Rather than returning Home, many of them became obsessed with discovering how many levels they could ascend within the game itself.

This is why there are what you call higher evolved Extraterrestrials – those Gods who left the Lab and found many planets to inhabit.

And above them in the game there are the Ascended Masters who leveled-up, as you would say, to the highest level in the Lower Triad.

And above them are the Ascended Beings who leveled-up to the Upper Triad. You encountered some of them as members of The Intergalactic Board of Council.

And above them are Cosmic Beings who have leveled-up to the highest levels in the Upper Triad – these are the ones whom the Council mentioned but said they would not teach you about because that matter is far beyond your need to know at your current level in the game.

This does not mean that those entities who’ve managed to level-up above you are in any way wiser than you, for indeed the wisest among you are the ones who perceptually grasp the need and importance of leveling-up to go Home. That is the Greater Objective above and beyond all other goals in the game, for when you do that then you’re “Home Free“, correct? … You know how the game’s played. You simply forgot.

Those who do this are by far more perceptually intelligent than the smartest of those who level-up to the highest levels within the game itself because it is indeed after all just a game! There is not any thing, any knowledge, any wisdom therein that is of use back in your Home realm except to understand that the only knowledge gained from all the leveling-up is how to play the game most effectively. You see?

You must remember that the Lab was not designed to be used for such a purpose. The Lab provides you with nothing more in knowledge than how to use your creative abilities more effectively for use back in your Home realm. In order to understand that, you never had to immerse yourselves into the dualized holographic realm itself. The Lab’s sole purpose was to be a clinic for experimental creational purposes, not a virtual reality amusement park. You knew that from the start, but you forgot.

The Gods tolerating the use of the Lab as an amusement park to play in was one thing so long as it was done in a manner whereby you did not become stuck in its lower vibrating frequencies.

When it got turned into a game of pursuit wherein you eventually got stuck, you became what is called the fallen angels of yore, the forgotten Gods, because you fell into the game itself then forgot who you truly are. You now mistakenly believe the game is Home and you are merely one of many residents living in it.

I am here to remind you that this is simply not true. I am here to tell you that there eventually came to be a group of rogue Gods who took advantage of your forgetfulness. And I shall address this matter in the next message.

So, I ask you to consider that not only are you stuck in the Lab hologram where you shouldn’t even be dwelling in the first place not to mention reincarnating, but you have also become caught up with participating in a virtual reality role-playing game that is taking you into increasingly dangerous levels of what has become a sport with you as the target.

I ask you to consider the need and importance of you ascending back Home for indeed that is the way you will get there. That is what the Council so emphatically stressed that you need to be focused on in your lives at this time… because it is time for you to come Home, children. You’ve played around in the game long enough. Put down your toys and come Home.

The Council offered ways for you to do that. In future messages I shall elaborate on why it is essential that you do so.

Until then, do take care of yourselves by engaging your innate ability to perceptualize what is truly going on and conceptualize what you need to do about it for yourselves.

Thank you for your attention and consideration of what you are being enlightened about.

Farewell for now
~Mr. Ja’li~
(This cartoon was too good to pass up! Enjoy! ~G~)
Stay with Mr Ja’li as he helps you lead
youself out of the VR rabbit hole…

 Ja’li 5: Vibration, Vibration, Vibration

Vibration literally determines our spiritual “real estate,” where we might dwell in the cosmos, dimensionally speaking. It’s not just what we “think” or even “feel,” it’s about our deepest belief in—KNOWING—our own inherent godness, and our care and nurturance of it. The frequency we hold is basically our cosmic currency; our ticket to ascension.

Getting into the real grit of the matter here… and the great challenge of our most daunting paradox: the imperative to consistently continue raising our vibrations while we are in the ever-tightening clutches of these miserable sociopathic rogue gods who are in control of this hologram and have no desire or incentive to “ascend” nor to let us do so, either … 

Please keep in mind, we had previews of this life before stepping into it; we have far more courage and fortitude than we realize. Keep vigilant re: this ‘sheeple’ program cranking at full blast via all the ways the media and social tech keep us perpetually distracted.  

We must be in command of our consciousness—where and how our precious attention and emotions are invested—and carry on with the task to keep leveling up our energy signatures and capacities for love and compassion. We’ve come to claim our mastery!  Let’s not “twitter it away,” ahem. Love all, W


Cheating,  The Big Takeover & Godnapping

Ja’li speaks:

Greetings to you all once again. In this message I shall continue with my previous story, if you will, that is an analogy of why you are where you are and how it came to be that way.

Why present my information to you in this manner? Because it is a means that puts the point across to you in such a way that you more readily comprehend the underlying fundamental nature of that which you need to know; because this analogy is similar to the way things occurred, so long ago that you forgot what did transpire that put you into the pickle barrel that you are currently in.

First of all before I proceed with the story, I would like you to understand that I struggle to find the appropriate words and terms in your language to express information that is based in sciences and states of condition and circumstance that you have no knowledge about, and much which does not exist in the duality hologram principle itself. In order for me to communicate with you in ways that are comprehensible to you, I must use your language which is limited in scope. So, please bear with me as I endeavor to put your words into appropriate use for you.

Now, I want to clarify that the two holograms I have already spoken of – the hyperhologram of Home, and the hologram of the lab – are two distinct holograms functioning on two different principles.

These two principles cannot co-exist together, therefore the two holograms cannot co-exist together as, say, one hologram existing within the other.

They exist independently of one another as two distinct structured thought forms flowing freely within the sea of consciousness or thought or information.

I did say earlier that at the core of our Beings as sparks of light, meaning consciousness and energy, we do not go anywhere within the sea of information. We remain stationery while the field of thought flows all around us. It is no different for you this moment. You are immersed within this sea and although it appears to you that you are moving about within it, in actuality you are not. That sense of movement through space is part of the illusion produced by the hologram.

So, if we don’t move anywhere then how do we access information from the sea, or go into a hologram that is within the sea?

We do this by a process of consciously accessing a desired feeling. Once a vibrational feeling is felt, the equivalent thought of it is accessed immediately by energetic resonant thought attraction. This is why there is no need to move about anywhere within the sea. Every thought is vibrationally attracted to the Light Being holding a ‘vibration to receive.’ Many types of similar thought flows to you, and your consciousness sifts through them to find the appropriate one that it then latches on to magnetically. This is an enigmatic local-non-local lineal-non-lineal action that occurs simultaneously and instantly. I apologize for this dualized term but you do not have appropriate words to express its totality.

When you vibrate a desire to access and enter into a hologram, your consciousness will access it within the sea of information and from there you can enter into it, to whatever degree or level of frequency you so desire.

You remain there for as long as you so choose. When you are finished there, you withdraw your desire to be there and then you can shift it instantly to the other hologram. Your accessibility is not bound by time, space, distance or any other constraints such as you find is the case in the Lower Triad of the Lab hologram.

Does that mean that when you were free-roaming Gods coming and going between the holograms, that when you were in the Lower Triad of the Lab your own vibration was lowered to match it?

Not completely. You lowered it only to the point of being able to create your project to the degree of tangibility that would allow it to exist, then ascend to the Ascended Realm and return Home with it.

You did not lower your vibrations to the point where the Gods did, those who later got caught in the virtual reality game, as it were. Doing so required much lower thoughts and emotions based in fear, insecurity, intolerance and so on.

Before their fall or descent into the lower frequencies, the Gods had never allowed themselves to go that low in their experience because they innately sensed not to go there; that to do so would mean a very uncomfortable outcome, the nature of which no one really knew. They simply knew not to enter where the frequencies began to vibrate thick and murky.

None of them knew what would happen until the first God died in the Lab hologram, as was already spoken about in my previous message. That’s when a completely new experience entered into the existence of the Gods.

So, in our story of what happened once they found themselves stuck in their amusement park that had suddenly lost its amusement when they discovered that they could no longer leave the hologram at will, they knew that they would have to raise their vibrations to get out of the Lower Triad and level-up to the Upper Triad level. But they also knew that now they would have to figure out how to exist and survive in the Lab that was never designed to be a place of ongoing dwelling.

Their fall into the lower frequencies of the Lower Triad came as such a shock to their consciousness and energy that they wandered for a very long time in a state of intense and horrified bewilderment.

Focusing on raising their vibrations in order to leave the game gradually began to take a back seat to survival, to existing long enough within their avatar bodies in order to be able to raise their vibrations and leave the hologram.

The longer they were in the duality-based hologram the more complex became their needs for survival. In their beginning their needs were not as complex as they evolved to become.

Their avatar bodies lived longer than your bodies do now because theirs were based in their original and ideal thought codes. The information comprising their ideal blueprint was expressed more prominently than it is today in your bodies.

Over time their avatar bodies evolved to include more and more organs in order to make up for the diminishing life force gradually being pressure-squeezed within the body’s informational grids by slower denser frequencies.

Their body’s frequencies became increasingly more thick, murky, dense and heavy as it necessitated taking on greater quantities of slower vibrations in order to be sustained in the inferior vibrations of the Lower Triad.

All the while of all this going on with their bodies adapting to the new circumstance, they now had to struggle to provide for its needs of food and water, medicine, clothing, shelter, warmth, and so on.

Also, because they kept witnessing their avatar bodies eventually dying from accident, aging, or any other host of causes, in order to get out of the death zone and back into another avatar body so they could continue the quest to return Home, they realized that they would need to create new bodies into which they could rebirth themselves back into the game. So, the game of coupling and procreation was on. That in itself brought on a host of other distractions.

But they knew that they could not go Home from the death zone area itself. There was no exit from the death zone to Home. The death zone was a segment of the hologram that had only one way into and out of that segment. The door in is the same door out. This area became a sort of holding pen between lifetimes. If someone died in the game, one’s existence was not vanquished or snuffed out or obliterated, nor was one released from the hologram.

In order to level-up and move on one would have to exit the death zone by getting back into the game. Only through reincarnating into a new body could one resume the game and proceed onward.

As time passed, the fallen Gods learned more and more about how to play the game within the Lab hologram. They began to be so focused on how to survive and thrive within the game itself that they also forgot that they were supposed to leave it and return Home.

As I said previously, now and then along the way a few Gods would wake up and remember, and manage to return Home. These fortunate souls would then endeavor to assist others stuck in the game to do the same thing.

As time continued to pass, a few Gods who stayed mostly to themselves had gone so deep into playing the game that they desired to become the ‘game masters’ of it, if you will.

They too had learned about Home and the need to return there. But like defiant little children they didn’t want to return Home. They had lost all desire for doing so. Without that desire they would never regain their ability to raise their own vibrations. The lack of desire to return Home is what keeps them confined to the Lower Triad.

Now, just because they are not ascending to the Upper Triad doesn’t mean that they don’t know how the game can be played within the hologram. It doesn’t matter what level you are at in the game in order to figure out how to play it more effectively. It matters only that you understand how the game itself  ‘operates’.

Let me say it like this: they are this close (fingers almost touching) to figuring out how to change the operating system of the hologram itself… not just a particular part of the game but of some crucial key matrix configurations of the hologram itself.

Now if that doesn’t give you cause for concern then maybe you have no desire to return Home either.

In other words, they figured out that by changing the operating system of the game, so to speak, they did not have to level-up in the game at all. It’s what you would call cheating, but they don’t see it that way. They see it as being brilliant master players, outsmarting the game.

Now, their purpose for cheating by changing the way the game is played is being done so that they themselves gain control of the game overall. They would thus own the game and all players in it including those who level-up to the highest levels within the game.

Changing the operating system will change everything throughout the entire hologram. Nothing, no area of the game will be unaffected by the changes they are set to make. No player in the game will be unaffected by it.

How are they changing the operating system of the game? They came to understand that the hologram is being held together by a group of Gods outside the hologram who have focused their consciousness into a collective structure of information, sphere-like, in which the Lab hologram exists. Through their focused and combined thought, these Gods have structured it and are holding it together.

The game masters inside the hologram figured out that they can access and therefore reconfigure the matrix codes coming from the minds creating and holding it together.

Now before any of you go scoffing at this being impossible, I shall remind you that for thousands of generations these rogue Gods have been in the know about how all of this works, all the while keeping you in the dark ages so that only now are you having any inkling about holograms. In other words, they are way ahead of you in this understanding.

While you have been deliberately left out of the loop of knowing, they have passed down the knowledge through their own family bloodlines for eons, working steadily toward a working model of their plan. [Referring of course to the illuminati/cabal. W]

Being active calculating components operating within the hologram, the game masters themselves act like viruses that attack the host from within by mutating the codes of the host to suit their own needs. They are overwriting and rewriting the codes in ways that will fundamentally change how the game is played.

And they want as many as possible of you, their brother and sister Gods, to remain trapped as automaton players forever reincarnating in their game of pursuit and conquest.

Your opportunity to leave the game and return Home will be obliterated as an option. Your free will option will be limited to choices between the worst of two undesirables, so to speak. Your options to move about freely in the game will be restricted. And so on.

You are already seeing only the mild beginnings of what will become in your near future a much more broadly manifested outcome of these rogue Gods’ handiwork.

They are not messing around as their sole intent is to acquire total ownership of this hologram before a stopgap can be applied because they know that we at Home are on to their plan.

What would you do, what could you possibly imagine doing with total ownership of a hologram such as the one you’re currently in, minor though it may be to the hyperhologram that is our Home? Do you see their point for the takeover? To you being in the hologram it’s all about your struggle to survive. To them it’s all about watching you do that. This is their ultimate show in the amusement park, which you know of and many enjoy watching something similar called, ‘Survivor.’

Your understanding of how it is they could do such a perverted thing and enjoy it doesn’t excuse their insanity and the wrongness of their behavior, but it does help you comprehend why they do it which when reasoned out will inform you that they mean business. I must say that in the future you will be players in their version of your movie called The Truman Show, except that it won’t be so nice and fluffy and groovy as that.

Now are you beginning to see why it is essential that you raise your vibrations so you can return Home as soon as possible?

Not only for that reason, but because of the fact that you need to do it for yourselves first and foremost anyway!

I shall delve into that matter in the next message. For now, please consider this information as an act of critical advice.

Until next time, think on these things, be safe and stay healthy.

 Ja’li 6: Wake Up; Rise Up

No Chicken Littles, Please
Questioning the Virtual Reality Façade 

Ja’li speaks:

Salutations to all. It is time to continue with the topic of my discourse, conveyed to you with the utmost of care, concern, and love.

As this subject moves into murky waters, so to speak, it is important that you do not turn into what you call “Chicken Littles” by running around spreading insinuations that my Messages are all about the notion that the sky is falling, as it were.

bbf0c179d6654eba8ab8ada547ebcd2eEven were that the case, the reason for informing you would be to help you prepare for the event with as much joy as possible through knowing what your options are.

In other words, I am here to encourage you to see the light of what is transpiring in the murky corners of your hologram so that, just like noticing it is potentially a rainy day outdoors, you will make the necessary effort to know what your options are and take your umbrella with you.

You have an adage that says an ounce of prevention is worth more than a ton of cures. Well, I’m giving you that ounce of prevention. If you choose to disregard it as unimportant or unworthy information, then you have ultimately chosen to experience the future event for which even a ton of cures won’t rectify in the end. So be it as you so choose.

Now, what I’m getting at here is that the rogue Gods I spoke of in my previous Message discovered how to reprogram the operating systems of the game within the hologram you are stuck in.

In other words, they are about to finish hacking the system, so to speak quite literally, and are in the process of planting their viruses into the system, soon changing how the virtual reality game is played overall in this hologram.

When I say ‘this hologram’ I am meaning the entire “holographic universe” as your own scientists term it. Your planet is but one of all the other planets, solar systems, galaxies, space, and time existing within this hologram.

Now before you go scoffing about how impossible it would be to hack, infect, and change an entire universe, such as it is virtually, you need to remember that one bit of a hologram contains the whole hologram in it, and the whole of a hologram reflects every bit throughout its entirety. 

Consequently when dealing with infecting a hologram, the very self-reflective, self-infusing, self-spreading nature of the hologram itself will do the infecting action of the virus instantly and thoroughly throughout the entire holographic universe. You could say it is a “self-infecting” system once exposed.

How convenient! How ingenious! And how daring, audacious, and perverted!

So, I need to clarify that the areas of the operating system that they will be affecting will be those that are crucial or key codes of information that compose how the game is played. This includes limiting your choices as a player, as I said previously.

Limited choices makes you more controllable. The better they can control you the better they can control the game which, for them, has a determined objective that is far different from the ones you want, or hoped to have as part of the game.

Why do you think you have not seen nor experienced those objectives of improvement, of life getting better and better, that you collectively wanted or hoped to have in place by now? Where are they?

The turning point in the game for making sure that it would never occur for you transpired back in your era of what you call the 1960s. It occurred specifically on the day when they took a key player out of the game whose name was John Kennedy.

Haven’t you noticed that ever since then, your efforts to enjoy the game of life, such as it is, have continuously diminished relative to the increase of your struggles to survive in the game? Thriving in the game has virtually gone right out the window like an illusive breeze that cannot be captured and enjoyed.

Haven’t you noticed that all your efforts to reset yourselves back into the uplifting spirit and benefits of getting ahead that was flowing to you before the turning point, has not worked?… That in spite of it all your struggles to survive are still increasing, while the idea of thriving seems to be more and more of a pipedream?

Haven’t you wondered why, in spite of all your sincere and spiritual efforts to reboot yourselves back on that path of thriving, you still feel like you’re just treading water, or spinning your wheels, or are doing what Gesanna calls riding endlessly on that merry-go-nowhere?

Haven’t you wondered what in the world is going on, why you seem to be getting nowhere, while everything seems to be growing worse even though many of you don’t want to admit the truth, not even to yourselves?

Well, there are many theories and ideas floating around out there in your media sources. And some of them are suggesting facts of events that are transpiring in ways that are not for your best interest. And while some sources claim or promise to have solutions, so far none of them have produced any results that made a difference.


Could it be because what these reports are doing is presenting symptoms or side-effects of a much larger agenda being put into effect?

Could it be that your economic troubles, your social unrest, your political dysfunctions, your employment problems—thus your jobless, homeless, healthless, starving, poverty-ridden conditions—are not the cause of a system breakdown but are an overall overarching symptom of unseen changes that are being made to how the game masters are reconfiguring the rules in their upcoming Game of Life for their own purposes?

Could it be that all those symptoms you’re seeing and experiencing are deliberately being programmed as part of the new conditions of the new theme, the new stage upon which the New World Order Game of Life will be unfolded on your planet and eventually throughout the entire holographic universe?

Could it be that all your noble efforts to do something about alleviating any and all of these symptoms is merely being tolerated by the game masters because they know that once they restart the game from the new settings that none of what you tried to do will matter a bit?

Could it be that they know much more about what is truly going on than you do?

Could it be that while those who hold the most gold will rule the worldthose who have access to the most operating-systems information will control the holographic universe?

Could it be that they have actually gained the upper hand in the game because all the time that you’ve been focused in survival level mode, they’ve thrived on behalf of your enslavement whereby they have not been distracted by survival needs from focusing intently on creating and implementing their master plan?

Could it be that by now there simply aren’t enough people possessing ongoing frequencies high enough to spiritually prevent the game masters from usurping the game into their own hands through covert sabotage within the operating system itself?

Could it be that such a spiritual-based solution should have been applied long long ago in their agenda in order for it to be workable?

Could it be that you have been deliberately kept in ignorance of this covert development long enough for them to power-up so far ahead of you that there is no way you can catch up to and overtake them now?

So if all your efforts have amounted to a merry-go-nowhere, where does that leave you? Slumped on a horse going up one day and then down as low the next, around and around day-in and day-out, with no way off the crazy carousel?

No. There is a positive way to look at all of this seemingly cruel madness that you appear to be a victim of, but you’re not, because you chose to be here.

To illustrate this, I will share with you what Gesanna’s son said to her when she told him about her dreadful situation of being in the direct line of fire, literally, of the oncoming lava flow, which is still on its way to her home area. He said, “Wow, Mom, there’s one thing for sure and that’s that your retirement years are certainly never boring!”

Well, she hadn’t looked at it that way. How dare he point out that such a dreadful situation could be viewed as something of a positive nature! But she knew he was right so she had a good laugh at herself.

My point here is to get all of you to see how it is that what your game-masters are doing is to serve as your blessing-in-disguise by presenting you with a very good reason to raise your vibrations so you can return Home.

Don’t see them as your enemies, as your adversaries. See them instead as your backward friends who are goading you to wake up, rise up, and go Home.

They are catalysts causing you to desire to finally leave the game and return Home.

Remember my saying that they themselves have no desire to return Home, therefore their ability to raise their vibrations has been suppressed by this very lack of desire?

How is it any different for you? If you have no desire to leave the game, then your own ability to raise you vibrations is also being suppressed.

So, is the game that you’re caught in limited to just the Lower Triad? No. As I said it continues in the Upper Triad level as well. Those who have already leveled-up into the Upper Triad level who have no desire to return Home cannot discover ‘the exit portal’ that leads to Home until they too have a desire to do so.

The Upper and Lower Triads are 2 major levels of the same game in the same hologram that has been played for far too long now.

But the advancement of the game has reached the point where the game masters are sabotaging the game from how it once was played.

No one ever said that this could not be done, that it could not happen, that they could not do that. There was never a rule, nor was there ever any anticipation that such a thing would ever be done in the first place. No one ever foresaw it because the hologram was designed to be used as a Lab, not an amusement park or a virtual reality game.

But being done it is, so now it’s up to you to decide what you’re going to do about it for yourselves.

I am passing on to you the ball of enlightenment so that you can ‘see’ what is going on and what your options are. But I cannot and will not force you to pick up that ball and put it into proper action to save yourself, if you will.

And how exactly can you do that?

Well, ‘ascending‘ is all about raising your vibrations from the game’s survival level in the Lower Triad to match the frequency that ascends you into the Upper Triad level.

Do you have to ascend and then actually dwell in the Ascended Realm?

No. You only need to level-up or raise your vibration to the frequency of the Upper Triad and from there you can go directly through the portal or doorway to Home. Dwelling there is not necessary, and at this stage in the game dwelling there is not advisable since the Upper Triad is still part of the same game in which you could still become trapped.

So, for those of you who have been around long enough, you have a few ideas about how to raise your vibes, as you might say. The Council shared with you some suggestions. I will share with you more suggestions. You have access to huge resources of ideas and tools that can assist you, much of it free through your media. More about that later.

You have had access to many sources of information and tools for a very long time but you have insisted on giving dominant focus to your distractions. And that is understandable to a given point, but what are you doing with your so-called “spare time”?

Because you’re intelligent people I will leave that up to you to reason out into a conclusion what you should be doing with it if you want to return Home.

Go forth now and use this information to literally reset your own priorities of participation in the game that is about to overtake you as a player in it. More about that later.

Whitehawk here:

For those still engaged with this series of our earth story at this critical juncture, here is Ja’li’s seventh message. I hope you are able to take this information on board for consideration without feeling beaten up by it. I imagine most readers attracted to this blog already have a sense of most of it anyway; but still, it can feel overwhelming when it “keeps coming” as it is here.

Regarding karma and reincarnation: I’ve come to believe that one can choose not to accept either of these “setups” from here forward. Especially post-2012; no more old conceptual forms need contain us. I personally choose (my current choice, always possible to revisit) not to return to this planet for further “experience” unless it is vastly healed from its present “diseases”—human, animal, vegetable, mineral, and rogue gods!

I also revisit the karma idea (which I’ve believed all my life… that somehow, in some way, we get what we have coming, for better or worse) with the intention to know that every moment is new—fresh, untainted—and has energies and potentials that can be completely set apart from any moments prior or following. The karma ‘model’ has been an ongoing reiteration for me to nullify. I don’t practice being good to earn rewards, and I don’t fear my screw-ups as “curses” for myself. My understanding of what *really* happens after death has changed considerably in recent years, as well. What a mind-blowing holographic lab it is!! Just “getting” that is a huge step in the right direction, which I hope I’m facilitating in some small way with this blog. I’ll leave it at that for now.

Brace yourself, this message is loaded to blast us out of our reverie about our well-meaning and noble efforts as Gesanna gains some clarity from Ja’li…  ox W

Ja’li 7: How We Perpetuate the Problem

Karma – the Truth and the Illusion

Why Efforts for Overall Harmony and Positivity Cannot Work

Gesanna: Hi, Mr. Ja’li. I have a question that someone asked and maybe you could shed some light on it for everyone alike.

You’ve spoken about a group of rogue Gods with an agenda that they are implementing within this hologram; what about karmic retribution for them, will they get it or are they somehow “bypassing karma”?

Ja’li Speaks:

Hello to you, Gesanna, and to all of you. Karma is a term that has evolved over time to connote various meanings by now. In its original sense in ancient times it simply meant balance. All things in this hologram must function by a principle that keeps all information and energy in balance. Balance is the nature of duality. The Lab hologram is, as I have said before, based in a duality principle. In order for the nature of duality to exist it must retain absolute balance.

It does not mean that if you hit someone you’re going to get hit back by that person or another person. It does not mean that when a person dies not having resolved all their personal issues prior to death that they must or will bring that set of issues into their next incarnation.

The Council said, and I will say as well, that while dwelling in the death zone all issues are resolved prior to the next incarnation so that the next life experience is free of the past. That’s because the nature of duality operates on the basis of the present wherein any accumulated energy of past information configurations cannot exist in the information configurations of the present or in the future. The fact that you accumulate information configurations within a single incarnation that you felt have not resolved during a current lifetime keeps you in a state of lowered frequencies, is why death occurs, regardless of cause.

Now that is all a lengthy discussion that is not relevant to our topic at this time, but I will say that the kind of karma most often referred to in your current time of understanding has been a spin-off from its original meaning, done by the rogue Gods who created religion in order to keep you under their control through baffling, perplexing, confusing ideas about what life, and death, is all about.

Religious, and nowadays spiritual notions of karma, in any sense or definition of it, does not exist. It is yet another rogue-God crafted illusion designed to delude you further away from truth. This concept of morality-based karma is another trap in their virtual reality game of pursuit that keeps you forever in consciousness, energetic, religious, spiritual debt that is designed in turn to keep you tied to the wheel of reincarnation, ever in pursuit of paying it off but the cold hard fact is that you can never pay it off due to the very nature of the hologram that you are in.

So, to answer your question, the rogue Gods are not in the least bit concerned about karma as you view it because they invented it. They do understand it in its original technical or scientific application as part of the function of the duality holographic principle, but they are not adversely affected by it any more than you are, you just think you are.

They know that the original principle of karmic balance, if you will, means that for every action there is a reaction, equal in its opposite. You’ve heard that term before. But they know how to use this principle without causing adverse reactions upon themselves even though they cause harm to others.

Remember I said that they discovered what you would call the instruction manual that for them works like the cheat sheets to a game, that informs them about how this hologram works. From that information they have learned how to manipulate their way around the game’s virtual reality landscape and environment, so to speak. They know how things work so they can easily avoid the pitfalls that you are so vulnerable to because they gave you a set of rules to live by that simply do not apply to the game. You see?

Morality-based karma is simply another one of those rules that does not apply to anything, or anyone, in the game. It only applies to them having yet another means of forcing you into ignorance and compliance.

Morality-based karma is not and never was a part of this hologram because the Lab itself was never designed for such purposes or use as is being done now. Therefore how could morality-based karma be ‘real‘ or even exist except as an illusion in deluded minds?

Your lives are not governed by rules such as morality-based karma but by the very essence of who you truly are. When you govern yourselves according to that innate state of being that is wholly divine in nature, then you need no other rules to govern you.

Does this sufficiently answer the question?

Gesanna: Yes, it does. Thank you. There is another matter that I feel needs clarifying and that is what you said in the previous Message that people’s external-based efforts to create change for the better in the world has not and won’t make any progress. Would you elaborate on this some more please?

Mr Ja’li: Yes. Again, because this is a duality-based hologram, wherein all information that composes it, and which exists within it, must be kept in balance, the positive efforts being made to so-called improve conditions and situations on the planet are immediately balanced out by the need for its negative opposite to be put into effect. The more you focus on trying to improve the world the more it will need to be improved due to information-to-the-opposite going into immediate action. The cause of improving things has its own built-in effect of debilitating other things.

It’s much like, as an analogy, you fill up a hole here, and another hole immediately shows up over there. You fill it and another hole shows up for you to fill in. It is your causal intention to “fill holes” that generates the effect of another hole appearing in your experience that needs filling in.

This is this hologram’s original karmic-balance principle at work. Your own intention, which is information, applied to that principle causes the cause to have an effect, areaction.

Your scientists refer to it as the binary effect of 1’s and 0’s flipping ‘on’ and ‘off’, but it is never done randomly. It is always done ‘karmically’, if you will, meaning in a manner that retains absolute balance within the operating system.

That is not to say that the flipping action cannot be changed because it can be changed if you understand how to do that. When that occurs then you’ve changed how the hologram expresses itself.

This is what the rogue Gods are endeavoring to do. It is because they are doing it from a purely technical state that it then affects the performance of the hologram itself so that your efforts to stop, change, or circumvent their efforts will not make any difference.

It’s like you’re trying to put out an oil fire with water. It won’t work and in the process of your intentions to fill in the ‘0’ holes of negativity into a positivity, so to speak, you are only causing the fire of something undesirable to pop up over there and spreadall done karmically in balance with your efforts to put it out or fill it in.

As I said before, the rogue Gods have already gained the upper hand on you making any effort to interfere with their plans. In other words, by now they’ve got you covered, as it were, and they did that long ago. Currently they are merely patching up the glitches, the loop-holes that you find in their perverted scheme. You are in effect showing them where the glitches and loop-holes are for them to come along and fill in.

You see how it works?

So you’re basically doing—what—spitting in the wind. You’re riding that merry-go-nowhere because they are changing the way that hologram expresses itself from within its operating system that you have no access to in order to stop it from happening.

Your collective focus upon endeavoring to flip a binary pattern of a ‘1-on’ to a ‘0-off’ state merely causes another ‘0-off’ to flip to a ‘1-on’ state somewhere else. It’s simply how the duality binary hologram works.

You will not accomplish the kind of planetary, interplanetary, galactic, or universal ‘harmony’ you are wanting to have because harmony already exists through the in-built binary balancing effect of positive consciousness and energy and all the effects thereof that is already being harmoniously balanced with negative consciousness and energy and all the effects thereof.

You see, the very nature of your consciousness and energy state incorporated into this dual-binary-based hologram causes the hologram’s binary principle’s code of balance to read the information of your thoughts and desires for positivity, and immediately it sets into action the thoughts and desires of others for negativity. In order to retain balance both get manifested simultaneously.

Externalized harmony as you think of it, meaning a circumstance where everyone and everything functions in a purely positive manner, does not exist and cannot exist in a dual-binary-based hologram.

The rogue Gods know that! But they keep you in the survival level of the game that in turn causes you to constantly desire to do away with their negativity so that all will be well. They know, according to how the hologram works, that you simply cannot do that, but watching you try to obtain the unobtainable, try to win through unwinnable rules merely adds to their perverted sense of amusement.

So, harmony already exists and is working just fine. Balance already exists and is working just fine. Positivity and negativity are already harmoniously balanced… until you immediately upset that balance by endeavoring to augment positivity above or beyond negativity, through whatever spiritual or physical means you might use. The upset balance must immediately restore itself by generating its opposite in equal proportion and intensity. That is true karma in action.

Now, what I am speaking of here is your externalized attempts to cause this entire holographic universe to behave in a manner is is not designed to do.

You must understand that although you may go within to focus on bringing harmony to the planet, say, but the target of your intended harmony is still external to you. You are taking it from within and projecting it without.

The very act of visualization projected externally will always demand an immediate balanced effect to whatever it is you’re visualizing ‘out there‘. If you visualize world peace you will immediately set into action, somewhere, its equalized opposite.

The rogue Gods know that and that’s why they are not concerned about your efforts to make it happen. They know that as soon as you cause an imbalance by augmenting positive energy out there you’ve immediately provided for them an augmented negative energy source out there from which to thrive.

You’re doing the work for them! And they’re eager to let you.

The upshot of all of this is that you will never be able to have the kind of life you desire to live so long as you exist in this hologram that was never designed to provide you with that kind of life externalized. The duality holographic principle was simply not configured to produce those kind of results.

Once you get that fact through your heads then you will begin to wake up and see the situation you are in for what it is, and what it is not. Then you are ready to do something about it.

And yes, there is something you can do about it. I shall elaborate upon that subject in another Message.

Does this help shed light on your query?

Gesanna: Yes, very much so. Thank you. Is there more information that you would like to impart at this time?

Mr Ja’li: No. I have thrown enough cookies onto your plate for each of you to munch on in contemplation. There is more to share with you in the next Message.

Ja’li 8: Peace, Our Ultimate Inside Job

Whitehawk here: Winding down with this series now… only one more message comes after this very significant one.

This message reminded me of an OBE I had about 22-24 years ago, where I’m “out and about” with a former boyfriend who had died in a kayaking accident while paddling an unchartered (never before navigated) Class 5 (extremely difficult whitewater) river in Peru. He and I had astral encounters during and after our relationship, and they continued for awhile after he passed… tho now I haven’t seen him in years!

So… we were outdoors (in 4D) in a quaint mountain village, and overhead we saw a huge, diaphanous “material” that covered the entire sky starting to lose its stability/ability to remain aloft. Imagine a gigantic silk parachute that covered (or enclosed) the entire airspace of the planet deflating and drifting down all around us; it was like that.

As we watched this, one of us said, “What will we do now that the amusement park is closing?” … referring to this holographic reality matrix we’ve been “playing in” for eons. The quip was made in light-hearted fun, because we knew that whatever was coming next would be an improvement on what we’ve had for so long on this troubled planet.

I might add that this happened before my kundalini awakened, and before I’d heard of ‘the matrix’ from any external source (I never even saw the movie The Matrix til about 3 years ago), and before I’d heard of “ascension” tho I knew a “shift” of some sort was pending. This was all “fresh and direct experience” for me… as has been my pattern all my life. I would have incredible experiences, which would then set me on a quest to learn their meaning and significance.  

Following is the next-to-last message from Ja’li. May we take it to heart and work on really, truly, being peace. This means going beyond that “contents under pressure from not exploding at that guy in traffic” to not feeling the activating impulse to begin with, or at least allowing yourself a momentary benign release, and then letting the irritant go without further ado. Also worth mentioning: compassion for yourself. It’s an inside job of the highest order and of the utmost importance. Fast from activator/triggers! This means purge 99% of what you give attention to, really! Be the generator of love and peace that your aching soul needs to make this quantum jump of ours.  ox W

War and Peace – Inner vs Outer
The Peace That Was Meant To Be – How ETs & ABs Do It
The Only Viable Solution

Ja’li speaks:

Greetings to you all. My message at this time is to say that of all that I have said thus far, that information is but one layer that you can understand regarding what is transpiring.

Beneath that layer there is yet another layer explaining more precisely what is transpiring, but which your current mental capacity cannot yet comprehend it.

It is not that you don’t have the brain capacity for it, it is that you currently aren’t engaging the totality of your brain capacity in order to comprehend the additional layer. It would amount to showing you a picture of entanglement. You would see it as beautiful but as utter nonsense so far as understanding what it represents.

What I have told you so far is enough to give you a sufficient awareness of what is transpiring that can, if you want it to, justify why you need to accept the age-old advice to wake up and be Home now.

I believe you have a question?


Yes. Your previous Message talked about how we cannot create world peace, harmony, etc. on this planet through externalized means. With respect to that, and that the entire universe itself is a duality-binary-based hologram, someone asked how other species on their own planets managed to create global peace and such. If you would elaborate on this seeming contradiction then everyone will benefit from the understanding.

Mr Ja’li: Yes. I have stated that any external efforts put forth to create, say, peace will vicariously generate a response to the opposite elsewhere by the hologram. I urge you to go back to Message 7 and study this information further if need be so that I do not repeat myself here.

Once you understand that “balance” is not, as many of you suppose it to be, always a 50/50 condition such as, say, 50% positive energy and 50% negative energy, both of which are necessary, then you understand that everything has its own proportional or ratio balance.

A simple example would be that of water. In order for water to exist it must have the proper ratio of hydrogen to oxygen. It isn’t a 50/50 ratio.

Now, I want to clarify that the balance set in the operating system governing this hologram was deliberately designed to be a 50/50 ratio balance. In order for it to perform the task it was originally created to do, it must maintain this particular ratio balance.

This means that when externalized efforts are made to raise the positive energy of ‘order’ or what you consider to be ‘peace’ at one area of the planet, the operating system of the hologram must compensate for it by also raising the negative energy of ‘entropy’ or what you consider to be ‘disorder’ at another area of the planet. Those souls who are slightly more negative-oriented in their consciousness will be ‘influenced’ by the hologram’s need for balance by generating external conflict or war.

I did say previously that all efforts to go within and project peace ‘out there’ is still an externalized manner of creating peace. Your inner ‘intention for peace’ being projected outside yourself in order to cause peace to occur is an effect out there.

On other planets where peace abounds, what their inhabitants have done in order to have a peaceful world for themselves is to understand how this balancing act works for the hologram. They know that the only way to have peace amongst themselves is by each person being the peace which they themselves truly are.

When you find that innate peace or order that composes your true essence and you engage it as that which is your true nature, as the manner by which you are, live, and express yourself, then you are the peace which you seek to have amongst all of you.

When each person does this as a collective, then they have what you would call an ‘organically created’ planet of peace.

So long as the peace you want to experience amongst yourselves has its origin from your own true nature then this internalized peace is never projected outside the self because it need never be projected.

When two or more souls who are this way come together, then peace is a natural state of external experience. There is no forcing it into existence because it ‘just is’. 

By virtue of those who are being the peace that they are, then when congregating together there is no need for externalized rules, or laws, or policies, or governments, and so on, in order to create—then enforce—peace.

The planets whose inhabitants naturally are and live this way learned very early in their existence in the Lab hologram that this is the only way that they could co-exist together peacefully. They figured this out eons ago so that their current co-existence amongst themselves and amongst other like-evolved species is based in an organically generated state of peace that is coming directly from being who they truly are.

They do not externally ‘create‘ peace, nor externally ‘enforce‘ peace amongst themselves for they have no need to. This is why it is very difficult for them to even consider interacting with a species such as yours that has not yet learned how to be the peace that you yourselves truly are.

This is also why they know that all your efforts to create peace and harmony through externalized means, and then create all the rules, laws, policies, governments and militaries to enforce and sustain that peace, will always be doomed to fail time and time again.

They simply do not live this way. Due to that, they are extremely reluctant to become involved with your planets affairs. You are a danger not only to yourselves but to them as well.

This is also why extraterrestrials and ascended beings have, time and again, come to your planet to assist you into being who you truly are because until you do you cannot have the peace you are wanting to experience amongst yourselves; nor will you ever be able to raise your own vibrations in order to interact peaceably with them; nor be able to ascend and return Home, all of which requires that you do the same thing by being the peace that you already are but do not yet engage.

As I stated in my prior Message this is why, at this time, your planet simply does not have enough people on it who are being the peace that composes the true nature of your Beings in order to have global peace with one another. If you cannot be peace yourself then you will not experience it amongst others who are with you who cannot be it either.

Your planet has always been fraught with the Battles of Armageddon, meaning external-generated order and disorder, peace and war, because that inner-originating peace has not been engaged from who you truly are. Once you do so, then you will naturally cease generating external energy disproportions that in-turn activates the hologram to rebalance itself.

You see, when you are the peace that is your true essence then you do not disturb the natural balance of the hologram’s operating system. Its 50/50 positive/negative energies remain in a constant flow between themselves when left undisturbed by externalized forcesYou are the external forces that causes the hologram to reset and rebalance itself.

This is why you have heard time and again the advice from masters and sages, the wise ones and the awakened ones, to ‘go within’ for all that you need and desire. When you engage your own true nature to fulfill your needs and desires, then the nature of the hologram remains unaffected, it thus remains balanced, steady, and reliable for your experience within it.

It’s like when you squeeze an inflated balloon it causes another area of the balloon to bulge out. When you push peace or order into one area of your planet, you immediately cause another area to bulge out with disorder, equal to the proportion to which you pushed in – 50/50.

The balancing nature of the hologram will kick in every time you push externalized peace/order in order to rebalance itself with chaos/disorder somewhere else. This is what happens every time you externalize your efforts for creating peace rather than being peace.

Peace exists. You only have to be it so as to experience it amongst all of you.It’s that simple.

I understand that this entire explanation is a new perception for you to comprehend, and it is quite a challenge for me to articulate it in your language so that it stimulates the fact into a reality in your consciousness. I am uncertain how better to convey this information except to suggest that you take this information and go within in order to comprehend it through your own thinking processes. When you finally ‘get it’ you will have your ‘ah-ha moment’, and you will then know what to do, and why.

Does this explanation help shed some light on your question?

Gesanna: Yes, it did, very much. Thank you. It certainly helps explain why the extraterrestrials and ascended beings have always been reluctant to interact with the people of this planet.

Mr Ja’li: Do understand that not all extraterrestrials have reached this point of knowledge and state of being within themselves, such as I just described to you. Many have done so, and many are further along in this understanding than others who are more recent to the knowledge.

There are a few species of entities who remain in a similar type of externalized situation as does your species. Some of them have been interacting with your people, your government and military leaders for a very long time.

Some of them created settlements on your planet with cultures that have come and gone over eons of time. Of these various species like yours, few have evolved beyond their experience of externalized existenceThey remain stuck in their evolution because they are still finding satisfaction at their current level in the Game of Pursuit.

The manners of externalized existence that exists on your planet has been inherited from these ancient civilizations, over and over again.

Your planet’s inhabitants have never had an opportunity to evolve beyond that mode of existence for every time you tried to do so your ruling Gods would knock you back down. And they are still doing it.

This is why I said there are not enough people on your planet at this time who understand thus who are themselves the peace that I have been describing to you who will bring about the peace you want to experience amongst yourselves.

This is not to say that you cannot evolve yourselves individually toward doing this so that one day you will live it collectively, just as other species have already done. But as I have already stated, your rogue Gods are implementing their plan to ‘reprogram’, if you will, the operating system of the hologram you are currently focused in.

In other words, you do not have enough time to evolve yourselves toward becoming the kind of peace on a planetary scale that the other species have already become.

Were you already ‘there’ within yourselves, were you already being the peace that you truly are, then you would already be experiencing a completely different kind of world. You see?

But you are not yet at that stage within yourselves individually so how can you expect to have it amongst yourselves collectively?

So, the rogue Gods will change the hologram’s operating system’s ratio-balance from 50/50 to—say, figuratively—60/40, meaning 60% negative energy vs. 40% positive energy. Their plan is to gradually increase the ratio of negative energy to the point where they can easily maintain control over everyone and everything on this planet. This is being done as well on a couple of other planets where they have their headquarters.

Now you must understand that adjusting the ratio-balance either way beyond 50/50 will not destroy the hologram itself, it merely changes how it expresses itself, how it performs, consequently how you will behave relative to it.

Incrementally reducing your access to enough positive energy will most certainly curtail your ability to maintain any kind of positive experience of peace within yourself as well as amongst you. And, if you haven’t already noticed over recent years of your time, that reduction has already begun to display itself in various areas of your lives.

Eventually the Upper Triad will cease to exist as its higher vibrations will be incrementally lowered by changing the ratio-balance.

From within the Upper Triad, the exit portal to Home will eventually change as a result so that it will not lead you back Home but will lead you to another pseudo-holographic universe that will be created by the rogue Gods. [Thus keeping us on an ever-more-misery-inducing, powerless, and endless mouse’s wheel of incarnations. This is important info to integrate. Being peace within could hardly be of higher priory! ~W] 

Such is their plan to expand upon their own playground, illusion though all of it is but they care not about that fact. Illusion or real, it’s all the same to them. And if they can own and control their own holographic-universe empires then that’s all that matters to them.

What I am saying is that you don’t have on your planet enough souls evolved to the point that I have described in order to avert, from within, this dastardly agenda.

And the more you try to intervene through the force of externalized means the more you will cause the hologram’s balance systems to correct itself, except it will do so to a new ratio of balance that is no longer 50/50.

So, what is the answer? What is the way out of this mess that you have been warned about for almost a hundred years but have ignored?

Well, the answer is, and has been, to wake up and be Home so you will be out of the situation. The way out of the mess is done by going in, within you, by being who you truly are. When you are who you truly are then you can choose to return Home.

As was stated before, the ascended masters and ascended beings know who they truly are but they have not, before now, chosen to return Home. They liked where they were. Just because you have come to know who you truly are does not mean that you are automatically back Home as well… unless you chose to be.

These Beings have enjoyed their adventures in the Lab hologram, having chosen to see how far they can ‘level-up’ in the Game of Pursuit, just to see what else they can do by solving the next mystery.

That choice is not wrong or bad but over time, as this hologram becomes more and more their psuedo-Home of residence, their desire to return to their true Home diminishes in favor of staying in the game.

That is the danger of lingering too long in either Triad of the holographic universe.

By now many of them are becoming aware of the rogue Gods plan to change the operating system of the hologram wherein, for eons, the evolved beings have enthusiastically pursued their games of adventure.

They don’t like having their game tampered with, but for precisely the same reasons I just explained to you about why you  cannot create peace on your planet through externalized means of force, neither can these highly evolved beings use externalized means of force to stop the rogue Gods from changing the hologram’s operating system of balance. A major cosmic war would ensue that would not result in anyone’s favor, and the hologram itself would go ballistic, as you would say.

The highly evolved beings in the Upper Triad and those of us who exist outside the Lab hologram, have concluded that the only way to resolve the takeover plan of the rogue Gods is to cause the hologram itself to cease to exist, to allow it to collapse.

Because the whole experiment has gotten out of hand and gone awry, pulling the plug on the entire project is the only viable solution. This is being done by those at Home who created it through their consciousness that is wholly supported by the will of the many souls within the hologram who desire to return Home. It is a complex multilateral, or ‘wholly-graphic’ decision that is based in the collective issuance of past/future coming together into the ever-present ‘now’. This is information that goes beyond the point being made in these Messages.

It is sufficient for you to know that if this is not done then all who remain in the hologram will become trapped there, forever serving the rogue Gods as their slaves. You will be trapped because with a 60/40 (or worse) ratio balance you will be incapable of raising your vibrations high enough to ascend or return Home. That is the most critical way that your options will be limited.

Gesanna: I have a question at this point about what will happen to those souls who are in the hologram when it is collapsed and doesn’t exist any more? If by that time they have not withdrawn their consciousness from the hologram and returned Home, then will they simply just wake up as the spark of light that they are, or what?

Mr Ja’li: That is a great unknown because this kind of situation has never before been encountered. No one knows how the consciousness of those remaining therein will be affected once they are no longer inside the hologram, no longer immersed in their once-familiar environment.

We are, however, surmising that each soul will experience it a bit differently, relative to the degree that each is ready to be who they truly are and thus be Home.

Those who are close to being ready will experience their consciousness shift event with little reorientation difficulty.

On the other hand, those who are not ready at all, whose desire to be who they truly are and to return Home, has been deeply suppressed within them will most likely go into a sleeping state of the soul, so to speak. It could be likened to a state of ‘soul comatose’, if you will. Some of your ancient texts speak of such a state of the soul that is unable to reorient itself to their true state of being and being Home.

With such instances, should this be the case, all attempts to revive and reorient them would be made until they finally do wake up and find themselves back Home.

We simply cannot predict this circumstance with any certainty, but we can predict that should the Lab hologram remain intact under the control of the rogue Gods, then the opportunity for us to reorient those comatose souls would be lost forever because they would instead be trapped in the holographic universe of the rogue Gods.

Collapsing the hologram is the only way to safely bring Home all souls, including the souls of the rogue Gods who themselves would be in the deepest comatose state.

Now, at this point I shall stop the discussion so you can digest what has been given you. I know that this information seems too far-fetched, as you would say, to believe with any credulity, but disbelief doesn’t change ‘what is‘.

Before you toss the baby out with the bathwater on this matter, it is recommended that you remain open-mindedgive it the benefit of the doubt simply because the rogue Gods are not going to publicly present their plan to you. You can though, if you so choose to, “ask” to ‘see and read signs of their writing on the wall’, as you would say, and it shall be given to you. For those of you who have eyes to see, you will see it; for those who have ears to hear, you will hear of it; for those who have mouths to ask, ask for it and you will receive it.

More about this matter is on the way in the next Message, as well as a suggestion that can help you return your consciousness to your personal point of origin within you.

Thank you for your attention and consideration of this information.

Ja’li 9: Ignition Sequence for the Return Trip

Whitehawk here: I want to thank Gesanna for freely sharing these messages with us. Here is the last one; hopefully you’ve been reading this series of nine in order starting with the first.

My own intention is to be homeward bound as directly as possible and nothing less. I’d rather be prepared for the bliss of returning than be regretful for slacking at this point, possibly risking squandered opportunity. I actually don’t fear any such “error” but still—in times of doubt and “unpeace” that will surely arise on occasion—I feel prepared at levels deeper than the surface din that I AM on track. I AM a sovereign soul, vastly more than this fleshly little avatar participating in an experiment that’s been leveraged against our collective thrival. We are in the end game; what is your free-will choice?

This is all, as I’ve reiterated again and again, for each person/soul to filter through their own truth and discernment. I personally have no problem zooming my lens out to the level of this most epic tale of rogue gods, holographic labs, and my place in it. Peace to you.

Meetings Between the Awakened Ones & the Rogue Gods
How To Return Home – ‘The Secret’ Found In Oz

Gesanna: Hi Mr. Ja’li. Before we continue with the information in your last Message, a question was asked as to whether or not anyone has tried to converse with the rogue Gods to help them understand the matters you are telling us about that might help them have a change of mind and heart?

Mr Ja’li: Yes, there have been those who have held meetings with the rogue Gods. They listened politely but ultimately were unmoved by anything that was said to them. It is their belief that even though once we collapse the Lab hologram, they feel certain that the hologram, which they are reconfiguring, will, of its own reprogrammed operating system, continue to remain intact.

It was explained to them that their new holographic universe would be an inferior replication of the original one and thus would perform in ways that would be unpredictable and consequently unreliable for their anticipated purposes.

They responded that they would simply adjust the required constituents to necessary performance parameters.

All-in-all, even though they presented themselves in cordial manners during the meetings, their overall response has been that of ‘polite discount’, so to speak, to the whole of what has been conveyed and offered to them.

Our most recent approaches to them resulted with them refusing to hold any further meetings with us. In a ‘civilly arrogant’ manner they informed us that their minds are absolutely made up, that they fully intend to go through with their plans.

Gesanna: Do any of you know whether or not their new hologram will manage to remain intact?

Mr Ja’li: It is our estimate that if it does remain intact that it will not do so for long before it loses its ability to stay ‘powered-up’, as you would say. This means that since it is being created using only the consciousness and energies of the Lower Triad, there will not be enough power to keep integrated properly on an ongoing basis.

You see, as I have said, the Lab hologram was created through using the consciousness and energy of those residing in the Totality, meaning the original hologram we call Home. It is thus powered by a very high order of function.

To give you an analogy of it, it is like the difference between running a computer strictly on a very poor quality battery, compared to running another computer that is using an electrical outlet. Eventually your battery-powered computer will stop working and will shut down completely, while the electrical powered one will continue operating just fine.

When I said that the hologram—and thus the holographic universe—is binary-based, this is an analogy of how it functions in its most fundamental basis of consciousness plus energy. The binary system represents the on/off action that consciousness plus energy creates upon the backdrop of the sea of information.

This is a highly technical science based in Totality systems of consciousness that I shall not go into for it is beyond the scope of the information being presented in these Messages.

Gesanna: OK. What was the rogue Gods response to the information given to them about the potential problems that could occur?

Mr Ja’li: They believe that they have ways to overcome such problems.

Gesanna: Do they? I mean, is that even possible since the hologram is consciousness and energy based rather than technologically based? Can they just push a button and tweak the system? And if not then how could they be so blind as to not see or accept the truth?

Mr Ja’li: They are wearing what you call ‘blinders’ to all information that does not support or enhance their own goals. [The same could be said of most of humanity as well imo. -W] We believe that they simply will not be able to sustain the hologram with any degree of success in the long or short run, if even at all, precisely because it is consciousness and energy based.

Setting that aside, I shall put it this way: You know of people in your own acquaintance who will disregard whatever advice or assistance you offer them simply because they are not ready to hear it or deal with ‘what is’. They have their minds made up that what they want to do or have is justified, right, good, or necessary. Nothing you say to them will dissuade them to the contrary. All you can do is allow them their right to have their way until they realize, through personal experience, that the knowledge given them by others was indeed correct, true and reliable.

This is the type of souls we are dealing with, who we are referring to as the rogue Gods.

All we can do is to help them understand what it is that they are trying to have and do. Having done that, all we can do is to allow them to have their way with their plans. Were we to try to intervene or prevent them from doing it, this externalized action would result in what I already said would occur as a reaction in the externalized form of a great cosmic war. This would benefit no one.

Morpheus: The matrix is everywhere. It is all around us, even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes, to blind you from the truth.

Gesanna: So given this as the circumstance, what does this mean with regard to the Lab hologram’s holographic universe as it has come to be? And what does it mean for all who remain in it when it is collapsed?

Mr Ja’li: Essentially the choice for each of you remains the same. You can return Home, or you can stay in this hologram and experience whatever it is that might occur once it has collapsed and the rogue Gods’ new holographic universe hologram kicks in.

Because this has never occurred before, not even we know what might happen so the best advice we can give you is for you to return Home as soon as you can.

Now with respect to all that is playing out pertaining to the Lab hologram and whatever may be transpiring therein, the ultimate point is that in the first place you are not supposed to be dwelling in the Lab hologram such as it has become.

The fact that the Lab hologram was never designed to become a ‘holographic universe’ in which to dwell and call home should be the only reason you need to leave it and return Home.

Now that there are new developments occurring within it that are becoming a threat to your greater wellbeing, this situation poses yet more reasons why you need to leave it and return Home. And the threats to your greater wellbeing are mounting which further adds to the reasons why you need to return Home. You see?

In other words, how many reasons do you really need in order to come to your senses that the Lab hologram is not your true Home so that through the increase of threats to your wellbeing your ongoing presence in the hologram will eventually end one way or another?

In other words, you can either wake up to the truth and return Home now, or you can disregard it as hogwash, stay in the hologram and see what happens. It’s all up to you because it’s your adventure to experience.

You won’t ever really become ‘lost’ because that is an impossibility since you never actually go anywhere anyway.

But you can have an increasingly more difficult experience reorienting your consciousness back into the Home of your Light Being essence.

You could even go into the soul comatose state I spoke of. You won’t die but you won’t be actively conscious so as to continue experiencing yourself. Your light will be on but nobody will be Home.

Staying in the hologram, for however long it might survive, and becoming automatons to the rogue Gods in their holographic universe empire, for however long they can do that, is not what we at Home consider a choice worth considering a choice at all. That is why we never mentioned it to you.

The fact is — you need to come Home not because of what the rogue Gods are doing, but because you are not supposed to be playing in that holographic universe playground anyway.

How much more clear and plain do we need to be on that matter? How much worse do you need things to become before you are provoked into desiring to returning Home, not because you want to but because you are being forced to? 

What would force you to return Home? The collapsing of the Lab hologram first of all, then the collapsing of the rogue Gods hologram if it even managed to stay intact for any length of time.

Under a circumstance of force, your desire to return Home is not activated, your consciousness is not focused upon doing that as your next experiential goal. Being forced to return Home against your desire to do so results in that difficulty of ‘consciousness reorientation’ I just talked about.

So either way, return Home by desire or by force, it’s up to you, but you will some day return Home to your spark of light because that’s where you belong, because you have no other place to go and no one else to be.

Whatever you choose, I am merely offering you knowledge that will help you make that choice with a vaster amount of awareness—thus readiness—than you would have without it.

Gesanna: So then, given all of that, someone asked about the timing of events, how much time there is?

Mr Ja’li: I know you all want a time schedule on all events but, as always, none will be given except to say that the reason why you are being given this information at this time, and the advice to return Home, has everything to do with the nearness of those events.

Now by that I mean the timing of it is relative to the time difference between your Lower Triad timing and our Totality timing. It could occur in your current lifetime or the next, depending upon when death overtakes you. We cannot control that for you, but you can.

But you need not wait until then, and I tell you that it is best that you do not wait at all. Don’t be so concerned about time, schedules, dates, and so on, but be concerned about doing what you need to be doing so when an event occurs you will be ready.

That age-old advice to wake up and go home could always have been told by the many who gave it to you, this way, “Wake up and go Home”. It could have been said that simply.

That’s all they really needed to say to you. But like little children who constantly ask “Why?” when they are told to do something, you keep asking “Why?”… so you’re given more information, then you ask “Why? How come…?” again, and on and on it goes. You see?

You’re in the ‘information age’ stuck in a feedback loop of ‘why‘.

For a very long time, in many different ways, you have been told why you need to wake up and go home so you can consequently be Home. If you keep asking “Why? How come?” then you will never arrive at the point where you become who you truly are so you can choose to get out of the dismal game and be Home.

Where is Home and how do you be there? Your point of Home is ‘within you’ meaning that it is you, your true self, that spark of light that you are.

I will give you an analogy of how you can return Home by referring you to a famous story that most of you know quite well called The Wizard of Oz.

An important point in that story is that after having arrived in the strange and odd hologram called Oz, Dorothy set out on her quest of going home. That was her heart’s desire. It was actually quite a long journey, which the story you’re most familiar with makes quite short.

Part of her fantastic journey included her quest to find a mysterious wizard who, she was told, could help her get back home.

Along the way, her yellow brick road led her to encountering many interesting, shocking, and sometimes frightening beings and events. Once she finally reached the Emerald City where the great Wizard lived, she asked him for help to go home. Failing to help her, Glinda the good witch appears and grants Dorothy her wish.

Here’s the untold secret of what Dorothy learned. During her long journey on the yellow brick road, she realized that what she had done was to set out on a quest of ‘going home’. That was a perspective that set her on a continual journey of seeking to go home but never finding it nor ever arriving there. She realized that seeking to go home was not the same thing as what the wizard instructed her to do which was to see and feel herself being home now.

It was only when she got calm and still, closed her eyes, clicked her heels, and said “There’s no place like home”, that her focus on being home got her there.

You see the difference I’m getting at here?

Just like Dorothy, you are all traversing the yellow brick road in the quest of seeking information that will help you find your way Home.

In other words, the idea of going Home is not the same thing as being Home.

To be Home you must do as Dorothy did; you must stop the quest for finding your way Home, stop asking others along the way about it and, instead, stand or sit right where you are, close your eyes, focus all your energy on being Home – which is represented by the tapping of her heels, and focus all your thoughts on being Home – such as remembering that “There’s no place like Home”.

The yellow brick road is your personal path in the virtual reality game you are playing in the holographic universe. It is actually a snare that keeps you trapped on it by keeping you stuck in ‘play-mode‘. Dorothy came across both fascinating and horrible encounters along her way, which represents your encounters on your own yellow brick road that can become a never-ending story.

If you want to leave Oz, so to speak, and return Home, then you must do what Dorothy finally did.

You too have always had the ability to withdraw from Oz and return Home simply by reaching the point where you desire to be Home.

Home is right where you are, as a state of being who you truly are as a spark of light, a Light Being. Your conscious mind is that spark of light, but currently you have projected the majority of it into your holographic environment that is an illusionSo long as you are conscious of your own presence in the hologram then you are not Home in consciousness.

Being-wise you are Home since you truly never go anywhere as I said, but consciousness-wise you are currently not Home consciously because your point of awareness has shifted from Home, where reality lies, to hologram where illusion lies.

To be Home you must shift your consciousness out of the hologram and back upon your spark of light that you are. That is your true Home.

You are Home once your conscious mind is focusing from the point of your spark of light, when you are seeing all that is from the eyes of your spark of light, from your Light Being’s eyes, so to speak.

In the hologram you have been a motley crew of Dorothy’s and lions and scarecrows and tinmen and wizards and good witches and bad witches and munchkins and so on, each of you focused intently on having adventures in the hologram of Oz; each focused intently on acquiring reams of information that will clue you in on how to gain whatever you desire, but only those who desire to be Home will ever gain the ultimate desire.

You see, just as Dorothy never truly left her bed during her fantastic, though illusory, journey through Oz, just so you have never left your true spark-of-light-Home which is always right where you are. Like her, you just need to wake up and be Home consciously.

To accomplish it simply sit or lie down alone, and be still in silence – the silence of your house, a room, or in a quiet place outdoors in nature.

If there is commotion and noise from others around you then, if necessary, drown it out with the use of earplugs, or soft lulling music, or recorded nature sounds. If necessary, use headphones. The objective is to get your mind disconnected from all that is distracting your focus. Disconnect from Oz in every way possible. If your environment allows you to do this in silence, then all the better.

If you’re hung up on the rightness or wrongness of using music or headphones by which to disconnect then you’re still stuck in the illusions of Oz pursuing right vrs wrong, good vs bad. Don’t go there. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you disconnect from the game of pursuit, however that works best for you and your immediate circumstances.

Once you’re calm and focused within, focus on the blackness behind your closed eyes and look for your spark of light. Call it forth into your conscious awareness. Once you ‘see’ it, ‘feel’ it, then latch on to it, and feel yourself riding it back Home.

Feel your energy withdrawing from the game of Oz. Feel yourself racing back into your own Beingness that is gently floating, undulating, in the sea of information.

Don’t focus on any information in the sea. Just focus on being the spark of light that is floating like a cork on a wave. Rest and float and be. Focus on the joy of what “There’s no place like Home” feels like. Be there now.

Then you are Home. Stay Home for as long as you can.

Return often, as often as you can.

Each time you are Home you have withdrawn your focus that much more from the hologram. You are literally reorienting your consciousness and shifting your energy.

It’s like waking up from a dream. You don’t always wake all at once, but sometimes incrementally. You will wake up incrementally from the hologram. To do so all at once is not preferable. But don’t dally around about it.

Now, it is imperative that you do not visualize yourselves going anywhere else except to the spark of light that you truly are. To visualize yourselves going to another planet, or another star system, another area on your planet, and so on will only keep you in the hologram where these places exist.

Your ‘reorientation sessions’, if you will, that bring you back Home, amount to being cumulative in effect. The more often you do this the quicker the return of your consciousness to being who you truly are as a Light Being free of hologram’s Game of Oz and the illusions thereof.

Now if you sincerely desire to do this then you see why re-evaluating what you do with your spare time is essential. Is this your priority or not? If the only time you have open by to do anything like this is during “spare time” then you will use that time in which to do it. It will be a test to determine what your true priority is.

The main objective with all of this information being provided to you is to assist you into setting yourselves free of being stuck in the hologram’s virtual reality Game of Pursuit, and to help you know how to do that.

This information is not being given to you so that you can ask more questions that initiate the desire to receive more information. It is to give you enough information so you initiate a desire to finally do what you need to do in order to be Home. By not returning Home you will become part of the agenda that those horrible flying monkeys have in store for you.

You have been told often enough by many, that the stage of the rogue Gods, the cabal, the negative faction or whatever you wish to call them, has been set and their agenda is unfolding on a grand scale.

If you choose to perceive all of this as hogwash, then that is your right to do so.  If you choose to believe that you can remain in Oz and somehow externally change what has already been set into motion then you are allowed to try, your free will is respected.

I will tell you this as a certainty, throughout the whole of the Lab hologram you will never ever find adventures more exciting and fulfilling, creations more beautiful and awesome, interactions more loving and blissful as that which can be created and experienced at Home where reality lies. There is absolutely nothing in the Lab hologram that can even come close to it in comparison. If you don’t believe me, you will have to return Home to find out the reality of it for yourselves.

For those who have traversed the yellow brick road long enough and are ready to do as Dorothy did in order to be Home, then the purpose of this information will have been well worth imparting.

You have the essential information you need to know in order to get the job done. Any more than that is merely paving more yellow brick roads for you to remain distracted upon. If you want more information, the best place for you to gain clarity is from within you, by accessing your own Light Being which has direct access to the sea of information. Ask and you shall receive it.

Now it is up to you to take that ball of enlightenment and do as the great Wizard told Dorothy to do in order to be Home. Now you know the secret that was hidden in Oz.

I wish you all the best of life during your reorientation toward Home. Be consistent and persistent. Be determined and be faithful to your own cause long enough to generate the effect of being Home.

This is my last Message to you all. I thank you all for your attention and consideration of this information. The ball is in your court. Do with it as you will.

Be well and farewell.
~Mr. Ja’li~

Ja’li Returns

This is the first of a new group of messages from the formidable “Mr. Ja’li,” whose previous messages commanded attention and generated considerable commotion among readers.

Picking up Ja’li’s thread, now, with Message 10, followed by additional comments from Gesanna:

The Nature of True Selves –
At Home and In the Dream Realm Universe12079093_585546311577044_5488261042106871422_n.jpg

Gesanna: I asked for clarity about whether our True Selves are focused and actively participating in realms other than this one simultaneously. This is the answer I received:

Mr. Ja’li: While it is true that True Selves can do this under “normal” circumstances, the case with the dream realm is different.

The dream realm is an entirely extraordinary circumstance that requires the True Selves participating in it to focus their entire consciousness and energy into their trance-like state in order to sustain their ability to generate their dream characters therein.

Explaining this in its fullness requires a further detailed and complex history than we have given you about how the True Selves originally fell in consciousness and energy into their trance state, how they generated their dream characters, and how it is that they sustain their dream characters through all their activities one dream character ‘lifetime’ after another.

Doing this requires the full consciousness and energy participation of each True Self who inserts itself into the dream realm.

Gesanna: Does this include us Volunteers?

Mr. Ja’li: Yes, it does. There is no difference except in the fact that you have a greater access to remembering who you truly are because that True Self information is not buried under lifetimes of participation in the dream realm.

Otherwise the process of remembering yourself as your True Self works similarly for each entity in the dream realm. It works similarly for each one because of the same type of nature of illusion that you all find yourselves immersed in. In this respect, what goes for one goes for the other.

That said though, you will each ‘experience’ the process of remembering in unique ways per your own personal alter-ego-based perspectives while the process itself remains similar.

Let me say that while many altered egos in the dream realm prefer to assign themselves the ability to be aware and participating in multiple realms at once, this is another metaphysical misunderstanding of the actual truth which is that all True Selves possess this ability but not their dream characters.

While focused in the dream realm that True Self ability is suspended until the True Self returns back to full awareness of themselves as a True Self and is back Home. That is when the innate ability to focus into multiple realms is restored.

I wish to emphasize that the dream realm is an unusual situation that has never occurred in all the eons of existence of our Home Realm.

As has been stated before, the dream realm was not an intentional creation by any True Self. It occurred as a result of an incident that caused some other True Selves to generate a field of energy that circulates seemingly counter to the field of pure Positive energy that exists in the Upper Triad and Home.

That energy is what you refer to as negative energy that flows with the Positive energy, or so it seems. Negative energy is an illusion, yet you have brought the effect of it into action in the dream realm.

It is not negative in the sense that you have come to think of it. You’ve been taught to perceive it through an inaccurate description and depiction of it as being something opposite in effect to that which is Positive energy.

It is this misperceived idea about so-called negative energy that has deepened the sleep state, if you will, of those dream character entities who are caught up in the dream realm.

This deepened sleep state has caused the dream characters’ True Selves to go into a deeper trance state themselves.

It is this deepening sleep and trance state of both dream characters and True Selves that is generating a new level of experience within the dream realm. And it is unlike any that has before been experienced anywhere in the dream realm.

Although not completely the cause, this is contributing to the collapse of your planet as well as the dream realm’s ‘universe’ itself.

This is tied in with the misperception of the nature of the negative energy so that the collective belief is generating the collapse of the planet.

The collapse of the dream realm’s universe is being generated by another cause which we touched on briefly before but won’t go into again here. But its collapse is being enhanced and accelerated by the collective of dream character entities’ misperception of the negative energy. And this includes other primitive or unevolved or unawakened entities who exist on other planets throughout the dream realm universe.

In other words, those on your planet are not the originators of this misperception. It was taught to you by what you call unevolved extraterrestrials who knew that this would deepen the Terran dream characters’ sleep state, thereby making you more easily enslaved to their selfish whims.

This is why it is known by those of us residing at Home that many True Selves will not awaken and return Home before the collapse – first of your planet, and then of the dream realm universe.

This is why we have called for a sort of rescue mission, if you will, of all True Selves who wish to participate in awakening as many dream characters as is possible on collapsing planets and throughout the dream realm universe.

While we made progress in some areas of the universe, your planet remains the most resistant to waking up.

Extraterrestrials and discarnate souls who have resisted waking up have congregated on, in, and near your planet as a place where they can work on generating a holographic-based new dream realm in which to carry on their illusions that they love more than Reality, more than Home, more than their own True Selves.

This is not a forbidden choice. It is not wrong or bad. But it is a waste of their True Selves ability to ‘live’ in Reality, to be who they truly are at Home.

In other words their True Selves are being relegated to the back burner as non-incidental appendages of the dream character.

The True Self cannot be killed, but it can be held in its trance state into eons of forevers, inactive and non-participatory in Real Life at Home.

And as has been said before, there are boundless fields of True Selves huddled together as sparks of light that can be seen to be like unto when you look at your starry night sky with a telescope.

As we have said before, our mission has been to rescue as many such True Selves as is possible before the collapse of planets and then the collapse of the dream realm occurs.

Volunteers, your mission has been to do just that – not to save the planet from its collapse, for that is an inevitable event – but to inspire the awakening of as many dream characters as you can. And not only through words but moreso through your True Self energy that can reach out and touch someone in the right way that in-turn inspires them to awaken.

As has been said before, this mission has been going on, in earnest, for approximately 75 years on your planet, but more sporadically now and then over the past 2500 or so years by individual True Selves coming onto the planet with their inspiring True Self consciousness and energy.

The past 75 years have been a major last-minute-ditch-effort to rescue the remaining few who are ready to wake up and go Home before the ship completely sinks.

We are not here to give you platitudes that will inspire you to continue dilly-dallying with all your pet illusions in the dream realm. That will get you nowhere but going down with the collapsing ship.

There are many altered egos who are inspiring you to do just that. We are not. We would not fiddle fine music to you while the ship is sinking.

We’re here to help inspire you to reach for that rescue boat that is within you, to get on it and ride it Home.

The dream realm universe was an accident in its making and it does have an end to it, contrary to what many want you to believe.

Waking up and going Home or sinking with the collapsing ship is your choice to make. We’re here merely to assist those who choose to go Home. That is all.

And the rest of you who don’t choose that, well, your True Selves won’t ever die, but as your beloved family, we do miss your awakened presence and your active participation in the adventures that are being created at Home.

Perhaps someday we’ll see you there again.

I hope that this has clarified the matter for you. Thank you for allowing me to share it with you.

That is all. Be well and farewell till next time.

~Mr. Ja’li~

Gesanna’s Note: Regarding the information presented by Mr. Ja’li, I received from someone a request for clarity. Here is the clarity below, per my understanding of his message:

I was picking up on his sense of not wanting to go into too lengthy a discussion about it, answering the question with a yes/no and a brief explanation. Doing that always leaves room for more questions though. I wasn’t expecting to receive as much as he gave out but it did all connect together.

He has said before, years ago, that those True Selves who are focused here in the dream realm are focused exclusively here and nowhere else… for now, until we’re back Home; meaning that our True Selves are not participating concurrently in any other realm but this one.

He didn’t mean to infer that the True Selves who are focused in the dream realm aren’t aware of one another and interacting. They just cannot focus on anything outside of the Upper and Lower Triads simultaneously, such as focusing at Home as well as here. For example, my True Self and your True Self, being focused here in the same realm, can and do interact with one another. That’s what I was getting from him.

As he said, and all I know (for now) about it, is that there is something about the nature of being here that doesn’t allow our True Selves to do multiple-focusing outside the Lower/Upper Triad, nor us as dream characters. He didn’t go into explaining how that works and why.  He just said that that ability to focus here and at Home and in other realms simultaneously is innate to the True Self but cannot occur until we’re back Home, therefor the dream character cannot multiple-focus beyond the Lower/Upper Triads either. I suppose that means once we’re back into the pure Positive nature of consciousness and energy that is There, then our multiple-focusing ability can be engaged.

I sense that all of this can get pretty ‘scientifically’ technical and isn’t something we need to get analytical about right now, which is why he didn’t go into detail with his explanation about it.

As he and the Council have said, they don’t give out such technical/ sciencey information on purpose because it ends up being used in distracting ways like those who get caught up in the science and use spiritual and healing modalities, and so on, making that their main “playground” in the dream to the point where it becomes another distraction from simply ‘being’ per unfolding their way Home through a focus on True Self alone. While those True-Self-based abilities are all aspects of our True Selves’ innate nature, our constant focus on those things, here, is another distraction.

Reprogramming the Subconscious

Here is Message 11 in the Ja’li series. ox Whitehawk

Regarding the Reprogramming of the Subconscious Mind


Gesanna: I have been researching the idea that when we are born (and even before then) how and why it is that we inherit ‘programs’ from others, mostly parents, about who we are, what our life is all about, what our roles are, and so on. I began to understand the nature of how we receive these programs, but the suggestions regarding how to delete or modify those programs to suit ourselves in our current life circumstances seemed “off”. There didn’t seem to be enough evidence to support the claims being made regarding how effective the suggested methods are. My reasoning was that if these methods were successful enough to generate the claimed results, then why was all of this information not spreading like wildfire everywhere? The explanations given for ‘why not’ seemed more like an excuse to justify it rather than a truth.

I asked for clarity about this and here is what I received:

Mr. Ja’li: You have been instructed by others that when reprogramming your subconscious mind to speak directly to your subconscious. Under so-called normal circumstances this approach would be appropriate, but your species is no longer under such normal circumstances. I shall clarify.

The reason for this is that after your brain has matured – in its mid to later 20s – you, per your dream character’s, conscious mind do not have enough power left to overrule your subconscious mind’s programs with many of its more fundamental beliefs.

Your subconscious mind perceives your conscious mind as the source from where it used to receive its instructions, but your subconscious mind has become deeply rutted with certain ‘control programs’ so that the conscious mind is not powerful enough to override the programs. I shall explain.

On your planet, the subconscious mind of the Terran species has been allowed to ‘rule the roost’, so to speak, for so many generations that the subconscious mind believes itself to be the part of the mind that is ‘in charge’. It is currently disregarding most of your conscious mind’s orders because, as a collective, the conscious mind long ago resigned itself to taking orders from its subconscious mind instead.

The general collective message subliminally shared, that each individual’s subconscious mind received, was something like this: “Life is what it is. I am as I am because I cannot change or control the circumstances of my life, try as I might. I must accept my life as fate would have it for me.” This is an ancient message that each person has shared consciously, unconsciously, and subconsciously.

The origin of this ancient message has its roots in a part of your history that I shall not go into herein. But I will say that the knowledge regarding the function of the conscious and subconscious minds was kept from your awareness long enough to generate a ‘function reversal’ condition.

In other words, the functions of the conscious and subconscious minds have by now been reversed. The conscious mind lost its ability to recognize itself as the one in charge. That being the case, the subconscious mind acquired that ability in order to keep each person functional as a part of the collective species but not truly ‘living‘ as an individual. It literally cut you off from your innate ability to free yourselves from the collective. Only by becoming aware that you’re even in such a condition can you then educate yourselves with the proper instructions to override the ‘glitch’, so to speak, in your subconscious that keeps you stuck.

This is why the techniques that people keep coming up with, that attempt to reprogram the subconscious mind, don’t work well enough to change people’s lives in any significant quantity or quality. Any change is short-lived and inadequate, if it manifests at all, because the subconscious mind has been programmed to be the one in charge, and its “I/subconscious mind am in charge” instructions are, “I cannot change nor control the circumstances of my life, try as I might. I must accept my life as fate would have it for me.”

Consequently your subconscious mind will keep rejecting all attempts to change or delete the programs that it has received that would otherwise allow you to be in control of your life. This is what you call a ‘catch-22 conundrum’ effect that has you stuck individually and thus as a collective species.

The only way to truly change this is for one’s True Self Consciousness to give the instructions to be carried out – whether deleting old programs, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, or inserting new ones.

Unless the new instructions originate from one’s True Self Consciousness, the subconscious mind will simply overrule whatever comes from the conscious mind.

That which originates from True Self is based in Reality and Reality trumps illusion. Therefore one’s subconsciousness simply cannot overrule True Self Consciousness.

Consequently, when doing your sessions, set aside your dream character consciousness and allow your True Self Consciousness to speak to your subconscious mind, to issue forth its True-Self-based instructions.

Without interfering, listen to your True Self Consciousness as it speaks forth the instructions.

This will seem to you as if your dream character consciousness is doing the speaking, but it is not. Your dream character consciousness is receiving the words as if you were channeling them. If you wish to speak or whisper aloud in a channeled manner the words coming from your True Self then do so. Silently or aloud it matters not.

To issue forth your True Self’s commands, she, or he as the case may be for others reading this, will declare her power and authority, and she will speak it forth in her name which she will state. She will speak it forth from her ‘Throne of Reality’, if you will.

She will speak confidently and authoritatively in expressions of Positive declarations, affirmations, commands, pronouncements, orders, instructions.

It will all be based in the here/now/current moment as statements of ‘I am now ….’, ‘I now have ….’, ‘I now know ….’, ‘It now is …’, and so on.

To be rid of programs and beliefs, she will insert deleting instructions into your subconscious mind as well as into the hologram or auric field of your holosphere.

Regarding any program or belief, when you become aware of your subconscious mind asserting itself as the one in charge, call upon your True Self to clear out of your subconscious mind, and out of your holosphere/holodeck, whatever be the collective belief that presented itself to you.

When you become aware of something necessary or required in your life, call upon your True Self to insert the new instructions into your holosphere/holodeck.

She will not, mind you, insert that information into your subconscious mind that has taken charge, because as your True Self moves forward more and more into you, her Consciousness will dissipate the subconscious mind entirely.

In other words, your True Self has no use for a subconscious aspect of her Consciousness. As her True Self Consciousness overtakes your dream character consciousness, the subconscious part of it will dissipate first and cease to exist for you.

Then your consciousness mind will be free to be absorbed into her Consciousness.

Gesanna’s Note: When Mr. Ja’li speaks of our True Self in terms of gender of she or he, he does so only as a form of helping us identify that much more closely with our True Selves, rather than referring to our True Selves as an ‘it’. The ‘genderizing’ of our True Selves is a detailed topic of understanding that will have to be presented at another time. Briefly, my understanding is that the True Self has no gender and the True Self has gender…and the understanding of how/why that is is beyond what I have received about the matter at this time. Once that information is presented to me then I shall pass it on to you.

Ja’li: Terran Minds within the Hologram

This is the last of Mr. Ja’li’s 3-part series on managing our conscious & subconscious minds, whose intended functions have become reversed here in the “holographic laboratory” of 3D Earth.

Our Terran Conscious/Subconscious Minds Within the Holographic Virtual Reality Dream Realm Universe

Gesanna: Per the previous messages from Mr. Ja’li regarding the conscious mind having abdicated its control over to its subconscious mind due to the conscious mind forgetting what its function really is (assessing things for better instructions to give to the subconscious mind), my thoughts about it solicited further clarification from my Mr. Ja’li. As he’s done before, he used virtual reality games and movies as an analogy of what’s going on here.

Mr. Ja’li: The condition of the conscious mind not performing its function properly is the reason why the conscious mind has gone into a sort of ‘idle mode’ so that random thoughts that serve little-to-no purpose have taken over as the ‘monkey-on-crack mind’.

Consequently the only thing that changes is that the subconscious mind accelerates, amplifies, and intensifies the instructions of its same old programs which produces externally (holographically) increasingly displeasing, discomforting, disconcerting, chaotic expressions and experiences.

Since basically everyone has gone into this monkey-on-crack mode it’s no wonder why your world is bouncing off its sandbox walls and going bonkers.

The only way for this to change at the individual level is for the True Self to step in and confiscate the ‘control pad’ from the ‘subconscious dictator’ and ‘take charge’ of giving the charge over to your True Self.

But the conundrum here is that your True Self won’t do that until you, its dream character ‘avatar’, if you will, requests that its ‘True Self User’ takes over (watch the “13th Floor” movie ~G~).

But again, ‘the catch’ here is that the avatar must become ‘consciously aware’ that this entire situation has even occurred in order to alert its True Self/User about what it has learned and then make a request for help.

The ‘other catch’ is that from the True Self/User perspective it originally gave its avatar full control over what goes on in its/avatar’s ‘virtual reality life’.

Your True Self User knows that the dream realm is a holographic VR-based construct where nothing is real and so nothing truly gets hurt or ‘dies’ – any ‘harm/pain’ or ‘death’ isn’t really occurring even though the avatar’s ‘VR-bio-sensors’ can ‘feel’ it.

When the True Self User’s avatar gets ‘deleted’ (dies) in the ‘VR-dream game’, the True Self User produces (“reincarnates”) another avatar to take its place.

This goes on and on until the avatar itself somehow acquires clues of what has actually been going on and makes a request to its True Self User to wake up from the sleep/trance state and pull out of the ‘VR-dream’. The avatar then makes a conscious choice to not participate in the VR game ever again (‘go on permanent strike’).

This is when the VR-dream game is over, so to speak, for that True Self… and the True Self wakes up and ceases to participate because the True Self has lost its ability to program its avatar to participate with no awareness of who/what it truly is in the VR-dream.

If the avatar knows who/what it truly is, then that knowledge removes how things can be experienced.

Not knowing, for example, that you are an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-one-with-everyone-and-everything Being allows you to participate in the holographic VR-dream game by experiencing things from the point of ‘avatar innocence’ that doesn’t ‘taint the experience itself’.

In other words, knowing who/what we truly are, you would do things in completely different ways so the experience itself would be completely different, and some things you would never do such as inflict harm upon others or upon ‘nature’ because nature is created from the consciousness and energy of True Selves.

Consequently ‘avatar innocence’ is an essential ‘rule’ for participating in the VR-dream game.

Once the avatar loses its ‘identity innocence’ and becomes aware of who/what it truly is, then the experiences cannot be experienced through the point of ‘not knowing’ what’s happening or why.

Also, if the avatar becomes aware of its True Self User’s power to have control of everything in the game, then the avatar becomes a serious threat to the game for everyone else.

I can liken this to your TV show called Battlestar Galactica, regarding the two characters Zoey and Tammy, who became aware of their circumstance in their VR realm to the point where they became all-powerful while still residing in their VR realm.

This kind of awareness would be an instance where the avatar becomes aware of its True-Self-based powers and abilities but not aware of its true identity as the True Self User itself. This is when the avatar becomes a holy terror wreaking havoc with its True Self-based powers throughout the entire VR game, or dream realm universe.

This kind of situation has happened and those avatars had to be deleted, so to speak, from your holographic/VR universe.

These are analogies of what is taking place and how, in a simplified manner, it is being done.

The ultimate purpose for True Selves participating in your dream realm came about as the result of an unintentional incident, so to speak, that occurred longer ago than you can imagine, and it vicariously produced the holographic-based VR dream realm.

It was later discovered that inserting their consciousness into this VR-based trance-state – which those True Selves had done when they unintentionally created the dream realm – provided the perfect opportunity for all True Selves to then gain a whole other level of perspective and degree of wisdom through entirely different types of experiences that they could not obtain “at Home” in their “Real Place of Existence”.

Participating in it became an ‘experiment’ of sorts to see what would happen, how it could enhance the nature of True Selves themselves.

So, the VR-dream game was on, as you say, and it’s still playing itself out. And where it is headed is not to the best interest of the avatars who remain in their ‘identity innocence’, as I have discussed before in some of my other Messages.

That is why I, the Council, and others have come to your people with the urgent message that you alert your True Self of your readiness for your True Self to amalgamate you into itself so you can then return Home.

This message is complete. Be well and farewell.

~Mr. Ja’li~

3 comments on “Ja’li Speaks

  1. Fascinating stuff! Thank you so much for posting this! I channeled some stuff about reality being a hologram back in 2007 when I just started out, but this is much more detailed. I’m currently at the third message … looking forward to the rest of it! :)


  2. Thanks Zarah for commenting on this material. I agree – fascinating stuff – substantial and important to take on board, as far as I’m concerned. Hope you manage to work your way thru all of it, it’s worth the effort! oxW


  3. This was really a treat to read it. I lot of stuffs are very could to considerate. The only point that i don’t resonnate actually is the fact that game controlers could hijack the universal hologram!!! I wish we could have the view of other channellers like Magenta Pixie, Marinna Jacoby and many others. Very few people have read this information, so i think it is really weird that Mr Ja’li did not find a better way to diffuse it amoung many others. It looks to be very unfair that only a few who read this have now the information to get back home, too bad for the rest. The Soul that i am now know this information, then my group souls know it then all my lineage up to the source of my being know it. Knowing this my real being would tell every one in the higher dimension, so now everyone in those dimension knows it cause they are one. And if no one act upon it in telling everyone incarnate in here on this planet or elsewhere, well they would be a bunch of stupid light beings. That’s nonsense.

    For the rest great articles, deserve to be read. Thank you

    Michel from Montreal


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