Have You Lost Your Passion?

The following is from Jim Self of http://www.MasteringAlchemy.com. I’m posting it here because I find it of value; maybe you will also.  I consider Jim a helpful way-shower; he ‘gets it’ in general for folks grappling with all the emerging shifts, and always offers practical guidance:

Over the last few months, many men and women have expressed to me a loss of passion; a deep tiredness and desire to “Let my life be over.” These people are all very involved in their spiritual practice and their commitment to fulfill their purpose, yet they were ready to simply stop. What is going on? These are strong, certain people, using their tools, actively and successfully contributing to humanity in unique ways and involved in daily personal-development work.

Many of the mentors, leaders and teachers (“Spiritual Warriors” or “LightWorkers” some call themselves) are tiring of their work. The creative juice and passion that once raced through their veins and kept them moving is no longer there. Their work is wearing them down and many are ready to quit. Something is out of alignment here. If we are truly doing our work, happily on our path, we would be filled with energy, passion, light and enthusiasm. Right? Continue reading

Waking Up is Hard to Do

Ok, so, I’ve got major things weighing on my mind these days — the major-est things I’ve had to face in this lifetime so far. Becoming “awake” to what’s going on behind the curtain here in the world seems, in a way, an extraordinary burden. By behind the curtain, I mean everything from all the “distractions” thrown at us via the media to set our fear mechanisms ablaze, rendering us paralyzed or at least terribly confused and vulnerable… to behind the “veil” of this world in general, where the big picture becomes mind-boggling to take in, but once you do, a lot of things actually make sense that didn’t before. Which may also frighten us witless at street level, while at a higher frequency our souls go, “Ah, of course! I remember the program!”

No dearth of “fear” in the wind these days, any way you look at it. I venture to say, tho, that staying “asleep” is probably an easier row to hoe, at least at this juncture. Sleepers may have no clue that the powers that be (the various tiers of them) are completely changing the entire game. They’ll just keep trying to play the Old Game as best they know how til the final bell sounds, regardless of how painfully obvious it becomes to see it just doesn’t work anymore.

Meanwhile, once you’ve “awakened in the matrix” so to speak, and rub your eyes against all the night blindness, flashing lights, and raw glimpses into the totally unfamiliar… you find you are in a totally new game, and have no idea what the rules and parameters are. Or maybe you do, actually, but it involves a skill-set you’ve never used before. Whatever’s going on now, it’s not your comfort zone, because it is just so different to what you’ve ever known.

My take on it: just keep affirming that the truth and wisdom of your soul–that knows the whole story forwards and back–will guide you where you need to be, toward what you are to do next, and with whom. Keep talking to your Self (your higher, expanded being), boldly requesting, and bravely intending to receive, real answers. Call in your power. And open your heart and solar plexus rather than your judging, reasoning mind to receive them. The higher center of the body is capable of reliable reception… if you have the subtle awareness and patience to tune in.

There’s a good message online currently.  I tried to copy a good excerpt, with the link for you to follow if it speaks to you.  However, it wouldn’t copy/paste. So if you intuit this may be for you, jump to message #541 Accept Your Appointment With the Flow of Life at the Riverwalker site.

See you in the Flow…


Reality Studio – What’s Your Script?

The following is from a (semi) local ‘conscious creative’ named Ora Uzel. I’m popping it in here because this video (its message and its production process) are worth a gander. Ora’s website is www.sacredexotic.com

Reality Studio

A while back, a friend posted a link to this neat easy animation website called Xtranormal. You can create with a simple script an entire interaction between prefab characters. Below is the animation I was inspired to create upon finding this neat free tool online.

Over-the-Top Property for Sale Down Under

One of my favorite authors to have worked with, Stuart Wilde, has his Australian spread up for sale. It’s rustic southwestern/adobe/Mexican-ish in style… and huge. A property for mystical retreats and mega entertaining. He was just building it when we were working on his programs “Infinite Self” and “6th Sense” — it was fun to hear about it going up at the time. He called it Tolemac — Camelot spelled backwards. A major manifestation.

If you buy, I’ll come by!  You can see why — video linked below. I get a finders fee if a qualified buyer comes via this blog. Not. But you can mention me nonetheless.


Having Courage for the Inexplicable

I’m watching an interview here, which I may post on the blog once I’ve seen it all.  I’m also going on a little adventure at the end of the week, with happy anticipation.  Maybe more to say about that afterwards!

Meanwhile, a point of connection I can make between these two things — as well as with my own personal world here — is this idea of perceptual awareness expanding beyond the norm, to channels above our typical bandwidth for reception.  So many are able to access these levels now… for which I’m very grateful.  It’s crucial for humanity to expand its consciousness beyond these little boxes to which we have relegated it! As Einstein articulated so well:

Problems can’t be solved from the same level of consciousness
that created them.

My challenge with this whole matter–which has been a theme my whole life–is, it’s such a Big Thing (this matter of an expanded sense of what we’ve really GOT here in this world), bundling it up in digestible little word packets is kind of like trying to nail jello to a wall. And then there’s the matter of having the courage to own what I experience. As is mentioned in my favorite Rumi poem: “I tell only one-thousandth of what I see, because there’s so much doubt everywhere.”  The seer’s plight.

Actually, turning this idea of perception inside-out so to speak, what’s “inexplicable” (and unacceptable) are the boxes we westerners have already created (or have allowed to be created, while we passively drift along), and are now seeing fall so fast, we’d do well to explore, seriously, alternate plans asap. We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.

For now I’ll just share this Rilke quote:

We must take on our existence as broadly as we possibly can; everything, even the unheard of, must be possible in it.  This, underneath all, is the only courage that is demanded of us: to have courage for the most strange, the most inexplicable.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

(Row, row, row your boat… )

The Spontaneous Precision of Instinct

Revisiting an especially beautiful book — The Third Millennium: Living in the Posthistoric World, by Ken Carey.  A few quotes from one page follow; connect the dots with your instinct!

To live spontaneously, instinctually.

To simply be.

To say the right words without thinking them out ahead of time.

To experience the purity of a mind uncluttered by troublesome and misplaced responsibility.

To know exactly the right gesture, the right behavior, the creative response for each and every situation.

Such are the birthrights of each and every human being.

In the historical condition, instinctual input is ignored. The cultures that dominate human values mistrust it so deeply, children are taught from their earliest years to fear their instincts.

Human design has emerged from the highest currents of supreme intelligence. It is worthy of your trust.

To funnel your expression of life through the narrowness of another’s anticipated response is the beginning of death. You do so at the cost of your vitality.

There is another way.

Its essence is trust.

Below the level of conscious awareness, feel the informational input of your surroundings flowfortune freely in and out of your soul. Feel it enter deep within you to be processed easily, automatically, in accordance with life’s design. Masterfully, impeccably, it brings into your momentary awareness what is most important to your soul.

As you allow your life to be guided by the currents of indigenous wisdom flowing instinctually from within, you receive this gift, you find yourself immersed in the animating emanations of the universe. Upon the frequencies of eternal love you rediscover your purpose. You remember your reason for this lifetime’s incarnation, for taking on human form. You discover that you have access to an ocean of living information.

Your access code is a child’s trust.