A Flood of Spirit Rising

“We are not striving to rebuild external structures that no longer work.  Rather, we are striving to be something new, to replace internal energies that no longer work. As Jesus said, we cannot put new wine into old bottles.  The new wine is the energy of the mystical renaissance sweeping across the planet, a psychic upheaval more profound than any political or social revolution.  Efforts to strike deals with old paradigms will not meet with success.  Those efforts will meet with resistance from new forces as well as old, for they are insincere.  It is too late to run back into the burning house and try to save it.  It is time to build anew.

We can gain confidence in our efforts from the recognition that this renaissance is massive.  It’s already here.  Just because people don’t understand it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.  There is a flood of spirit rising up from our ankles, permeating every cell as it goes, and in its translucent glow we are being transmuted and transported to a higher realm. 

Let whoever wants to laugh, laugh.  No one will be laughing for too much longer.  The drama is too real and the facts incontrovertible.  The world is turning over.  The end has come.  The beginning is here.”  ~ Marianne Williamson

The Mystical Life ~ Respite with Rumi

The throes of my kundalini ‘takeover’ swept me into a long, unfathomable (and unstoppable) ride of perpetual swings between ecstatic bliss, tormented agony, and a very full spectrum of the Previously Unimaginable in between.  I realize many are seeking to “launch” their kundalini, possibly thinking that by so doing, instant enlightenment, mind-blowing sex, and/or psychic gifts will be spontaneously bestowed.  I have a lot to say on this whole kundalini issue; so much, in fact, it’s like a logjam cramming my channel, and a nap or a lightweight movie suddenly becomes much more appealing.

All this as a little prelude to a Rumi poem I’d like to share with you.  During my kundalini days (which went on for years… not a ‘thrill’ to be pursued casually) I became besotted with Rumi.  Rumi’s poetry was beyond intoxicating to my expanded, highly sensitized mystical soul; I felt as though the only beings who understood the state I was experiencing lived long ago in the forms of Rumi and his twin soul (a huge topic, twin souls, and another ‘logjam’) ~ the brilliant mystic nomad, Shams.  Their story was one I related to, profoundly.   Previously, I had been only vaguely aware of Rumi.  Then — “K” strikes, and whomp! — Rumi is IT.  Rumi’s poetry became my BREATH; so exquisite, so essential

Recently, I’ve been challenged to retain a sense of optimism (I know – join the crowd).  My despair motivated me to revisit Rumi (ahhhh, respite!) in search of one poem in particular — my reasoning being, if I could bathe myself in those words (I’m Very Big on the energy of words), I’d be able to pull up some of the extraordinary, expansive, illumined LOVE and sense of Grace that saturated my soul at the time, and revive my enthusiasm for the Great Unveiling we are now experiencing.

I combed the books, but this one piece eluded me.  I knew I’d typed it up at the time as well, but it was not to be found in my computer files.  Finally this morning I scoured a box full of writings (mine), and there it was! 

I realize the intense & exalted experience I had with Rumi may mean little if anything to others.  Still — I reproduce it here because it simply feels good to me to do so. It speaks so well to the mega-mystery we are experiencing now; perhaps ‘ascending souls’ will see the correlation between these ancient words, and the Now.

All this buildup for a few lines of Rumi!  At any rate… may your soul be quenched.  I still swoon when I reach the part beginning with ‘tree limbs’ …


The universe is a form of divine law,
Your reasonable father.
When you feel ungrateful to him,
The shapes of the world seem mean and ugly.

Make peace with that father, the elegant patterning,
And every experience will fill with immediacy.
Because I love this, I am never bored.
Beauty constantly wells up, a noise of springwater
In my ears and in my inner being.

Tree limbs rise and fall like the ecstatic arms
of those who have submitted to the mystical life.
Leaf-sounds talk together like poets
making fresh metaphors.  The green felt cover slips,
and we get a flash of the mirror underneath.
Think how it will be when the whole thing
is pulled away!  I tell only one-thousandth
of what I see, because there’s so much doubt everywhere.

The conventional opinion of this poetry is,
it shows great optimism for the future.
But Father Reason says,
No need to announce the future!
The Now is It.  THIS.  Your deepest need and desire
is satisfied by the moment’s energy
here in your hand.


The last couple of days have been rough.  Intense head pain, dizziness, nausea… punctuated by occasional stabs to the abdomen. During the entire first day of this (Mon) I assumed I was heading into a migraine, likely due to a barometric shift in the atmosphere or some such.  But… the pain did everything but settle into a migraine pattern. It was during Day 2 that I realized I was picking up on the chaos in the environment: the quake in China, the devastation in Myanmar, tornadoes pummeling the US heartland, and the fires in Florida.  So much despair.  To a sensitive, just existing while such things go on is like struggling with extreme sea-sickness with a simultaneous concussion.  So violent can storms in the energetic ocean become.

I don’t know why this awareness hasn’t become obvious to me by now; it is a recurring event, my getting hit physically when something big rocks ‘the matrix.’  I don’t know if whatever it is reverbing in my personal field has more to do with violence unleashing in nature, or the human suffering triggered as a result.  I suspect a measure of both.  Obviously my issues pale in comparison to what millions are enduring, planet-wide, as I sit in my office writing. But I just thought I’d mention this for others who might happen along here, possibly newcomers to the ‘high strangeness’ I talk about in this blog, who’ve been dreadfully ill lately — suddenly, and seemingly for “no apparent reason.”  You, too, might be environmentally empathic.

Again I will refer to Tom Kenyon and the Hathor material he brings through — not that there that isn’t a wealth of other wonderful assistance out there, but I’ve already posted about the Hathors here, and since I’m octohedronstill quite “hung over,” it’s easiest for me to point that way again: specifically, this time, I’m referring to the “Holon of Balance” exercise.  You create a double-pyramid energetic structure (base to base) to stablize within, where the two bases connect.  It seems to deflect or neutralize tidal waves of rampant energy.  The Holon is explained here: http://tomkenyon.com/managing-subtle-energy-during-earth-changes/.  Best to work with it regularly, so it comes naturally if and when you really need it.  (Obviously I should heed my own advice ;)  

Also, there’s a comprehensive program online for empaths that helps many; it is called DreamTongue, and you can find it here, if you are a suffering empath desiring support and guidance: www.mysilentecho.com/dreamtongue.html

More later…   W

The New Wilderness

I ran this little excerpt from Barbara Marx Hubbard’s book Emergence in a newsletter I published a few years back.  The context then was, 911 had just happened.  I’m feeling prompted to reproduce it here, just as a reminder for us to meet darkness — in whatever guise it presents itself — with as much Light as we can muster. 

“To understand the meaning of our crises, it is necessary to view them with evolutionary eyes that hold the memory of 15 billion years of struggle to evolve.  From this vantage point, we can see that, although our current situation is dangerous, painful, and full of suffering, it is also true that the breakdowns we are witnessing on all levels — environmental, social, and personal — are actually evolutionary drivers, compelling us across our current threshold toward the New Humanity.  If we respond to these crises with creativity and compassion, our species will have taken a quantum jump.  We are discovering something very interesting — and a little shocking to our system.  We are finding out that what worked in the past for our survival — the very behaviors that kept us alive in prior times — are the behaviors threatening to destroy us now.”

Saved by Zero (Point)

I have a tendency to return from meaningful “excursions” (OBEs) with audio coming from… who knows whereNot the physical environment. For years, for example, I had a major series of highly strange nocturnal adventures — off-planet, ET experiences — and when they happened, I’d be “brought back” to my body (and 3D awareness) by the sound of ringing bells (except the time I returned to the roar of a real black helicopter hanging outside the window, over the backyard, seriously). ALL KINDS of ringing bells would bring me back, it was pretty wild. Could be door bells – single rings, two-tone rings, melodic rings;  sometimes phones ringing – digital ringing, old-fashioned phone bells ringing, or cellular ring-tone sounds;  also sometimes buzzy rings or school-bell rings. Any kind of bell I’ve ever heard was used somehow to rouse me from a significant out-of-body excursion of some sort, as though to ensure that I remember (and in my case, document) the experiences I was having, as opposed to just zoning off and sleeping them into oblivion. Today, I’m still being “returned” to ordinary consciousness by sounds, but these days they tend to spoken messages, or sometimes music.

zero pointA few months ago I had a fantastic adventure going on one morning, in which I was with my mother (who is on the ‘other side’). She was giving me a tour of the “new earth,” for lack of a better term, and providing clues as to my place in it (I’m ready for more details, Mom!!). I’ve had many excursions to where we earthlings are ultimately heading (to my understanding) – which I interpret as a higher dimensional plane — 5D, actually, will be the new “home base,” with access to beyond from there. So anyway, I’m out and about with Mom, and seeing some pretty cool “construction” going on at this site she brought me to. It resembled a charming village in mid-manifestation. The buildings were visually very appealing, and had zero ‘carbon footprint,’ presumably because in 5D all creation consists of light energy (as do we in our energy-body state), so there is no wasting of resources or bothersome  issues like pollution. Photon energy is what it’s all about (which will be abundantly clear to all, very soon), and it’s free & permeating; there is no place where it isn’t. (I can hardly wait; this energy is inherently 100%  corporate control PROOF.) While, still, in higher dimensions we do enjoy creating things like buildings, landscapes… all kinds of environments. And, no money down.  Ever.

What brought me back from this intriguing visit/tour with my mother was… yep… a “sound track” (interesting that in one of my professional realities I’m an audio producer ;-) which in this case was, of all things, the 80’s FIXX song, Saved by Zero. Saved by Zero was playing in the astral around me and brought me into full beta consciousness, where I somehow ‘grokked’ that Saved by Zero was playing for me to understand (appealing to my rock-n-roll culturalization) that the solution to our troubles on this earth (ha, the fixx) has to do with our realizing the existence and purpose of what’s called the zero-point field, or zero-point energy.  And, while I was familiar with the phrase, I never really understood just what it meant.  (I never understood the meaning of the song, either, for that matter!  It was compelling, mysterious, and very cool, but beyond that… ? )  A physicist I’m not… but I offer this post as my pedestrian pass at what ‘zero point’ means to ME.

It has to do with the ultimate creativity (meaning, the ability to create directly via the photonic ethers, as the godlings we are; where matter and antimatter meet and are shaped through emerging human skillfulness) and the heretofore unimagined *power* we  actually CAN access.  We have been so tragically brainwashed to believe in limitations, that what we are REALLY capable of — when the notion is entertained at all — tends to frighten rather than inspire us!  We are AFRAID of our magnificence — our limitlessness — and this fear is our ultimate disability. We spend 90% of our life force anguishing about out how to pull in enough MONEY in an increasingly challenging context, when actually we have every right and capacity to bypass this man-made (and increasingly elite-serving, as the middle class is being squeezed out of existence in the US) device altogether, if we’d simply Wake Up. We are like the circus elephants who lived chained to stakes in the ground, and when the day of liberation finally freed them, they STILL would not venture beyond the little 10-foot radius of their previous bondage because they simply didn’t notice they were free!

This sounds like fevered “magical thinking,” but I say to you: life IS magical; infinite wonderousness is the very nature of life, and US.  We have just forgotten — and doom ourselves to accept the densest, lowest channels of ‘mass belief propaganda’ to dictate and re-dictate our experience in an illusional rut.

For humans, entertaining notions of our true, divine inheritance tends to bring up “files” of things like being burned at the stake (or whatever trend-of-the-day, public-spectacle torture) to make sure we stay in line, and keep the entire population paralyzed and dumbed down as well. Today, the manipulation of money (been to the pump lately — while oil magnates are reaping obscene record profits?) and the never-ending omnipresent onslaught of fear programming coming at us from ALL DIRECTIONS keeps us in check; keeps us intimidated and MANAGEABLE. If, for instance, we ‘decided’ we didn’t have to buy into dictated limitations re: “what is” anymore, and levitated out our front doors for the neighbors to behold… what would happen? Rampant panic would happen, unfortunately. Which would then lead to an attempted lynching of SOME sort. Lucky us; we are on this earth at a time when the fabric of its very nature will change before our astonished eyes, thanks to the galactic energies streaming in.

But, back to zero point.

In my current operating system, zero point is a level of reality that is VOID OF HABITUAL 3D LIMITATION; it is lush and flush with infinite potential. It is the field of all things possible, a zone of open neutrality that is not jerked around by polarized forces/agendas. It may sound like an infinitessimally minute point in existence (being zero), but when you focus on it — tap into it with your mind — it springs open into quantum INFINITY, and awaits the staggering fertility of juicy & luminous IMAGINATION to fill it with energized, perhaps “impossible” ideas to manifest. I think of zero point as a zero-friction energetic access portal to beyond-miraculous creation of the BEST that the divine human can pull off.   Zero point is the oven in which we cook the feast of our highest, divinest thoughtforms re: what life can BE into existence.  Zero point, and our access to it, is our passcode to the higher realms.  It is the point of entry into heaven on earth, the eye of the needle through which healed hearts will enter (and proceed to co-create) the kingdom of the transcendent future.

It is our ticket to salvation; we will be saved by zero point, when our consciousness catches up to this understanding. Please join me in contemplating this; it will accelerate our progress.

My beloved mom is pretty cool STILL ;-)  I honor her, and all my unknown foremothers before her, this Mother’s Day. xoxoxoxo ~ Whitehawk