Called to Stand Tall

:::celestial chimes ringing:::

“Hellooo, this is your soul calling… “

Basically how I’m feeling currently – as though prompted to reach a bit higher “up the dial” to a nice clear signal that’s reaching back towards me.

Feeling a sense of urgency to stand a bit taller, breathe a bit deeper & beam light more actively… with more defined intention & focus.

Is my inner Master of the Universe rising? The Goddess Kundalini tapping my crown? The Soular Home Team checking in? I invite you to join in this cosmic activation & synthesis, to invigorate your own fabulous, blessed s/heroes & champions from whom you can draw strength, courage & vision for the changing times ahead!

Good stuff follows from Sandra Walter for anyone open to some introspective self-eval as an ascension exercise. (Sounds like great fun eh! gulp) Might be a useful clarification tool or practice, getting clear as we move deeper into cosmic energies that are cracking open humanity’s cosmic consciousness and collective heart. Could get bumpy as incoming energies increasingly flood into the lower frequencies held by the masses, who might require a solid conk to wake them up and start smelling’ some coffee. Could also get increasingly ‘bumpy’ on a personal level as old stuck energies, habits, beliefs, etc flush to the surface for personal review, healing, clearing, and course correction. Maybe. Makes sense to me. If you don’t mind my sayin’. ;)

May all who surf these rumbling waters stay buoyant & balanced, with grace & ease. May all manifest in ways that increase energies of joy & a sense of meaning – as the ride we’re on plays out. 

Bless you, bless it all.




One of the Mastery exercises we did together during Presence was a deep self-evaluation. Mastery always includes self-review, intention setting; and revealing our core motivations. With the energies flowing for revelation, we accelerate the global revelation process by doing the good work ourselves.

Remember: As the frequencies increase (literally faster vibrations), so does the power of Unity Consciousness. Everything we do affects the whole in stronger ways.

Enki Girl in an Enlil World

I just stumbled upon a bunch of free episodes of Gaia programs on (subscription supported) I included the link to them below. Watched the first one in the lineup, about the Enki/Enlil Sumerian creation story – an interpretation (many believe the truth) of the Biblical Garden of Eden myth.

Enki & Enlil were the sons of Anu, the great ruler of a galactic civilization we know as the Anunnaki (“children of Anu”) whose home planet is the mysterious Nibiru, which travels a lonnnng elliptical orbit that passes right through this solar system approximately every 3600 years. Anu dispatched these two sons to Earth (“giant gods from the stars” by earth-dweller standards) to establish a new domain for the Annunaki to develop and dominate.

Enlil’s MO was to use violence to break the “lowly beasts” (primitive humans) into becoming slave laborers to mine gold, build Anu’s new empire (for Enlil to rule), and otherwise stay out of the way.

Enki, on the other hand, focused on genetically enhancing the primitives with highly evolved DNA to produce an evolved, peaceful, and productive race.

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Jai Ganesh, Obstacle Slayer

Decades ago, I was given a curious dream. It was very brief but included an ‘instant replay,’ which has never happened before or since. In it, an elephant stormed across my mental screen from the right, straight into a tall brick wall to the left, which crashed down into a heap of rubble. Instant replay: same scene repeated, as tho to ensure I’d get it and remember… which I did.

That is to say I remembered the dream but had no idea what it could mean at the time.

Some years later, I learned about Ganesh, the ancient Hindu god known as The Remover of Obstacles – a revered protective deity in elephant form. One of India’s most worshiped, respected, and – I venture to say – busy gods. I figure that, quantumly speaking, the copious love lavished upon this being over millennia surely ensures that Ganesh sustains a vast reserve of spiritual clout to bestow upon all who come to him for assistance. The highly benevolent energy is t/here to be circulated – why not join the flow?

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A New Declaration of Independence

Hello dear friends – it’s been awhile! I just read this aloud, with oomph, and found sending these energized, verbalized words into the Field to be quite powerful. I intend to do this a few more times at least… maybe even as a day-starter meditation for a while. I’m impressed with the consciousness that came up with it. It basically explains how we’ve fallen into ego-level perception & activity, and encourages us to (re)claim the Sacred Source in ourselves – and emanate it into the All by our restored presence & intention. More info about it linked at the end. Please share if it resonates.

I’ll return and share more when I can. WP has changed so much, I have a learning curve ahead! (Btw, the prayer flags pictured are unrelated to the source of this content.) Much love to you, Whitehawk –


A New Declaration of Independence

When in the course of divine events it becomes the Will of God for awakened souls to dissolve the political and emotional bonds of attachment to illusion—including the illusory world, the ego, and all limited conceptions of reality and God—and to assume the powers of Spirit, the separate and equal station, to which the Laws of God’s Nature and Nature’s God entitle us, a decent respect for the opinions of those still asleep to the Truth, requires that we should declare the Almighty Cause that impels us to this separation from all that is false, limited, and degrading, as part of our return to ultimate Goodness and Faithfulness to our Beloved Supreme Source of Being.

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Ritual of Attunement


By Lauren Raine (1999, 2016)

(Performed with drum in a much darkened room. Three voices, at different positions in the room, speak the words.)


Take a deep breath,

feel your feet on the living Earth.

The rhythm of your heart like a drum,

beating in slow time with the quiet,

distant heartbeat

of the planet:


and attune.


Let the breath of the world gather in your chest.

Close your eyes, with each slow breath

feel your hands branching,

becoming green, leafing into the world,

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Kundalini Conversations

Kundalini Awakening: Symptoms Everyone Should Know! - SpiritualifyAs you are aware if you’ve spent any time here at the Whitehawk blog, Kundalini has been a prevailing theme in my life, beginning with a minor K awakening in the late 80s/early 90s, and a far more extreme activation about a decade later that flowed on dramatically (life alteringly!) for about seven years.

During this second round, a threshold seemed to be transcended upon meeting someone with whom I experienced a particular, profound resonance – unlike anything I had known prior – which set me off on a seriously wild & intoxicating ride. Kundalini changes virtually everything in/about one’s human experience.

A Hindu term, darshan, addresses this spontaneous ignition of Kundalini via transmission through contact with another person, or sometimes even through adoring a statue of a deity that’s been worshiped for so long that it, too, can actually emanate enough energy to transmit darshan to believers.

I’ve noticed a renewed wave of interest in Kundalini, and also in Penny Kelly, whose first book (of the many she’s written), Evolving Human, was big for me on the subject. (I had first encountered the term Kundalini in The Stormy Search for the Self, by Christina Grof, during my first dance with K.)

One thing I appreciate about Penny is her languaging. She writes well and describes her experiences in “plain English” as opposed to others (i.e. the “grandfather of Kundalini for the modern age,” Gopi Krishna) whose concepts can be harder to follow due to the Indian cultural & spiritual orientation.

Penny just posted this YouTube – apparently the first of a series – on Kundalini: Continue reading

Expanding an Inspired Mind

Regina Meredith offers a worthy 38-minute flow of ideas to take on board as we navigate into a new decade of vast potentials and streaming energies.

Be love! Bless all – including all YOU ARE and DO!

Join me in intending to pour our light-infused creative juices into the living pools of time, that all may revel in the results. ox:Whitehawk


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Many Timelines, Many Selves

Frame from the film, Another Earth

The subject of alternate timelines always fascinates me, and this morning the algorithm gods have sent me some goodies on the matter, which I’m posting here in one big plop for you! Timelines & Planes & Alternative Yous, oh my!

First up: a too-brief video interview with Jurgen Ziewe – prolific OBE explorer, author of Multidimensional Man and Vistas of Infinity: How to Enjoy Life When You Are Dead, and also an extraordinarily gifted artist of metaphysical art, which you can look into here if so moved. (His Amazon page is here.)

(I have some minor beefs about the production, ie, the interviewer – another out-of-body explorer & author, Cyrus Kirkpatrick – features himself more than the interviewee with his 2-camera setup but hey, I do appreciate anything that comes down the pipeline on this topic where Jurgen is involved. He’s a maestro re: exploring the higher realms and relating his experiences to the ground crew. He also seems to possess an unfailingly pleasant demeanor; ever soothing.)

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Timeline Bleed-throughs / Impossible Things

“There’s no use trying,” she said: “one can’t believe impossible things.” “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

In recent days two astounding “not possible” things occurred, both involving the city I grew up in, and have left, returned to, left again, returned again, left yet again… in what I believe was my final exit.

But thanks to the internet and social media, I enjoy keeping up with the home turf (and its characters) fairly regularly.

The two “surprises” I’m sharing here happened right on top of each other – within, I believe, 24 mind-twerking hours.

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Hurricane Florence – Potentials & Guidance

Image courtesy of the NOAA/NWS National Hurricane Center.

I’m not certain that sharing this is the best thing to do – it’s fairly intense – and may be specifically about me, such as the house crumbling or something (!), but since we’re talking about a mega-hurricane here, I’m supposing it will affect others also, maybe even a large swath of the country if the east coast’s grid crashes. (I’m now thinking “systems.”) So here goes.

(I’m in Virginia, btw, and just received notice that today is the last day to prepare as winds are expected to be churning in the morning. THEN a friend told me that the path is currently leaning more southward… and recommended this as a good tracking resource (NOAA):

All to be seen in the “wash” so to speak! The wash & spin cycle! :-}

So: I asked my primary oracle, the I Ching, what I should know about this hurricane, and what I received follows. Do with it what you will, needless to say with your own discernment. Only time will tell. I just know that I will take this hurricane (and what little prep I can manage for it) more seriously today and tomorrow rather than “supposing” I’m inland enough, or north enough, so as not to be TOO impacted. But if this is an accurate assessment, we might be facing a Big Deal that reaches far beyond a soppy windy moment in time… so I decided to post this “I Ching Alert” in the spirit of service. There’s actually wisdom in it worth considering in general, regardless of a hurricane.

If you have any info that might be useful to others, I encourage you to COMMENT below!

Love and protection to all. Whitehawk x

“Dear Inner Sage, please advise me re: Hurricane Florence.”

The answer came in two passages:

DANGER (aka The Abyss)

(Comment: This hexagram has traditionally been associated with RUSHING WATER as a metaphor for DANGER. The problem with this association is that danger is consequently associated with an aspect of Nature. The problem here is not with Nature, but with the human failure to observe the limits of human existence. Whether, in this instance, the upshot regards the failure of humans to take care of this planet so that “superstorms” and other earth events we are now witnessing could have been avoided, or possibly that humans are influencing this hurricane via HAARP-like weather-influencing technologies, is unknown.

It could also be a massive metaphor for monumental fears that have been building in the collective psyche for centuries that are now accelerating to a critical point. Not sure the backstory actually matters at this moment, if we are looking at big damage, outages in the grid, severely disrupted delivery systems of food and services etc that may yawn into the future. I’m just sharing the info. By the way, isn’t it “interesting” that at the start of this month Trump sent a message about September being a month of PREPAREDNESS for disasters – be ready?)

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You Cannot Get This Wrong

I hope you enjoy today’s edition!

(Actually an excerpt of Sophia’s edition. ~W)

Sophia Love

August 28, 2018

Is there someone who is available now and wants to connect?

Hello Sophia.

My… this is a familiar voice. To whom am I speaking?

I am what you would call a “re-boot”. We have engaged before… It was 3 years ago, you sense this.

You feel very familiar to me.

I come to you now new.

A new earth. A new you. A new interaction altogether. Continue reading

Pleiadian Event Responders

Event interest (dare we say progress) continues

What follows is from Sophia Love, who has conversations with off-planet friends. She had this one yesterday, with Pleiadians preparing to help us ‘transition’ when this anticipated cosmic event actually happens. (I’m of the mind this is destined to occur; trying to grasp the when of it though can be crazy-making! :)


They (as do other races, if info we get is correct) have (so we’re told) healing facilities/rooms/chambers/pods for humans to recover in after they make the shift, whatever that ends up actually being, and however it ends up impacting our body/mind/spirits to actually move into an entirely new environment that runs on different principles than we have here – with beings who are far more advanced than us, prepared to help!

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Avoiding Mental Sewage

Storm Clouds Lightning HD WallpapersWhen I was a child, big storms often brought us big problems. I can’t count the times the family was called to service in the basement, to stand on drains intended to let water OUT. During storms we needed to keep city sewage water from coming IN.

Houses’ drainage was easily overwhelmed by heavy rain back then (before the city overhauled the entire sewage system), causing sewage to flow in reverse in a sopping, foul-smelling mess. We took turns standing on sheets of cardboard to cover drains (me in water up to my skinny thighs), while others bigger than I would be moving furniture and other items out of the floodwater.

The situation was made all the more challenging by avoiding having any electricity (ie lights) on during the flooding to avoid electrocution, so all this extreme unpleasantness was navigated with flashlights and maybe a few candles sitting on shelves.

This all came to mind today after I watched today’s Suspicious Observers video on youtube, which explains (among other things) that our planet has now surpassed its former cosmic radiation maximumyet another sign of our amplifying frequencies here. Continue reading

Beyond Where Charts Could Track: Wave 7 Evidenced in Spades Yesterday

WHAAAAA ???!!!

Hearty appreciation to Pod Scotland for pointing me to the Schrodinger’s Other Cat blog, which posted numerous charts reporting clear evidence that something energetically massive did in fact occur yesterday, July 30 in USA; July 31 in AUS – literally beyond where any tracking device could follow!

Moreover: it appears to have come at close to the exact time Leelu said it would. Continue reading


The Seventh Wave

Image result for cosmic clockWell folks this is the day for us in the West that “Leelu” has cited as a Big Moment.

I have no ‘earthly idea’ what will happen, if anything, but just thought I’d clarify the time difference as the “scuttlebutt” has this event (if there is one) as occurring tomorrow, July 31st.

The incredibly precise time cited by Leelu for this experience is 12:37AM eastern Australia time, which translates to 10:37AM EDT TODAY here on the east coast of the United States. So… 2-1/2 hours from my writing this. Continue reading