Problems & Programs

You can research new ways to see and be. When you surrender to a humble state of not knowing, you can truly be open to learning something new. When you embrace a new perspective, you are literally learning to see things differently.

Behind every problem is a program. Every program creates and is sustained by its own unique morphic field. The morphic field is created by a person’s beliefs and expectations and how these match his or her opinion of what “should” be.

Don’t wait until you reach a threshold of agony before you are willing to try something different or see things in a new way.

~ Richard Bartlett, DC, ND

Wild Thing

In an intense squeeze re: this moving process currently …  it IS like a portal or birth canal of sorts!  Having to ‘reckon with’ ALL THINGS MATERIAL right now, after living in the same place for a longer time than I’ve lived anywhere since childhood… this is SOMETHING. An ADVENTURE to be sure!

Oddly, the old Troggs song, Wild Thing popped into mind just now.  It came in by way of the words, “You move me.”  I suddenly started thinking of  SOUL as WILD THING! The soul is so very vast, so unlimited, so beyond any beyond that we little, physical earthlings can imagine in the quantum oneness!!!

What started me off — also oddly — was an ongoing dream theme I had during the night, of donated organs being sent all over creation, heading for their transplant recipients.

How wild can it get?

I am about to transplant myself to a radically different life.

I am letting go of things very quickly; my possessions are posted online, with photos, and 500+ people a DAY are browsing my stuff!  “ALL MUST GO >  =NOW=”

What a Wild Thing this is to be experiencing! Answering inquiries left and right; this alone is a full time job… which leaves actual PACKING  falling behind schedule.

It’s all happening very very fast suddenly in these final minutes (leaving town in a couple of days) … and also very piecemeal, as pieces of my life are flying out the door to new recipients.

Then my dreaming mind comes up with a night full of ORGAN DONATION scenarios, with little coolers containing ‘the goods’ being hustled hither and yon, very urgently, dispatched all over the place.  Repeatedly thru the night.

This morning is very dark and wet here. Slow getting into the day. Each day is so physically intense right now, and every inch of this form of mine hurts.

But then, I ponder the vast wildness of a spiritual essence that is probably having some fun watching Little Whitehawk zooming around dealing with the silly (yet still dear) physical components of her earthly life in full-throttle catalytic mode re: a huge transition … a level of my Self for whom it is the physical realm that is the dream world … and I can’t help but be amused myself!

Wild Thing

You make my heart sing

You make everything


Wild Thing

I think I love you

But I wanna know for sure!

Come on, hold me tight

I love you

Wild Thing

I think you move me

But I wanna know for sure!

So come on, hold me tight

You move me

Massive Gratitude & Abundant Blessings

Hyoooge gratitude for the generosity I have been experiencing in this time of personal transition.

I am so very blessed in this moment, and deeply touched.

Big love!  Major squeezie hugs!

You know who you are.  Have my guardian angels been whispering in your ear? I will be speaking with them on your behalf tonight ;)

blessed oneSweet dreams…

oxo  W

Chaos & Dimensional Attunement

A new message has been released from Tom Kenyon & the Hathors.

I’ve shared other Hathor material here (the “Grid Report”  and “Chaos to Kairos” pages, for starters)… and now here’s this as well, for your discernment.  It involves the Hathors mentioning that a substantial ‘chaotic node’ (flurry of chaotic events) is likely coming our way over the next three months. Tom also describes how he was awakened in the night to record a “dimensional attunement,” which is an interesting experience to hear, should you choose to listen. It’s playing (the mp3 file repeats) as I write this. I perceive it as a kind of ‘pineal massage,’ coaxing open the pineal (third eye) center to encourage more penetrating insight into higher dimensions.

The GREATEST SKILL we can nurture currently is our ‘vertical perception,’ by which I don’t mean ‘upward,’ directionally speaking, but THROUGH into more rarified (subtle) realms of information, where easily-missed signals seek to come through to guide us. Perhaps Tom’s attunement can assist in this regard. No guarantees… just sending the head’s up that a potential aide is online now, for your experimentation.

What comes next is from Tom Kenyon, complete with links to the attunement on his website, as well as other info offered there.  May I suggest you take his advice to not freak out re: the idea of incoming chaos, but rather witness whatever is coming and navigate the “tides” without deep emotional buy-in.  We are in a period of deep change; probably the deepest we will see in this lifetime. AND, this is EXACTLY what we signed up for when we clamored to be incarnated into this extraordinarily unique time period!  We signed up for the Big Show!  How awesome are we?! Following are some Hathor-suggested strategies for managing the ‘catalytic times’ we are experiencing.

NOW ~ from Tom & the Hathors:

Chaotic Nodes and Dimensional Attunements Continue reading

Bleep & Good Men

Just discovered, apparently later than many, that What the Bleep is on youtube in its entirety, if you’re in the mood for a refresher.  While you’re watching, I’ll be working on selling my entire life’s history at an open house today, in prep for a radically *new* start…

… and below the Bleep screen here is a trailer for a new film, Good Men, that may be of interest.

Good Men~

Fierce Courtesy

Still working on sorting things out in preparation for a cross-country move. Frankly quite taxing.

Packing books, came across RUMI ~ The Glance ~ Songs of Soul-Meeting, translated by Coleman Barks.

When kundalini was coursing through me to a stellar degree, Rumi consumed my spirit. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, his poetry intoxicates me! One common “character” in his poetry is known as “the Friend.” To me, the Friend is the Godness that connects all; it is the sacred Field through which we encounter and relate ~ each other, our Selves, and the eternally-present Divine, never separate from the mix.

With this intro, then, is:

Fierce Courtesy

The connection to the Friend
is secret and very fragile.

The image of that friendship
is in how
you love, the grace

and delicacy, the subtle talking
together, in full prostration,

outside of time. When you’re
there, remember the fierce

courtesy of the one with you.

By Whitehawk Posted in Rumi


Just a note to mention I’ve been reading some of the reviews over on re: Kundalini Rising.  The book seems to be serving people well, and it feels good to know that my sharing of my kundalini story is reaching people who appreciate it. (Tho let’s be honest: a small fraction of the whole ride is in there… how does one encapsulate several years of intense kundalini experiences in one chapter of an anthology? If interested in another aspect of my experience — more along the lines of travails — that I did not include in the book, you might check here.)


To any KR readers (and reviewers in particular ;) stopping by here ~ welcome, thank you for coming, and may the wave carry you gently.

Love all,