Earth’s Reconfigured Grid (New Energy part 1)

Alright, back to the profound transformation we are experiencing by way of the very energetic sea in which we swim. As usual, depending on your trails, this may sound too fantastic to take seriously, but if you can open to what I am attempting to transmit here, regarding a realm, a phenom, that words may not fully articulate (yet), you will be a step closer to a state of buoyancy in – but not OF — a world going mad at ground level.

Let’s start with the idea of the grid, ie, the “framework” upon which our familiar reality is “hung.” The grid (or matrix) is a fairly straightforward concept: it’s a structure basically comprised of squares (in 2 dimensions) or cubes (in 3D). Units of practically anything can be applied to this simple behind-the scenes foundation to create whatever we see, ie, the columns and rows of pixels on your monitor or TV screen; or the playing field of the Battleship game (or any pegboard); or the layout of an entire city in a NSEW directional system of streets and blocks (and also the vertical structure of buildings rising from those blocks) come to mind as finite examples of ‘grids’ behind – or supporting – those systems.

To get to where I’m heading, I ask that you now imagine a vast energetic grid/matrix within which our entire universe has been arranged. You’ve probably seen renditions of this grid in physics classes or on TV in documentaries or sci-fi. The grid involves transmission of electromagnetic currents that hold things in place in space (or mind). Consider the way a tuner allows us controlled access of frequencies on a TV or radio. (Bear with my awkward descriptive efforts; these ideas are not the easiest to convey.) And it’s all in your basic 3D configuration: up, down, left, right, forward, back… and diagonal. Our bodies, minds, and lives are “tuned” by habit to this fundamental, physical-world structure.

But NOW this structure has transformed, and the range of human capacity is changing as well. It’s literally as though we are finally being released from a cage that we’ve been held in for millennia. To put this in the simplest terms possible — the way I’ve been explaining the grid for years is – imagine a grid of boxes that has a certain range of facility (a Rubiks cube, say) shape-shifting into a configuration of hexagons instead of squares… a “honeycomb” pattern. honeycomb1.jpg

The appearance of the additional planes/sides/walls on each cell inherently OPENS channels into previously invisible dimensions beyond our “habitual” 3D (boxes with closed lids) orientation. Envision the hexagon-based grid system providing immediate access to new dimensions, such as 4D and 5D (for starters). New dimensions = new vistas of consciousness (new to human perception) coming online.

To summarize “our story thus far” in a sentence: the nature of reality as we know it has been changing – transforming from a limited formula of rather severe “boxes,” to a structure that inherently invites higher energy transmission to FLOW and reveal far greater capacities and possibilities — that have been here all along, but in dimensions that have been withheld from our perceptual bandwidth. There are volumes of information out there as to why this shift, and why we have been “walled off” from a far greater (enlightened) experience of the cosmos (and our place in it) until now.

This is a HUGE story that I’m merely alluding to here. My intention is to crack open stuck thought-forms of ‘what’s real’ because I promise you, what we’ve been taught all our lives is what has supported our functioning at a paltry 8% brain and DNA capacity. Humans are SO MUCH MORE than we’ve been brainwashed (or brain contaminated) to believe. And moreover, REALITY ITSELF is far more than the comparatively kindergarten-level mythologies that we’ve been indoctrinated to believe. To believe differently is to experience differently.  The greater the numbers who believe differently… the greater the hologram we collectively create with our beliefs changes as well.  When we reclaim and heal our VISION — our expectation — of self and life based on a “higher” perception, self and life becomes THAT.

Reality follows consciousness.

Consciousness directed and driven by high love is the greatest power in the universe.

So: the grid system that has held us “hostage” in a 3D-reality belief system has been reconfigured now to allow us access to higher realms/dimensions, which means higher awareness, enlightenment and functionality are finally within reach. Higher dimensions are where ascended masters live, along with all manner of powerful beings who are evolved way beyond earthly measures by virtue of pure hearts and the will to serve the highest good (and, the Source). The grids have been undergoing a morph for something like 15 years at this point (thanks to the efforts of a divine cadre beyond our ability to even imagine), and my understanding is, the “task” is now complete. The grids are now in right divine order, so to speak, to provide the correctly calibrated “infrastructure” that can allow this new energy I mentioned before to flow into our galaxy and “set things right” here without frying us in the process (which is not to say, it can’t get uncomfy at times).

This new energy is, essentially, the divine intervention I’ve always believed would be the only way for mankind to awaken and turn things around expeditiously enough to keep us from destroying the planet and everything on it with the dark greed & fear patterns that have been creating a rampant mess of most everything we have going here.

Breathe the Light. BE the Light. Darkness dissipates in the presence of Light.

Till next time… O P E N to the limitlessness that you ARE!!

Great light,


7 comments on “Earth’s Reconfigured Grid (New Energy part 1)

  1. I was not sure where to post this comment so I figured this may have some relevance when speaking of greater ‘capacities and possibilities’, as you mentioned on your post reference this subject.
    I had one of those brief moments this morning where I received a glimpse of ‘Knowing’. Still laying in bed and consciously awake I became aware of ‘the reasons why’ for some of my experiences. The clarity was absolute. It lasted for about five minutes and I enjoyed the flow.
    It was a wonderful peek of my / our ‘limitlessness’.


  2. What a nice gift! Was this peek something you might care to share? Any ‘reasons’ that are more or less universal… or too personal to get into? I’m always interested in others’ experiences! (And there’s plenty of room to express yourself here… the comment field expands to accommodate ;)


  3. Evening Whitehawk,

    I just found your blog last night btw and I reckon I’m hooked! Straight in the list of bookmarks…

    I had an experience while I was in New York one morning a few months ago. I had a vision of myself on the inside of a sphere surrounded by a honeycomb structure with someone in each hole. Then there was me in the center trying to pull myself away from everyone and try to observe them… Obviously a big lesson there for me and a pretty obvious one at that.

    Everyone’s connected and you can’t get away from it! It’s the way the universe is and you just have to let go and relax into it. It was a good vision. :-)

    Will keep an eye on your blog for more insight.




    • Hi Ryan,

      I’ve been looking for mentions of a honeycomb grid on and off for years, even before the advent of the internet, so I’m pretty excited to find yours. Because of your dream, I’d like to tell you of my experience, and hope that it might be interesting for you. I see that your comment is from 2008, but I do hope this gets to you.

      During 1986 a friend asked me to visit to check out what was bothering her 5 year old son at night. What I met was a beautiful female silver entity, much like a Balinese or Thai dancer. She told me that they were monitoring the child, but most children could not see them. She showed me a picture of planet earth with a honeycomb grid (HG) covering it. In each honeycomb cell was a red dot. She told me that the red dot represented a person who would act as a leader, or know what to do, if and when a time came. Then a big male voice boomed at me, “You would do well to meditate upon this!” That scared me – big time. I nearly fell off my chair and was instantly out of the meditation.

      27 years later, I now find references to the HG here and there. What I have learnt is that there are a few of us that I know of so far around the world (probably thousands) who were shown in one way or another, that they had a part to play in assisting with the HG. So I am still looking! I was lucky enough to speak to a channeller a while back, who told me “There are many grids and chakras on / in / around the earth in various states of health. The HG is the grid you signed up for. Think of the “red volcano” (red dot) as energy to be distributed / transferred. As you send energy, energy will also be received by you from others working on the HG. It is not necessary for you to synchronise timing for this work with others. Because of depletion of trees / vegetation in various locations, but particularly in cities, the earth needs assistance and is calling for healing to those that will hear. It doesn’t matter whether you are aware of the energy working or not – it is still happening, even when sleeping. You will always be in the right place at the right time to do the work. Some vortexes are very small. Some are kilometres wide.”

      There are a few people that I have met over the years who I believe are also connected to the HG – my friend’s son for one, and it’s interesting that they are now living in different parts of the country.

      I hope this information is interesting for you, and useful. I will cc this to Whitehawk as well.

      Travel well! In the light.


  4. Hi Ryan,
    Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace, and thanks for commenting. I hope I’m not about to freak you out, but your vision brought to mind a scene from a movie that I’d guess is about 20 years old… a supposedly true story about a young guy (20-something) who was on a camping trip with two buddies… and a UFO appeared overhead and levitated him right out of the woods into the craft. He was GONE for a couple of years I think, and then was plopped back at a gas station stark naked and traumatized. One of his ‘traumas’ about his experience was that he was “stashed” in a gigantic ‘honeycomb’ on the craft, complete with plenty of “goo.” Maybe this was an insectoid type of ET species? Anyway he just “woke up” one day in his slimy little cell (he was in induced unconsciousness), totally clueless as to his plight, and saw that other cells around him were occupied by other sleepers. Don’t know the name of the film, but if you ever hear of one from the later 80’s about a group of small town guys who went camping, had a close encounter, and one was taken for a long time… you might NOT want to rent it! …unless you have a huge chunk of missing time you’re wondering about ;-} ~W


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