9-minute clip of the upcoming film, Samadhi. I look forward to seeing/experiencing more of this film when it’s released.

In the spirit of the ancient teachings, “Samadhi” will be released for free for the benefit of all beings in the fall/winter of 2015.

The Masculine Wound

Hi all – This newsletter by Lisa Renee about masculine wounds (especially the latter portion of material here, where we see all the bullet points) spoke directly to a situation in which I find myself now, being, in the apparent cross-hairs of a man on the periphery of my life who has suddenly taken to barking at me in a way that stings.

His manner, furthermore, is reminiscent of typical male behavior I knew in my family growing up (unenlightened, bullying, put-down tactics being the norm), so this whole THING has been up for me to see/feel/somehow acknowledge and deal with yet again. It’s one of those seemingly never-ending spirals that keeps bringing stuff back to center stage when you thought you were finished with it.

This article reminds me that we’re all wounded (in fact I wrote on this theme the other day but never posted it), and when these old wounds surface and friction up against another’s wounds, it can become pretty unpleasant pretty fast. I mean, people have been waking up enough, one would think, not to resort to old, unconscious (bullyish) responses to life events. And then come the ramifications…. eh

Love & healing… Whitehawk


Dear Ascending Family,

Through the natural and organic expansion of consciousness happening now, we are also met with attempts to use artificial and inorganic means to block it.  The 2012-2017 window offers unique possibilities to access multiple timelines simultaneously.  We have just come through a wave of transmissions, which have opened timelines ripe for Masculine Healing.  As many of us are aware, the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) also tries to capitalize on these waves.  We will discuss current NAA efforts underway to attempt to further enslave masculine energies.  Some of the information on mind control and holographic inserts may sound daunting if you are new to this type of information. Please do not get into fear around this information.  Stay present and neutral, use the core tools and you will not get caught up in any of the drama.

Recently our planet has received unprecedented levels of liquid plasmic light transmissions pulsing through the planetary grid network, which first enter our atmosphere through the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Several milestones have been reached in the Ascension timeline with the yield of charged particles and subsequent light emissions that result from the interaction between Cosmic Rays, Solar wind and magnetospheric plasma.

The interactions between these cosmic forces have radically increased proton activity in the planetary atmosphere, which produce an incredible amount of potential energy and consciousness available to the planet and to humanity. The accelerated infusion of proton activity is reshaping the Earth’s magnetosphere, creating fluctuations in the speed, density and direction of the magnetic field, which are strongly impacting the Earth’s local space environment. Continue reading

Fierce Love via the Emerging Feminine Force

This interview, for me, held a number of share-worthy gems. The woman being interviewed, Christine Anderson, was a forum administrator at the renown/notorious (depending on POV & timeframe) Project Avalon forum.

Christine was also entrusted by Corey Goode—the now “out” secret space program insider—to be his first interviewer about his amazing experiences. Those interviews are available on Corey’s sphere being alliance website. (He was still using a pseudonym at the time of these recordings.)

In this interview, Christine shares insights about behaviors and agendas that crop up on alternative forums that could easily be applied to any ‘forum’ in life – at the workplace, in interest groups, even in families. How to perceive and respond when people bomb a group endeavoring to relate at higher levels?

This is where Fierce Love might enter. Being “feminine” no longer implies having the perfect mani-pedi and a demure, accommodating, “sweet” attitude about everything.

This is also not an exchange just for women, if any men out there are up to a head’s up. :)

The blurb for the video: Continue reading


Just a quickie to mention this week has been energetically *quite* odd for me… been feeling really queasy, swimmy, off balance; even actually staggering a little bit a few times. Still functioning but definitely feeling an “instability in the force” so to speak; something magnetic seems to be akimbo. Some odd computer behavior as well.

Anyone else??? 2508056c4fecdfb64f29e1cf33d416c5

Integration & Illumination

Much in this fast-paced Adronis message that I resonate with. Virtually direct encouragement to do what I feel is mine, next, regardless how *big* it feels to take on. Maybe you too?  ox Whitehawk

From Becoming — to BEING

While my interest in ‘channeled’ material isn’t what it once was, Ronna’s AAM messages tend to be encouraging reminders of the shining souls we really are. After centuries of dismemberment (from our magnificence) it’s good to remember the truth at last, isn’t it? Divine recapitulation! :)

Love, love, Whitehawk

Archangel Michael via Ronna Star

Spiritual Philosophy for Self Mastery10390304_10205424053950589_3280889403676262325_n

May 2015

Beloved masters, many of you feel as if you are in the final stretch of a long, difficult race and your energy and enthusiasm are lagging. You are growing more and more disenchanted with the glamour of your worldly existence, and the things that used to excite you seem somewhat tarnished and dull. It is because you are shifting in and out of two vastly different realities or several dimensions at once. Also, your four lower bodily systems (physical, mental, emotional, and etheric) are trying to adjust to and catch up with, the many facets your higher self, which you are integrating on an accelerated, regular basis. This has put much stress and strain on your earthly vessel.

A vast number of you have and are preparing to make a quantum leap into a fifth-dimensional consciousness, whereby your old world state-of-being is falling away much faster than you can integrate the refined energies/vibrations and concepts of your new, higher frequency existence.  Continue reading

Confusion & Disinformation Ahead

The following message comes courtesy of Corey, the current ‘star’ back-channel intel source re: all matters disclosure, and who’s recently introduced “Sphere Beings” and “Blue Avians” into our awareness and parlance. This is – naturally and as always – for your discernment. I fixed a few typos but haven’t impacted meaning.  ~Whitehawk

We are entering a new time period that I have been briefed on that will be considered a very confusing “Disinformation War” to control the narrative and also manipulate the very powerful tool of humanity’s joint consciousness and its co-creative abilities. There are also some groups that are trapped here, whose “custodian gods” have abandoned them or put them up as a pawns to barter their own freedom, who are now in total panic and turning on one another.
Now that they know they will be trapped here for the “events” and many unsettling disclosures they are putting everything they have into their massive disinfo campaigns to control the narrative as much as possible. Their heads are literally on the line and they are highly motivated.

This briefing has indicated that most of these agents have either been in place for some time not knowing of their role, or have recently come on the scene with a carefully planned out agenda and PsyOp/Disinfo campaign that has started to trickle but is set to turn into a flood. Those with poor discernment or easily jump from topic to topic based on what is new or intellectually interesting are going to have a very hard time of it. Those few with well developed discernment are going to have to stand fast.

(Whitehawk here: I’m not sure this italicized part is in reference to the ‘agents’ or the general public trying to keep abreast of wild events with discernment. Corey continues… )

These are going to be very cleverly designed operations Continue reading


“Interesting times.”

It’s been quite a week – a “stellar display” of the uptick of frequencies upon us, penetrating our world to its core.

Old structures – physical and psycho-emotional – are disintegrating in new frequencies

This cottage, my shelter, seems to be dismantling its 3D self, for starters. A friendly but extremely noisy contractor has been in fairly constant presence here lately, trying to keep up with this disintegration. The dB of his various power tools combined with his blaring boom box is “somewhat distracting” to my typically peaceful world. But the house needs work and he’s its ‘surgeon’ so to speak. Just something to roll with for the duration.

While he’s been sawing, drilling, hammering, sanding, caulking etcetc, and totally unrelated to his commotion, the rod in my closet fell four times in one day, dumping all the clothes to the floor each time. It simply would not stay up. This has happened before, but it’s been fixable. This time extraordinary measures went into keeping that rod where it belongs… tho in its view of reality, it apparently no longer appreciates its gig!

That same day a favorite mug fell and broke into pieces, a raw egg rolled off the counter and splat on the floor, and an explosion of little ants started invading from numerous places I can’t even identify. It was crazy chaotic.

Also this week I was pulled into an extraordinary entanglement around something that someone wanted me to do on an ongoing basis. This “something” has an extremely negative emotional energy to me, and is one of the very last things on this earth that my soul would consider “mine to do.” The cost to my own well being would be profound. To someone else it might be exactly what makes their heart sing; exactly what they are here to do, and be.

Not me; not mine.

So I got into a long to/fro with this person, Continue reading

Single Soul Occupancy

Lisa Renee’s new newsletter follows. I’m posting before reading all the way through to get it out there. It speaks to topics that are up for me currently, viz a vie the whole GoodET/Corey disclosure coming out now that spoke to me so strongly. It is intense stuff, and if you want a fluffy rah-rah read right now, this wouldn’t be that.

It would be something for you if you have gotten/are coming to realize the complexities of our situation here on earth and in the cosmos of which earth is a part. Some of this post can be helpful to understand what Corey is talking about, as he is really letting loose lately through multiple outlets re: his lifetime of experiences.  I may be back with more to say later, once I’m a bit more awake. ox W

Dear Ascending Family,

We live in a multidimensional world with every kind of spirit force one could imagine.  With each successive portal opening, membranes that used to separate realities are collapsing, and more beings are sharing space with us. There are new levels of support for those of us on the path with this understanding and context. This newsletter will serve as an entity primer, discussing the necessity of Single Soul Occupancy, with some suggested tools for spiritual deliverance.  The good news is that recent changes in the architecture have made the extraction of parasites and entities that have been plaguing this planet, much easier.

intothepixel-2009-craft_cosmosSince December’s major portal opening, we have undergone sequential events that have radically shifted the Universal Geomantic Structure. This is the architecture linking celestial bodies, constellations, and stars with our planet. During the Easter Weekend, transmissions activated the planetary body to communicate with the intelligent living matrix of the Canis Major constellation and the Sirius Star System. This activated previously dormant or corrupted communication links and ley line networks into the planetary body. These new links cannot be circumvented by alien machinery or their synthetic timelines. These triad communication networks are analogous to dropping a new intergalactic wireless internet hook up from Sirius B and the massive Sirius Sun, into the planetary body.

The main axis of this network was placed in the 33rd North Parallel line and is intended as a support for the Starseeds that work the grids in service to the Cosmic Sovereign Law. Additionally, this new network supports progress with the alien invasion problem located in the Equator line of the planet, with an infestation of nests and phantom wormholes.

[Following graphics found online and inserted by me, Whitehawk,
for those of us not clear on where the 33rd North Parallel lies.]

us_map2 death-row-33-degrees

This is significant because this is a demarcation point in the war over consciousness memories that relate to the future timelines of evolution of the human race on this planet. This planet has been in a war over consciousness memories where the truth of human evolution histories has been erased.  Continue reading

Loose Ends

It’s been pretty strange here lately; not sure what to make of it. This will likely be a rambling post about numerous little things.

First, the physical stuff – this “occupying a body” business. Mine doesn’t seem to know which way is up. This past week or so, I’ve been shifting between anxious and jumpy and fatigued and heavy and queasy and not very interested in food and completely attention-deficit. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The last few nights have been K-active (kundalini for newcomers), which is to say, my spine – particularly from mid-back, down – has been writhing away the midnight hours. I don’t know why this activity ‘saves itself’ for when I’m completely relaxed and ready for sleep, but it’s always been this way. I’m sliding into sleep, when suddenly I can’t lie still. I can’t control this. Holding one position for more than a few seconds becomes impossible. And it just goes on and onnnn like this… and while I’m rocking & rolling in bed (and not the fun way), I see a white sparkler against a black background behind closed eyes. Actually mine has a more vertical orientation than this one has in the photo, but it’s close enough.

I’ve lost ten pounds over the last three or so weeks. This is fine because I managed to pack on twenty over the winter! But it’s seemingly all so random, not in response to my habits.

Had a disturbing dream about one of my cats the other night – the black one. Creepy, and the significance completely escapes me, symbolically speaking. Then I heard about a dead black cat discovered outside a neighbor’s house. Continue reading

The Restructured Truth Pattern

So much energy is on the move lately, I am seriously challenged to stop in the midst of it and write my Whitehawk perceptions and experiences here on this blog. Moreover, I’ve been in a wave in which the body has been challenged to assimilate so much energetic change without numerous difficulties springing up. It happens.

images-4This is an amazing, amazing journey we’re on, friends. What we are on the very brink of ‘knowing’ and ‘being’ as earth-dwellers is just… eiye! Old words like “transformation,” “ascension,” “shift,” and “transmutation” I fear can’t do justice to the “incoming.” We’ve heard them for so many years, they’ve sort of lost their juice over the long haul.

You, like me and so many seekers/pathfinders/way-showers, have been exceptionally (or excruciatingly) aware of an acceleration of deep change going on currently. Much of it can feel somewhat like a living evisceration. Not at all pleasant, having one’s life at its deepest levels just start ripping into a heap of debris not only all around you, but within you. I know “evisceration”! It can wreak major havoc with one’s faith in what we’ve believed is going on here, for decades… even from pre-incarnation, where we signed up to be here for the big show. I mean, survival through all this kinda begs for some acknowledgment, would you agree? (I know, patience.. )

As an aside, a quick shout-out re: our beloved canine companions, many of whom seem to be involved in a mass exodus from this plane currently. The sad reports of dogs suddenly becoming very ill and dying within hours seem to be constant lately. Just mentioning. Exactly why, or what it means, I can’t say. Maybe they are going before to become guides for their ‘people’ in higher realms? A nice thought, at least. Woof  :)

Meanwhile, back at the morphing ranch: Continue reading

Ja’li 8: Peace, Our Ultimate Inside Job

Winding down with this series now… only one more message comes after this very significant one.

This message reminded me of an OBE I had about 22-24 years ago, where I’m “out and about” with a former boyfriend who had died in a kayaking accident while paddling an unchartered (never before navigated) Class 5 (extremely difficult whitewater) river in Peru. He and I had astral encounters during and after our relationship, and they continued for awhile after he passed… tho now I haven’t seen him in years!

So… we were outdoors (in 4D) in a quaint mountain village, and overhead we saw a huge, diaphanous “material” that covered the entire sky starting to lose its stability/ability to remain aloft. Imagine a gigantic silk parachute that covered (or enclosed) the entire airspace of the planet deflating and drifting down all around us; it was like that.

As we watched this, one of us said, “What will we do now that the amusement park is closing?” … referring to this holographic reality matrix we’ve been “playing in” for eons. The quip was made in light-hearted fun, because we knew that whatever was coming next would be an improvement on what we’ve had for so long on this troubled planet.

I might add that this happened before my kundalini awakened, and before I’d heard of ‘the matrix’ from any external source (I never even saw the movie The Matrix til about 3 years ago), and before I’d heard of “ascension” tho I knew a “shift” of some sort was pending. This was all “fresh and direct experience” for me… as has been my pattern all my life. I would have incredible experiences, which would then set me on a quest to learn their meaning and significance.  

Following is the next-to-last message from Ja’li. Continue reading

Enchantment on Desolation Trail

This is a quickie to pass along a moment of sweet enchantment.

I just googled “desolation trail” and up came all the online info about this trail in Utah.

I saw this darling photo of a little purple fairy door, created by a hiker to adorn the base of a tree on the trail — how sweet is this?


I clicked through to the source of this image, and found a blog post about the writer/photographer and his son’s subsequent revisit to this trail about a year later. Look what they found had become of this tree!

Continue reading