The Restructured Truth Pattern

So much energy is on the move lately, I am seriously challenged to stop in the midst of it and write my Whitehawk perceptions and experiences here on this blog. Moreover, I’ve been in a wave in which the body has been challenged to assimilate so much energetic change without numerous difficulties springing up. It happens.

images-4This is an amazing, amazing journey we’re on, friends. What we are on the very brink of ‘knowing’ and ‘being’ as earth-dwellers is just… eiye! Old words like “transformation,” “ascension,” “shift,” and “transmutation” I fear can’t do justice to the “incoming.” We’ve heard them for so many years, they’ve sort of lost their juice over the long haul.

You, like me and so many seekers/pathfinders/way-showers, have been exceptionally (or excruciatingly) aware of an acceleration of deep change going on currently. Much of it can feel somewhat like a living evisceration. Not at all pleasant, having one’s life at its deepest levels just start ripping into a heap of debris not only all around you, but within you. I know “evisceration”! It can wreak major havoc with one’s faith in what we’ve believed is going on here, for decades… even from pre-incarnation, where we signed up to be here for the big show. I mean, survival through all this kinda begs for some acknowledgment, would you agree? (I know, patience.. )

As an aside, a quick shout-out re: our beloved canine companions, many of whom seem to be involved in a mass exodus from this plane currently. The sad reports of dogs suddenly becoming very ill and dying within hours seem to be constant lately. Just mentioning. Exactly why, or what it means, I can’t say. Maybe they are going before to become guides for their ‘people’ in higher realms? A nice thought, at least. Woof  :)

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Ja’li 8: Peace, Our Ultimate Inside Job

Winding down with this series now… only one more message comes after this very significant one.

This message reminded me of an OBE I had about 22-24 years ago, where I’m “out and about” with a former boyfriend who had died in a kayaking accident while paddling an unchartered (never before navigated) Class 5 (extremely difficult whitewater) river in Peru. He and I had astral encounters during and after our relationship, and they continued for awhile after he passed… tho now I haven’t seen him in years!

So… we were outdoors (in 4D) in a quaint mountain village, and overhead we saw a huge, diaphanous “material” that covered the entire sky starting to lose its stability/ability to remain aloft. Imagine a gigantic silk parachute that covered (or enclosed) the entire airspace of the planet deflating and drifting down all around us; it was like that.

As we watched this, one of us said, “What will we do now that the amusement park is closing?” … referring to this holographic reality matrix we’ve been “playing in” for eons. The quip was made in light-hearted fun, because we knew that whatever was coming next would be an improvement on what we’ve had for so long on this troubled planet.

I might add that this happened before my kundalini awakened, and before I’d heard of ‘the matrix’ from any external source (I never even saw the movie The Matrix til about 3 years ago), and before I’d heard of “ascension” tho I knew a “shift” of some sort was pending. This was all “fresh and direct experience” for me… as has been my pattern all my life. I would have incredible experiences, which would then set me on a quest to learn their meaning and significance.  

Following is the next-to-last message from Ja’li. Continue reading

Enchantment on Desolation Trail

This is a quickie to pass along a moment of sweet enchantment.

I just googled “desolation trail” and up came all the online info about this trail in Utah.

I saw this darling photo of a little purple fairy door, created by a hiker to adorn the base of a tree on the trail — how sweet is this?


I clicked through to the source of this image, and found a blog post about the writer/photographer and his son’s subsequent revisit to this trail about a year later. Look what they found had become of this tree!

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Don’t Date a Mystic

Evocative piece from “Letters of Love and Madness” at the Write with Spirit website.

da37594e9a167f565208198b924a8707A mystic is a wild creature. She is made. She is deliberately forged by something mysterious. She is created for a purpose. She spends all her life seeking, for there is nothing else worth doing. She peers and gazes until she falls from the edge of the world, and into the next. Over and over. Each time she returns, she is a little different. What she sees must change her. She dies every day. She is reborn in every moment. Can you even begin to fathom the terror and the faith commanded from such a being? Can you even begin to understand what such a life can do?

Don’t date a mystic, if you want the life you have. If you are comfortable and cozy, stay away. Whatever you have built around yourself to create comfort: it cannot stand in the blazing fire of a mystical woman. She is no trophy. She is no bodily pleasure-maker. She is the seer of souls. She is the womb that births the divine into the flesh and bone of matter.

She doesn’t mean to burn your village to the ground, but she has seen what you are meant to become. Continue reading

Genetic Plasms, Filaments, Ecstasy & the Beginning of Life

Once, in a sublime point in timelessness, during a ripe, immeasurable moment…

sophiadreamingIt’s always a pleasant surprise to see a new interview with John Lash turn up, as did this one with Lisa Harrison. John is such a unique voice and point of perception in the world—a gnostic researcher extraordinaire and a natural teacher make for some time well spent, as far as this bird is concerned! Even his name intrigues me: John Lamb Lash. Where does a name like this come from? :-}

Lisa Harrison just spent 3 hours talking with John and I’ve posted the two segments here for your pleasure and ponderance. It’s a vast ride through the cosmos, during which we meet the great goddess Gaia Sophia, and the mysteries of this befuddling existence are explained from a perch seldom noticed by earth-dwellers.

Love to you… Whitehawk

Quoting Lisa: “My conversation with John Lash was so enjoyable and the information so in depth that this became part 1 of a 2 part conversation. John gives his most complete, concise telling of the Sophianic Myth as well as an in depth understanding of who/what the Archons really are.”

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The Twin Flame: Experiencing Extraordinary Love

The ‘Twin Flame’/’Twin Soul’ experience is so very difficult to understand, let alone try to explain. People assume you’re talking about a ‘soul mate,’ you’re waxing overly romantic about someone, you’re ‘head over heels,’ etc. My own TF experience was intense, compelling, and the most mystifying connection imaginable. It wasn’t remotely like any other Heartrainbow3meeting you might have with someone, or a connection shimmering with a little ‘energy’ that you feel inspired to look into a bit more. For me this was a spontaneous soul meld that threw me for a loop. I couldn’t be casual about it; I had to go deeper. And deeper. And deeper still. One has to be intrepid to explore this depth of connection. No two ways about it.

Eventually, though, it was necessary to let go of the whole thing. After years of exasperating entanglement I had to face the reality that the whole ordeal was causing more pain than the mutual healing that I originally “knew” we had met to accomplish. It all just became unbearable to perpetuate. We did not attain the state of grace we could have, if *whatever* had been *different.* But it was what it was, and ultimately it wasn’t pretty.

Today I look back and just can’t believe what went on during that strange period. I now refer to it as my “so-called twin flame” experience. I know what this connection “should” be – wide-open fearless love, which the ego is typically too terrified to allow. I was in an exalted space of divine love. I was also in a state of awakened kundalini, which can be a lonely condition when you’re swimming in divine bliss and the Other is in mundane, habitual ego.

Maybe Lissa Rankin’s piece about her TF relationship will help illuminate this connection that fits no known container. It’s not what so many expect or fantasize it to be! This just cannot be compared with anything that came before it, in terms of human relationships. This is a foreign relational universe. It’s where souls merge (or where two parts of one greater soul merge), if squirmy little human egos can just let them. I delve much more into this subject in my upcoming book. Meanwhile I’m happy to post the following from Lissa Rankin.

oxo Whitehawk

By Lissa Rankin MD

I haven’t written much about it publicly because it’s been so intense and confusing and extraordinary, but for almost a year, I have been involved in what others describe to me as a “twin flame” or “soul twin” relationship. Dennis and I are not a “couple” in any traditional sense of the word. He’s a gay man. I’m a straight woman. Both of us have recently experienced divorces from our partners, so we are technically “single,” but a number of factors keep us from getting involved in a typical romantic relationship.

And yet, we are both learning more about love than either of us ever had in our other conventional relationships.

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Free Will or Whirlwind?

Greetings – this substantial post is from Barbara Hand Clow, master astrologer, teacher and author of numerous books. I’m actually dividing her newsletter into two parts, in order to post the section relevant to TODAY first. You can continue to read the rest of this considerable overview by reading the entire post.  Ox Whitehawk

Free Will or the Whirlwind?
The Sixth Uranus/Pluto Square Dec. 15, 2014

© 2014 Barbara Hand Clow

On December 15, 2014, Uranus in 13 degrees Aries squares Pluto in 13 degrees Capricorn, while Chiron in 13 Pisces exactly sextiles Pluto. This configuration will release the deepest truths and healing powers of the god of the underworld, Pluto. With Chiron in Pisces traveling with Neptune, the square to Pluto from Uranus forces potent transformation of patriarchal power structures that created the deep conflicts and obsessions of the Piscean Age. This “chirotic” healing process has been intense since 2010 when Chiron went into Pisces and then travelled very close to Neptune through 2012, which inspired humanity to seek freedom.

The patriarchy is still entrenched and standing in the way of human freedom, while the seven Uranus/Pluto squares have been steadily eroding its financial and political basis. This deep work was largely unconscious until the April grand squares, but now this deep process is becoming conscious exponentially. Apocalypse means “revelations”; suddenly, the emperor has no clothes. Surprisingly and delightfully, with this Sixth Uranus/Pluto Square, the antidote—compassion—will be given. We will see many amazing events this winter that I cannot even imagine; somehow we will forge new paths and gain momentum. The law of the yin and the yang is inviolable, so we know many things will be very dark; however, intense light will balance it like the golden halos of saints and angels.

The Sun and the inner planets offer us personal guidance for how to handle these great forces. Continue reading

Akashic Records, Earth & The 7th Dimension, Fraud Time, Human Lightbodies…

A new interview with one of my primary go-to people for “extreme” information – “Galactic Historian” Andrew Bartzis, interviewed on online TV program Buzzsaw by Sean Stone (son of filmmaker Oliver Stone). As always, Andrew goes deep, far, and wide instantly; the viewer has to pay attention to grasp these ideas! I really felt for Stone, having to keep up with Andrew’s outpourings of rather alien info and follow up with more questions… but he holds his own and shapes our experience.

If you want a highly compressed fast-moving snapshot of our incredible paradox-laden cosmic story, grab a cuppa, settle in, and zoom-in your focus on this:

Blurb: Akashic records, the cosmic energy origin of Earth and the light being at the heart of our human form is discussed in the first of two interviews on metaphysics with Andrew Bartzis. The significance of 12/12 leads us into an exploration of karma, free will and the cycles of planetary genocide. Continue reading

Ra Uru Hu (What Would You Do?)

This post ventures into highly unusual waters. The keyhole glimpse I’m offering here (a peek into what quickly telescopes out into a massive volume of daunting strangeness) involves a man named Alan Krakower, who became spontaneously immersed in an extraordinary mystical experience in 1987.

images-1An overwhelming … entity? … consciousness? … seized control of him and did not relinquish that control for 7 days and 7 nights, during which time profound and mystifying things happened to him – physically and mentally.

What’s more: his dog was rendered unconscious and stayed, unmoving, under a table during the entire duration of “the experience,” which took place in an abandoned ruin (“ruina”) of a building on the island of Ibiza, Spain. Alan thought his dog was dead… but was helpless to do anything other than just BE with what was happening at the time; there was no other option until he was “released” on the 8th day.

Seriously, this is wayyy up there on the meter of incredible experiences a human can have.  Continue reading

Divine Dance Marathon Continues

Greetings friends – reposting a message from Sandra Walter that mentions today (Dec. 7) as a ‘wave trigger’ day. Not sure how this has been determined, but I share the info for those who might feel moved to acknowledge the accelerated shift today.

angel_of_light_by_foreverfallen16-d4ni34kI find it interesting to hear Sandra – one of the most avid and vocal cheerleaders of this cosmic event – admit to having challenges handling the frequencies of late. I personally have been experiencing a seemingly unprecedented blast of difficult strangeness (with a few extraordinarily divine interludes) for weeks.

The migraines I’ve mentioned earlier do not seem to be released once and for all yet. It’s been an ongoing roller-coaster of pain/release/ pain/release. Perhaps this is similar to what Sandra mentions as issues with her skull in the increasing ‘new light.’ Human skulls are undergoing extraordinary transformation (this has been ongoing for years) to adapt to the new calibrations for expanded consciousness. It can be rough. If Sandra’s information is on target – that 2015 will be much MORE intense, energetically – I can hardly imagine what to expect, having been one of the early ‘wavers’ who’ve felt this cosmic event in body and soul for so long now. Continue reading

Too Much Zing in the Zeal Point?

Hi Friends. I’ve had something I’ve been intending to write up for almost three weeks now, which I very much look forward to sharing with you. But isn’t it interesting that no sooner do I wish to share something actually rather significant re: the ascension process that I get slammed with the most massive possible migraine—agony beyond belief—on and on and on for something like nine or ten days now. It ebbs to a low roar, then explodes again to a degree that would be worthy of an ER visit if I were insured. On and on.

I decided to mention this after seeing a few other mentions of similar experiences among other bloggers. If you’ve been feeling rather intense discomforts recently, it may well be the powerful wave of higher energies now upon us. This is major, and, while the *good news* I want to share involves this substantial influx… unfortunately there’s a period of adaptation that at least some of us seem to be experiencing presently (tiring as it is to be in the throes of yet more ‘symptoms’).

In my case, the worst of this pain is focussed in the base of the skull – that telepathic reception center (aka “Well of Dreams,” “Mouth of God,” and “Zeal Point”) that I’ve discussed before that’s shifting into primary utility in the days ahead. Continue reading

Violet Flame Speaks

Unique to find someone “giving voice” to the Violet Flame, as Natalie Glasson does here; the VF is not something we typically think of as personified in this way. The service offered by the Violet Flame (as originally brought through by Saint Germain) has been proven powerful untold times. Readers might find it easier to relate to this form of healing and clearing by reading its accounting of itself in this way… so, read and apply it to your concerns re: health, abundance, relationships, and anything else that you might be grappling with in life.  (I made a few minor edits to typos that could create confusion.) Love all, Whitehawk

The Violet Flame Speaks, by the Violet Flame Consciousness

Channelled through Natalie Glasson
I am the consciousness, light, and vibration of the Violet Flame, anchored from the higher realms of the Creator’s universe into all dimensions as a representative of the purification energy of the Creator. I am a source of light, an aspect of the Creator focused upon transmuting and transforming energies into a truthful alignment and acceptance of the Creator.Let me be as one with you, as we work together to dissolve illusion. In order for transmutation and transformation to take place one is required to be willing to let go of illusion especially within the mind and personal creation manifestation. While the energy, sensations, feelings, vibrations, and consciousness transform within your being, it is the mind and mental body working with the spiritual body and soul which brings forth manifestation and experience of transformation.

My purpose as the Violet Flame is to work with your thought forms, your patterns and habits of creation, projections, and manifestations, as well as erasing all mental stress caused by confusion and illusion. I work closely with the physical body. dissolving the presence of disharmony which is a co-creation of the mental, emotional, and even spiritual bodies; thus I work with your manifestation and projection ability, aligning your manifestations to the Creator and the truth of your soul.

It is time to take responsibility for your physical reality; you are the key and core creator of your physical body and physical reality. Everything you are experiencing now is your choosing – or more truthfully is evidence of your choosing in the past as closely as yesterday, last week, and last month. Continue reading

The Bizarre Electromagnetic After Effects of Near-Death Experiences

I’ve had these very experiences all my life, but they’ve amped up considerably since my kundalini activated. I imagine numerous readers will relate as well. Incidentally, I recently worked on a project for PMH Atwater, the NDE expert featured here.  :)  Love, Whitehawk
PS: I’m mortified that I originally copy/pasted the title of this post from the original before being awake enough to notice the misspelling in ‘bizarre’! Things like this are an 
editor’s nightmare, erf :-}

by Buck Rogers

The conversation about near-death experiences (NDE’s) is typically centered around questions about the afterlife and what happens to consciousness should you follow the iconic tunnel of light. Skeptics, of course, look at the various scientific angles, debating whether or not the patient was truly dead, or the research was legitimate, and so on.

purged of karmic weight...Less frequently discussed, however, is what happens to people after a near-death experience, and what changes occur in their psychological and physiological makeup. There are thousands of recorded examples of NDE’s that offer testimony to the possibility of life after death, but what about life after near-death?

“Around eighty percent of the people who experienced near-death states claimed that their lives were forever changed by what happened to them. On closer examination, though, a pattern of surprising dimensions emerged. Experiencers were not returning with just a renewed zest for life and a more spiritual outlook. They were evidencing specific psychological and physiological differences on a scale never before faced by them.” – P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D.

Researcher P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D is the author of Dying To Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience, one of the world’s leading researchers on near-death experiences, and a survivor of 3 NDE’s.

After having interviewed thousands of NDE experiencers for her work, she has moved beyond the curiosity of what lies beyond, and has researched the after effects of NDE’s in ordinary people finding some curious patterns. Common among the after-effects are: Continue reading

Shifting Timelines: Consciousness Corridor

Here’s another massive missive from Lisa Renee. If you can focus and absorb it all in one sitting, you’re doing better than I – this is major.  ox Whitehawk

Dear Ascending Family,

The recent lunar eclipse is the second tetrad of lunar eclipses that began this year. The first total eclipse in the tetrad took place in April 2014, the second in October 2014 and the third will occur in April 2015 with the last in the tetrad set in September 2015. When sets of eclipses occur the cosmic forces of alchemy alter frequency current and manifest new potentials in creation for shifting one’s consciousness in either direction of polarity. Thus, this tetrad of lunar eclipses alter the magnetic field and magnify the Galactic Zodiac influence, the alchemical principle of the current constellation transmission into the planetary grid.10502384_691453057595853_1818915939353315689_n

Consequently, this alters the life force current that human consciousness takes on in order to come into manifestation on planet. The recent altered frequency shifts impact the core building blocks of life and is running deep throughout our cellular biology. This frequency transmission is what changes instruction sets in the DNA messaging made to the cell. Cells use DNA for their long term information storage and this “long term” cellular record is being newly updated in the planet. Therefore, this stimulates the body, mind and emotions into expressing different patterns and perceptions. We are undergoing deep change in the mitochondria of the cell which also directly affect the body’s metabolic and hormonal pathways.

Currently, our lower three energy centers are being rapidly reconfigured with the main focal point being at the perineum which is the root of our foundation. This highlights kundalini awakening, unresolved root chakra issues (survival, safety and security), Father-Mother archetypes, bio-family issues, sex, identity, and the quality of thought-forms running in the hard-drive of the 3D mental body. This shifts sensations in our deep ego identity, its core programming and may feel disorienting. The level of disorientation will be felt relative to our stages of ego detachment, as our foundation connects with the latest architecture that now runs in both vertical and horizontal lines into the planetary grid. Continue reading