Momma Earth Love Letter for June 2010

This is one of two messages I’m posting here from Kaia Ra; I’m sure many visitors are experiencing acute concern for Gaia (and her children) at this time…

Beneath the heavy exhale of personal transformation is the relief that we are held. Have you felt the new energy rising up from the earth? It is this sweet, sensual energy with a Kali Ma attunement.

The energy leaps up to fill our earth chakras with the slightest touch of hello. It carries the code for a full initiation into our Divine Human Blueprint. How wildly personal, terrifying and exciting… it’s no wonder many of us struggle with consciously committing to such a potent relationship with the Earth.

Just as we are shifting into highly conscious beings, we are mirroring the earth’s awakening to a new galactic consciousness in the universe. At this time, every aspect of life as we know it is coming to a climax of choosing between the old paradigm of duality and the New Earth Paradigm of the Heart – Unity Consciousness.

The Earth is delighted to tend to your every need in this process. Her consciousness, pefect intelligence and direct access as a Divine Mother has never been more available to us. Sit on her back, dance in a river, hold a tree, place a rose over your spinning heart chakra and feel how true this is. She is calling us back to Her.

The Divine Mother relationship has been an awkward journey for many of us. We often transfer our personal history with our parents and society onto the divine. Although this is an entirely natural transference, it is painfully limiting in accessing the full support, healing, and empowerment available to us directly from the Earth as the embodiment of the Divine Mother.

Everything we access to nourish and care for our bodies comes from her: our homes, food, transportation, clothing, tools. The very gift of being human is a physical form that is directly birthed from the Earth. This Gaia, a manifestation of the Divine Mother, is our true mother in this earthly incarnation.

This spring has inspired me to take my relationship with Gaia to the next level. Who is this divine mother with thousands of layers beneath me and infinite forms of physical expression all around me? I want to know Her and trust Her, my soul calls out to understand this Ever Present Mother.

So I have been exploring all the parts of me that are in relationship with Her: the inner child, the independent woman, the teacher, the healer, the artist – the Human Being that is both frustrated and overjoyed to be alive. Several weeks ago, meditating by the river her voice rolled up my legs, womb and into my heart.

“Trust Me. You have dedicated your life to me, Trust Me. I can so easily care for all your needs, look at all that I create. How easily I hold All of This.”

Her voice sounded deep – husky and ancient – yet so familiar. Her words punctuated by the laughter of Devas and the red earth chuckles of a wise Grandmother. This was a Divine Mother rich in humor, delight and reassurance.

There was a wise twinkle in her eye lovingly mocking the addiction to worry. Further, it was an invitation to Trust beyond my daily needs and open my heart to the Wealth of Spiritual Joy that is available through courageous living, dreaming and wild creativity in communion with Her divine heart.

All that we came here to Be and create is intimately connected with the Earth. The more I physically and emotionally connect with Her, the richer my manifestations flower and breathe.

My prayer is that with this upcoming Solstice we will all deepen our relationship with this magnificant Divine Mother in all her forms. That we will intimately KNOW Her, FEEL Her Presence, HEAR her wisom and guidance.

I pray that we will also feel all these aspects of Her within our hearts. Are you feeling afraid? Call forth a Redwood Tree inside of you and climb inside its warmth. Invoke the Spirit of Buffalo to feel his deep wooly coat around you and warm breath upon your face. Everything that comforts your external senses also lives within you.

May this June, a potent portal of astrological change for the planet, bring you in deep relations with this Ever Present and Available Mother on your precious and tender human journey of enlightenment. Remember: stepping into our life dreams happens one lovin heartbeat at a time.

Faerie Dusted Blessings,

Telepathic Tree-Hugging & Other Thoughts for You Regarding Spring 2010

This message is from Kaia Ra

Spring has come in. With all its thunderbeings drumming, coyotes laughing, faeries dancing, bunnies hopping, Diana dropping the independent Beltane hit that we are here now to BE OURSELVES OUT LOUD.

The planet continues to birth new energies for our human bodies to explore and remember the ancient songs that we can no longer hide in our hearts. The throat leaps forward with an urging from the heart to sing, sing, sing.

We are in curious times. Oil pumps into an ocean that covered the dinosaurs long ago – why do we continue to dig them up? Fighting our collective skeletons when we could simply let them go and get on with – oh I don’t know – FREE ENERGY, water-powered cars (yes, the technology for both was developed decades ago), and GREEN living in harmony with the divine intelligence permeating out of every facet of the natural world.

I believe in the true heart intelligence of humanity awakening now. Making Right Relations with the Earth. Now. I accept nothing less than the divine nature of humanity Self-Realized. Now.


This past month, I have been witnessing many individuals spontaneously waking up in their consciousness. Like taking the elevator directly to the Holy Spirit Penthouse. Straight up dropping lifetimes of karma in one private healing session or a workshop. Jaw-on-the-floor releasing. Awe inspiring. People are dumping lifetimes of STUFF, saying: “to hell with it, I’m moving forward, I’ve got this gut feelin that heaven-on-earth’s around the corner and I think God’s hiring.”

Astonishing. I just keep saying YES, Universe, please send more of THAT to witness….

An internal alarm clock is going off in people right now that I’ve never witnessed quite like this. It’s On. Those who are waking up know on some bone marrow soul level that something very special is happening on the planet – something that hasn’t happened in 26,000 years.

Breathing is key when months fly by in a moment. Sit your butt on the ground and breathe. Breathe from your root and let that breath surrender out of your crown back to the earth. Move with this energy, don’t fight it. Accept that all your human “stuff” is coming up and wants to go away – forever.

That is actually the miracle of this time. All your stuff from all those lifetimes simply wants to be recycled. Return to Sender: Let it go back to the Source. The shadow stuff just can’t deal with the higher vibrations that the Earth Mama is rockin now – your old familiar demons are begging you to be thrown out of the house. Really cool, huh?

(Yeah, Kaia, except when it feels un-cool like losing my mind with all this releasing, releasing, releasing!! I know, I know, sometimes it really sucks…But…)


The time of the New Human is upon us as a reflection of the New Earth. To be Truly Human is to be your Divine Blueprint, the embodiment of your God/Goddess Self. We came here to play and we came to play hard. But we can’t play the way we want to if we’re holding on to the past like an exploding oil well. And what Great Spirit is offering us is that we can have access to it ALL, if we truly want to play the game, everything is available to us now – including commanding miracles.

Don’t fight your transformation. There’s nothing left to hold onto except the golden divinity of your true Self. The shadows are merely slippery oil – completely outdated and irrelevant. The time is here, the time is Now. If you feel like you’re going crazy – well, first of all remember A LOT of people are feeling that way this Spring.

It’s just time to breathe deeper into that core and know that all of heaven and your Higher Self are orchestrating the divine rebirthing of your human form into the Earth Angel that you came here to be. Never before has their been so much support from our spirit allies and ancestors. Get fiery with this spring time energy – command your transformation, command that your needs are provided for, command that your dreams are worthy. It is done. It is done. It is Done. And hug a lot – A LOT. It really, really helps when you need to be brave.

What song do you offer the Redwood People in your midst? Is every step on the earth your living prayer? What if you were just remembering how perfect you are? What if water was the real medicine?

How many past lives must you remember to believe in yourself now? Believe in yourself Now, all those lifetimes were for this moment – too holy and precious to define. All the darkness and shame and loneliness rising in a final fit of release… let it go. Bless it all, what we are really afraid of is just how good it is and how magnificent it’s going to Be. Are you afraid of just how GOOD you are? How powerful you are?


We chose to Be Here Now. Our community is calling forth the fullness of our Be-ing. Like a siren on the sea. The call of authenticity is now irresistible with this Spring… Unabashed courage rising up. Wild creativity throwing down. Heart Intelligence turns the page to a new chapter. Intuitive Prayer commanding miracles. Longer Hugs abound. Especially for the trees.

With Love,


Dreamtongue for Empaths

Let’s be honest: it’s getting gnarly here on our blessed earth. Empaths in particular can feel like perpetual, living lightning rods in an endless, wicked storm.

There’s help for “Type Es”… and it’s even freely given! Longtime friends may remember my singing the praises of the abundant riches available for empaths at the My Silent Echo website, created lovingly by Jad Alexander (empath & psychotherapist) before he succumbed to cancer 2 or 3 years back. His legacy is a true gift to empaths — intelligent, informative, and compassionate.  Below I’ve inserted an excerpt from that site, which is actually an intro to the free book published online there in chapters — the book is titled Dreamtongue.

Empathy is a complicated and tricky gestault to live with, especially in a world that can be so harsh. (Note I’m referring to being extraordinarily sensitive on many sensory channelsnot trying to cultivate “empathy for others” to “get along better.”)  I’m revisiting this material myself right now, because I have frankly been getting nailed lately (anyone notice I haven’t been SAYING much here recently?) … overwhelmed by the wide-open hemorrhaging of chaos in the world, currently most powerfully represented by the tragedy playing out in the Gulf of Mexico waters. Beyond this are many more societal issues — finance, governance, bizarre anti-life assaults in myriad forms — it is just too much. If you are feeling beat up, and can relate to some or most of the items listed below, you might find assistance via Jad’s work. At any rate, I thought it worth mentioning.

Empathy can be much more than “feeling others’ feelings” … it can be feeling what’s happening in the earth (quakes, volcanic eruptions etc), weather events, or even (as I’ve also had happen repeatedly over time) feeling a business is in crisis (esp if it’s where you work), long before the staff is given any notice of trouble behind the scenes. Empaths often read (actually, make that experience) ‘tones’ before any facts are available to flesh out the picture. It can be quite distracting and difficult living this way.

If you relate to these characteristics, for instance, you are likely empathic:

  • extra sensitive emotionally
  • somewhat of a loner
  • highly sensitive to light, sound & smell
  • highly intuitive
  • relationship oriented (other than crowds & groups)
  • history of unusual experiences
  • possess an “inner longing” or “sense of calling” that could not be satisfied

From Jad Alexander:

Empath 101

Dreamtongue — The Empathic Language

What is an Empath?

To get straight to the point: Empath is a form of identity emerging in the twenty-first century. The term has been used in literature and in film, but the reality is that there are ever increasing numbers of people who identify with the Empath concept.

An Empath is a person who was born with unique variations in the central nervous system. This means how the brain is configured and how the nervous system works in the body. This has not yet been studied and quantified by science. Instead it is being brought forth by individuals who are becoming self-aware of these qualities and who explore this experience through creative and intuitive outlets.

A high degree of overall sensitivity is the general indicator for this type of person. All of the sensory organs of an Empath have low thresholds thereby resulting in unusual sensitivity to light, smell, and sound (as well as other subtler senses). Although underlying sensitivity is the unifying factor behind all Empaths, how this sensitivity is “managed” or “funneled” varies from person to person.

An Empath also possesses a very sensitive emotional nature, that is typically difficult to self-manage. Books have been written on “highly sensitive people” and those materials are relevant to this topic. However, being highly sensitive is only one part of the formula for Empaths.

As a result of the interaction between an extremely sensitive neural network and the concurrent emotional nature of a person with this profile, Empaths are highly intuitive. The word intuition needs to be better understood when used in communications but I will save that for a later article.

A better understanding of intuition leads to a better understanding of what actually constitutes an Empath. For now, I only want to say that Empaths are highly intuitive which means they tend to do things by feeling, by sensing, by reacting to proprioceptive queues, and by following “hunches, gut-feelings,” etc. This includes critical decision making, reacting, and acting upon influences in their own lives predominately from intuitive queues.  This process can lead to better or worse results depending upon the development of the Empath.

Empaths are driven by their own intuitive natures. This can be for good or bad. There is no virtue implied in the term “Empath.” After nine years of studying Empaths online, and thirty in general,  I have found that the majority who step forward suffer from some form of mental distress or disorder. This does not mean that the majority of Empaths suffer from mental “illness”, instead it implies that the majority of Empaths encountered in my research profess to some sort of “struggle” with their own uniqueness.  Since my training is in mental health counseling, I found this to be fascinating and made this area a special part of my research.  My model does not supplant the medical model of mental illness but does suggest that “excess wiring” (so to speak) and “diverse thresholds” may require other interventions beyond medical treatment.  I firmly believe in adhering to the standards we have established in all medical and psychological fields of science.  Yet this belief does not inhibit my desire to explore and discover through, what I call, the “panheuristic” process.  Ask me about the panheuristic process in my Yahoo Empaths group.

Empaths are driven by deep intuitive connections that are largely unconscious, as if sitting on top of a vast oil reserve in the ground and being a conduit (oil well) for this massive amount of energy. Most of what an Empath senses or “knows” cannot be verified immediately which creates a terrible psychic conflict for the person. The over abundance of real and imagined stimuli are frequently overwhelming. Sorting out the two is even more so.  That is why I am a major advocate of structured training!

Imagine having vast amounts of information floating around in your head but no direct way to access it or express No way to sort it out or use it in any clearly defined way. Most of what it is cannot be proven immediately but does get proven over time. (I am skipping over a great deal of points here, just to make a point).

The stress of taking in the emotions of other people, of sensing information on a continual basis, of being a “human sponge”, of being driven by deep inner forces that are not understood, all create a “torture chamber” of sorts within the average Empath. This does not have to be as melodramatic as I make it sound, but please understand – it frequently is for the subject.

I refer to this state in the Book of Storms as the “unbonded” Empath. Before figuring out who you are, you must figure out what you are, and reconcile the two. It’s called the Book of STORMS for a reason!  Learning about your internal storms, the nature of “storms”, and how to “manage your own inner weather” are all par for the course.  Empaths identify with many forms of nature and frequently feel affinity towards storms.  Obviously, it is a powerful personal smbol for me.  I have always felt “connected” to storms.   As a metaphor, storms offer an unending supply of creative insight.

Many Empaths suffer from anxiety due to an overload of incoming stimuli and intuitive information. Some suffer from depression due to being overwhelmed with all the “storms” going on inside. It is not uncommon for an Empath to tell me that he or she has been diagnosed as “bipolar/manic-depressive.” Now, that does not mean that if you were diagnosed as bipolar that you are automatically an Empath – it just means there is a possibility that we are quick to put medical labels on things without fully investigating them.

The interesting questions that arise are: Are Empaths more susceptible to mental illness? OR Is the mental illness/distress the result of being an unbonded Empath? Which comes first? This research still goes on.  I have met plenty of well adjusted Empaths – yet will still find that they seek some sort of comfort somewhere, either in mild medication or counseling, something to soothe those internal storms.

The professional fields of Psychology & Psychiatry do not yet recognize these factors and continue to leave all the issues “clumped” together, undifferentiated. I originally planned this work for a doctoral thesis but will not be pursuing that in this lifetime now. Instead, I am putting it into a user friendly format in hope that an emerging self-awareness among Empaths will take place, creating a positive wave of change for the planet. Anytime the “collective mind” of the human race can change towards the better and grow, good can happen on new scales.  Yes, I am an idealist. We frequently are.

Now, for a more popular explanation! An Empath is a type of “psychic”, but instead of reading the “future” or viewing remote objects, the Empath specializes in Continue reading

2012 Galactic Photonic Wave

Peter Sterling apparently had quite an encounter with ets as part of an ayahuasca experience, which he shares here in an interview with Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy. He describes the galactic wave that “they” told him would be washing through our world in 2012. Interesting information, for your discernment!

2012: End of the Franchise

I wrote this piece last year in response to something posted on another blog, where the author essentially spun the 2012 phenom as a fabrication of the “last bastion of the disenfranchised,” the disenfranchised being people who have bought into a need for a salvation vs punishment drama in an armageddon context. That blog has since closed, and I am reposting this overview/response piece here (with a few minor edits) as some visitors may find it of interest. Some may already have seen this in its original context. The full title of this post, btw, is: 2012: End of the Franchise (as we know it), but it wasn’t displaying correctly above, so I cropped it down.

Now that I’ve shared a bit of background as to how this post (and its title) came about~~~~

I do not advocate an end-of-world scenario for the “big date” of 12/21/2012 – the supposed spot-on moment of a galactic event that comes around every 26,000 years. Some ‘experts’ re: this extremely rare event (i.e. Carl Calleman, Barbara Hand Clow) hold that it will occur in Oct. 2011, for one thing. Interpretations of the Mayan Calendar abound. I’m not here to quibble dates. I do wish to at least address a bit of my understanding of (and personal experience regarding) this event, which is believed to be flowing into the local universe from the galactic core.

(Sidebar: The galactic core, or center, is the “womb” from which our local universe is said to have been breathed into being millions of years ago, through the black hole which is the galactic center. Many consider this black hole to be the portal to the Prime Creator of our world. If you can flow with the concept of our universe expanding along with this “out-breath of God,” and that we, at this chaotic juncture, have reached a point of such separation from the Divine as evidenced by all we see now… then perhaps it isn’t such a great a leap to imagine a point in cosmic time (ie now) when God inhales again, returning us to the Grace, Love, and Light of Divine existence, where “evil” has no place – no resonant field in which it can survive?)

Something far beyond ordinary IS happening. Of this I have no doubt whatsoever. “R” (author of aforementioned post) endorses processing everything through the body, as it is our soul’s “soldier” so to speak on a tour of duty on this plane. I don’t take issue with this; however, an empirically based worldview tends to get bogged down in a kind of perpetual re-play (with adjustments made for time-oriented “progress” in technologies or culture or what have you) of what we’ve always seen before. This makes sense on one hand, ie, learning from all previous sensory input, historically speaking, over this and other lifetimes… we have physically based perceptions and expectations re: money, food, shelter, conveyance, relationships…

My current view, however, is that our “learning” has been stuck in a destructive rut of regimental, unconscious training (entrainment? in-trance-ment? take your pick). What we learn has been based on very limited input — truncated windows of perception dictated by the muscle of the collective human ego — the ego being the ruler of the physical plane, with all its hungers and insecurities and need to annihilate perceived “threats” which never stop coming. The ego creates threats to address, thus keeping itself fed and occupied with its perverse addictions. Intellect and intelligence are not the same thing, as the former rules – and is ruled by – the sceptre of the fickle ego, and the latter is guided more by the illumination of the heart/soul’s steadfast, higher knowing.

I feel (and pray affirmatively) it is time to unlearn this rut of a routine. This galactic event is the catalyst will re-assign local frequencies so that these lower beliefs, strategies, and behaviors will no longer have the vibrational hooks on which to hang their cloaks – and daggers. It is already happening; the new energies are here… though not quite in the full-throttle saturation that will present over the next  couple of years. I sense they will hit a peak at which point they will trigger a sudden, undeniable, universal shift — after which we will spend the next decade or two integrating these profound cellular and soular transformations into our earthly existence. Old programs will dissolve into static and drop out of range altogether.

We are now in a window of time in which a deep recreation (re-creation) of virtually all that we have known is unfolding. Long-dormant “junk” DNA is now blossoming to life, connecting us with vast new awarenesses! This newly-triggered DNA provides portals to higher worlds! You are equipped with your own personal stargates — try that on for size! We are encountering a profound opportunity to engage a previously inaccessible octave of consciousness as we flow into and through a new realm of the cosmos, which in my parlance is a new vibrational bandwidth we are beginning to engage, merge into, and work with.


In a sense, we are presently emerging from our “imaginal realm,” much like the butterfly emerges from its state of total “meltdown” within its cocoon, when the endlessly consuming “crawler” completely transfigures its lowliness (and cluelessness beyond its hungering self), and emerges as a new being of  beauty, flight, and elevated vantage point. A re-imagined being.

In this bandwidth, we are further up the ladder of perception and experience, and can see that the denser, physical realm as we have perpetuated it is not all that is. It is merely a stage that we have been acting upon and creating props for, to perpetuate the program. It is only one stage/channel/realm in the quantum field that we’ve been focused on. An expansive opening of the aperture is being offered here, now. Do we have the inclination open our vision to see it, and then operate according to what the lens now presents?

Several years ago, I underwent a lengthy, personal, embodied experience of awakened kundalini, which blew open my perceptual doors and reconfigured my sense of what is in a way that can never be closed again. I believe I was purged of a whole lot of limited and limiting physical/mental/spiritual gunk. Not suggesting it’s been all fun, or that I am now The Chosen Messenger or anything, but it has been illuminating and I believe I am on the right track, as woo-woo as my thoughts may seem to some. I saw many parallels between what I experienced with kundalini, and what the planet is experiencing with the arrival of this powerful yet subtle photon energy now upon us.

This expansive experience with kundalini seems to put me squarely in the fringe-dwelling zone called out by R as the “disenfranchised” in his 2012 post. I felt he was not giving due diligence to ever-increasing evidence that profound change is currently igniting upon this planet and its occupants. I’m talking reality shift here, not just a few ingredients swapped out in the same old stew (money, wars, health matters, etc). My position is, why keep investing exhaustively in an already obsolete franchise? There comes a time when a new model is the Way. There is much to keep an eye on, globally, at this time… while also creating ways to detach oneself from the currently collapsing paradigm and actively construct the scaffolding of the New. This admittedly means making much up along the way because we currently can’t quite sink our teeth into what residing in an entirely new energetic field will be like! But it will require radical changes I won’t attempt to get into here.

EarthAscension In my view, GAIA herself is undergoing her own massive “kundalini awakening,” a total energetic  recalibration that is already changing everything. We are experiencing a dismantling of the stunning array of societal miscreations that serve an elite few at the expense of the many — and our planet.  I am not suggesting this is a form of punishment that has befallen us. I merely feel nature, from the galactic level, is initiating a cleansing upshift in this period of recalibration. I also grok this is, in the macro sense, a natural cycle – albeit one so grand, our (caterpillar) vantage point has been too limited to see it before it arrived.

A total gut rehab is not easy.  I am still finding my way after my radical kundalini rehab – which has not been without extensive physical challenges, btw. It has not been a piece of cake. But at the depths of my core, I feel my radar signaling a massive incoming WAVE breaking upon the shores of our world; the cleansing purge of unbridled kundalini has come with her profound gift of healing, and with healing often comes crisis. We will see big change in our systems very soon, and not in the sense of patches to old structures or baby steps toward new technologies. I could go into detail here, but this post is too long already, and there’s plenty of info available to seek out and ponder, for anyone motivated and open (or brave) enough to delve.

I may be an edge-dweller, but I sincerely feel that this is the leading  (bleeding) edge, and I, along with thousands of others who have undergone what I have (this kind of awakening IS the long-prophesied shift) are the “scouts” exploring the New Land, so to speak, and may have something of considerable value to offer the wagon train when all is said and done re: how to negotiate Life in ways that do NOT harm, kill, pollute, manipulate (etc etc) one another and the “earth system” as an entirety.

There’s much more I could say, but I wanted to at least get something out here before more time passed. All offered for your personal mulching and discernment of course.  I will come further out of the closet to mention to anyone interested in my experiences and impressions related to kundalini’s connection to this galactic event can be found in the archives of this blog and also in my contribution to the book, Kundalini Rising (Sounds True). If the energies of transformation are knocking at your door, this book might support your process; all quite amazing!

Peace and blessings as our collective journey becomes ever more interesting,