Developing Competence for Coherence

Everything Lisa discusses here has become increasingly obvious in recent years, within self and in association with others. This matter of consciously navigating toward, or within, coherence is key to ascension. I emboldened some parts to bring them forward in this long post. W.


by Lisa Renee

This planet is ascending into the higher frequencies of plasma, which greatly impact the principles of Coherence. Coherence is a necessary energetic principle to understand on the Ascension path as we progress towards personal consciousness expansion. When we dismantle the old enslavement profiles from this reptilian based Controller society, each of us must make the effort to explore new models of spiritually beneficial behavior, focusing on those humanitarian traits that support individual and collective growth to help evolve spiritual advancement. As we undergo successive levels of bifurcation, this is the point where the decision framework comes in for each person. People make decisions based upon the kind of motivations, thoughts, and actions they have as general thoughtforms influencing their lifestyle.

The higher the quality of overall energy made available to a person, place or thing, the more stable and connected the personal and environmental experiences in that area become. Energetic stability increases harmonization within the overall energy available and this contributes to increased Coherence. As personal coherence increases, this increases the quality of energy that supports the higher functioning of the mind, emotions and body. When Coherence is present in the mind, emotions and body, it supports spiritual links that connect us into our higher spiritual consciousness. Continue reading

Mysticism & Madness

13103448_10153396749876394_1960118158192902923_n.jpgDavid McMillin came ‘into view’ yesterday … his particular niche might be of interest.

He has personal experience with kundalini—so helpful to any K experiencer seeking guidance, as “professionals” who are clueless about this energy tend to push drugs, which is beyond exasperating when you’re ‘in it.’

That said, McMillin is now a mental health professional who’s been around many people experiencing manic depression, for instance, and other states that may well be kundalini-related. He is also an adept student of Edgar Cayce as well as the Book of Revelation in the Bible, which Cayce claimed to be all about the human condition.

This hour-long video presentation features decent PowerPoint support to keep it from being just a lecture. He discusses kundalini, health, creativity, mental illness, and how the answer lies in balancing the energies to prevent flailing from ecstasy to agony over and over. Continue reading

Diversity on Steroids

It’s been quite a while since I’ve listened to a long talk by Andromedan contactee Alex Collier… but I’m listening to this freshly posted webinar (he gives these talks regularly now) … and he’s dropping enough nuggets along the way that I’m going to post it, even before seeing the full 1:47:00 of material myself. I’m trusting it’ll be interesting.

He mentioned conversing with Mornay, his ‘Andromedan contact,’ so I’m looking forward to hearing what info he received there. Continue reading

When You’re in “That Space”

I believe I posted Chas Eisenstein’s original article about the “Space Between [your] Stories” … and here’s a revisit to this theme by way of Lissa Rankin. Many of us (if not all at some point) have known/ are now in/ will experience this possibly frightening place. Be gentle with self & others who ‘fall into’ what can feel like a deep dark dry well, an endless blank hallway, or outer reaches of the galaxy. Keep the faith, this is a journey; it’s the challenges that we’re actually here to grow, evolve, or serve through. oxo Whitehawk

The Space Between Stories


This week, I experienced a trauma that collapsed my story of self, yet a new story has not yet emerged. Charles Eisenstein calls this “the space between stories.” Many of us are in this space between stories right now, when you feel lost, ungrounded, dislocated, as if your roots have been pulled up and you’re not quite sure where to land. Everything you thought you knew—about yourself and the world—is now in question. Even our systems—the medical system, our political systems, the education system, the banking system—they’re in the space between stories too. We know the old way is falling apart, yet the new way has not yet been born.

As Charles writes in The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible:

So please, if you are in the sacred space between stories, allow yourself to be there. It is frightening to lose the old structures of security, but you will find that even as you might lose things that were unthinkable to lose, you will be okay. There is a kind of grace that protects us in the space between stories. It is not that you won’t lose your marriage, your money, your job, or your health. In fact, it is very likely that you will lose one of these things. It is that you will discover that even having lost that, you are still okay. You will find yourself in closer contact to something much more precious, something that fires cannot burn and thieves cannot steal, something that no one can take and cannot be lost.

Earlier this week, I attended the memorial of the sixth person I loved who has died in the past six months. Along with others, I witnessed the deceased’s fiancé navigate her own space between stories. They were supposed to get married this year, and instead, they had to say goodbye. As she got up to speak at the memorial, she looked up at his photo on the projected screen and, with tears in her eyes, she said, “What are you doing up there?” The woman who was supposed to be the maid of honor hosted the ceremony as we all held each other in arms of grieving, celebrating, laughing, crying love. When we realize we are not in this lost space alone, we find comfort in the communion of the raw, unguarded, blown open heart.

Who Am I?

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Meditation, Entanglement & Political Climates

Bodhivastu+Logo+Stupa+Only.pngThere’s something molecular or quantum about humans.  Each human individual has an immense potential for structuring the universe all within themselves.

One can even go so far as to say that if only one individual reaches the ultimate in complete self-recognition, that there is almost nothing that cannot be influenced towards the positive in our entire universe.

We call the fact that this process works, “The four miraculous activities of Awakened Ones,” more commonly known as the four Buddha activities.

Entanglement happens when our minds particularize, obscure and judge.  Everything becomes particulate at that moment. Space fragments and separates into compartments.  There is nothing wrong with that but there is another side to the universe.

Life as Art – More from Bowie

This video communique has some transmission problems (possibly by Bowie’s energies) but this message contains more philosophical dialog than the other two, so I’m posting for those interested in the unique consciousness that is (still) David Bowie.

This transmission courtesy Elisa Medhus and her crossed-over son, Eric – who makes connections with souls “upstairs” – Continue reading

Care for Ascending Animals

Steven reiki animal logo greens.jpg

Some of us feel the waves of ascension more than others. Animals may well feel vibrational changes even more acutely than humans.

Their responses to shifting photonic tides may not occur simultaneously with yours, as everything, with its own unique energetic signature, hits “reverb” in its own timing.

Please keep in heart and mind the experiences of any animals in your life… animals can have challenging days too, and your awareness, compassion, and care can make a big difference to them.  ox W

Ascending Schumann Resonance

Many online articles and videos talk about the energy shifts that are happening now, and specifically, how the Earth’s ascending resonant frequency is affecting humanity. What most of these references do not mention is how these changes are also affecting our animal friends. Animals, domesticated or wild, have a much stronger link with Mother Earth that most humans. It stands to reason, therefore, that they are experiencing ascension symptoms of their own.

Ascension Symptoms in Animals

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Bowie’s New Project

Of possible interest to Bowie fans as well as anyone interested in a few insights re: how things work in the afterlife realm – which spans a vast and various spectrum of frequencies generally referred to as 4D.

[The 4th density is where all earth-centric consciousness, dreams, thought-forms, various entities, and discarnate souls “live.” Our graduation to 5D is expected to end any involvement with 3D or 4D, which are said to be “folding up” or expiring once 5D earth is achieved. This in itself boggles and naturally raises questions, but moving on here … ]

Where one “settles” in this expansive realm depends on the energetic signatures held by a person. Naturally.  :)

First Contact w/David

davidbowie-promo-650The day after he passed, I relayed on this blog what I’d heard via a rather adept medium about Bowie’s crossing over. That post is here. It basically shared that David was immersed in luminous energy fields, zooming around in bliss, and not interested in communicating anything beyond “maybe later – kinda busy with my transition here!” Of note was the absence of the usual “reuniting with family, life review, etc.” that we tend to hear so much about.

Well, a few months pass, and our friend began getting little taps on the shoulder (so to speak) from the star man, who wanted to give an update on his ‘afterlife experience.’ Continue reading

Are You a Bridge Between Two Worlds?

Yes, with zero doubt, all my life. Likely you too. And a delicate & swaying bridge it can be. I find this topic poignant to share on Good Friday (death) heading into Easter (ascension), in the Christian traditions. It’s been feeling as tho our collective “Good-Friday-to-Easter -Sunday” window has spent *eons* in the in-between, as opposed to a mere three days as the Easter story holds, or three months, ie winter as a death cycle and spring a revival of life.

We are in a window of unknown expanse in every sense, from the “time” it’s taking to make a true, profound, no-turning-back leap in the quantum sense, to entering mysterious energetic realms where reality is far more fluid and light than this planet (and these bodies) has ever known before. ~W


Are You a Bridge Between Worlds - fbBy Christina Lavers

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Many of us, who feel we have awoken, currently find ourselves straddling two worlds. One is the old world, the one we all grew up in. This reality was imposed on us from the top down. In this version we are taught that life is harsh, there is much to fear. It is vital that we trust authority and for our own safety, accept being governed (aka controlled) by external influences. Immersed in this old paradigm we indeed look out and see so much that reinforces its dismal, restrictive perspective. This is a dog-eat-dog world in which me must struggle and fight to get, and hold onto, our piece of the pie.

In contrast, the new reality that many of us feel lapping at the edges of our internal horizon, is based on love, authenticity, and personal sovereignty.

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Chaos Before Birth

Following is extracted from Solara’s current Surf Report. As for me, the past week or so has been about overwhelming allergies, brain fog/headache, and unrelenting, heavy sky-spraying that – if not causing all this outright, is certainly exacerbating it. Weary, wary, and carrying on, regardless – what else is there to do?  ~Whitehawk


March is a dynamic, action-packed month from the very beginning until the very end. The Green Lights are fully on! The Fire Monkey is already scampering around in the treetops with his pockets full of wild antics, exciting creative projects and unexpected breakthroughs. Everything he / she does this year is for the purpose of breaking us free of old patterns and aligning us with our True Path.

images.jpgRight now, the collapsing world of duality is creating intense chaos in the outer world. Lots of old distorted energy is being stirred up and much of it is extremely dirty, noisy and more than a bit mad. This chaos is sowing the seeds of fear, anger and hysteria. It’s full of sinister science fiction scenarios and way too unreal. The chaos is caused by all the old energies which are being stirred up and knocked loose by the New Reality. Now these illusory energies must leave the planet.

Chaos always precedes birth. Since this is such a massive birth, there is massive chaos. Continue reading

Create More of Who You Really Are

Manifesting Your Ideals in Parallel Realities

Bashar offers a unique visualization process that seems the perfect follow-up to the “parallel planes” post from him that I published yesterday. Essentially you work with your higher mind to create the scenario you want, then resonate with what you’ve built to make it manifest in your physical experience. Continue reading