Blitzkrieg of Kundalini Symptoms – El Collie


This blog already has a dedicated page of kundalini/ascension symptoms, but I have a special place in my heart for an extraordinarily generous woman named El Collie, who was one of the first people to share openly about her severe kundalini experiences online.

She experienced a ‘blitzkrieg’ of K symptoms, documented them in detail, shared what she knew in forums that supported so many…  and then, in 2001, she died. Whether of ‘natural causes,’ or a ‘natural’ Kundalini event that went beyond where her body could follow, or by her own hand… has never been made public.

Once, when my experience became so unbearable [as it did periodically] I wondered if I’d survive it – or if I wanted to – I emailed her husband asking what had happened to El. Continue reading

Akashic Insights

This video is an interview between GIC TV’s Bernard Alvarez and akashic records “tapper” Aingeal Roce.  Variations of this wide-reaching conversation are buzzing among ascensionistas around the globe, as they thrive in, or barely endure, or try to maintain balance while negotiating these powerful, undulating, purifying energies that are our new constant. Continue reading

Living into Your Vision

Happy New Paradigm to You! Onward Ho We Go into Lucky 13.

I’m sharing this video not because I have any affiliation with this group, but to provide what seems to me to be a good example of Living from Vision, or living through active engagement and development of one’s visionary hints and gifts, be they coming from a wide-awake state or the dreaming (which might turn out to be the most Awake state of all!).  Continue reading