Overwhelmed by the Beauty

Just a quickie to mention something I’ve been experiencing the past few days… which seems to have been kicked off by my viewing August Rush last weekend (previous post).  I’ve been finding myself in a state of near-tears exaltation on a few occasions. 

Yesterday evening, for instance, really caught me by surprise.

After many long days of cold, damp, bleak gray weather here (which has a very draining effect on me) … I was in my west-facing living room when suddenly golden rays of sunlight burst through the windows and saturated the space, in time to impart about 30 minutes of lucious, streaming sunset.  This was a sudden and unexpected gift, and I just happened to be watching a video about the luminous Mary Magdelene at the time.*  Coincidence?  So the room flooded with light, and ~ just as suddenly and unexpectedly ~ I was flooded with overwhelm by the beauty of it all, to the point of near tears. 

It was a sublime experience of being transformed in the moment.

I’m feeling graced by the opening I’m feeling lately… ahhhhhhhhh!


* The Anointing of the Dove, by William Henry