The Fall of the Controller Gods

Had an exceptionally quirky vision the other day – one of those split-second flashes that zings in out of the blue, completely out of context with the moment. This one happened during waking moments of the morning. What a hoot! A fun way to receive a fresh message, tho it took meditation to bring it all the way “in.”

Here’s what I saw, I kid you not:

400px-All_Simpsons_charactersA huge wad of cartoon characters fell from the sky, right in front of me! I say “wad” because they looked like a giant ‘packed snowball’ of… well… cartoon characters. Imagine dozens (hundreds?) of them packed into a giant ball!

Whuh ??

With a whoosh and a thud, they fell from the sky and plopped before me, and that was IT; that was what I saw.

The only message that came with the visual was more in the form of a label: “the gods.” This all happened in a flash. Like 99% of all my ‘experiences,’ I was then faced with the task of unpacking the significance of this odd ‘postcard from upstairs.’

I could not discern one character from another in this jumbled heap; it’s not as though I saw any particular traits identifying any of the hundreds of gods from all the religions and mythologies of Earth’s history, ie, “oh look, there’s Zeus!” As I said, “the gods” was the sum total of ‘hint’ that came through.

The Message

Its meaning came in a subsequent meditation. My understanding is this: these characters were the controller gods of man; the gods of all the various – often nefarious – religious sects of earth, created and perpetuated primarily to keep mankind in line and under control, like children. These gods were themselves fictional characters of patriarchal (often to the point of misogyny) fairy tales that were repeatedly burned into the cultures’ noosphere until ultimately accepted as real. If you’re reading this blog, what I’m saying here is not likely a stretch for you.

These guys weren’t our Source Creator; they were inventions set up with conventions geared to intimidate man into supplication to them – or their inventors; their “authors,” who might be power-hungry, agenda-driven travelers from other worlds, or the astral plane, or a cunning bloodline… simply devising ways to keep the masses weak and essentially enslaved by parasitically sucking their power in every conceivable way. By the looks of things, this ruse seems to have been rather easy to accomplish, because accomplished it was – over and over in the course of human history!

“The gods” were depicted as cartoons in my vision because they ARE fictional characters of stories developed and animated for humans in an immature stage of evolutionary development – and therefore responsive to authority. Even to ‘laughable’ meanies passing themselves off as gods of man. Many humans are still, in a soular sense, immature, and still believe in religions that feature gods who dictate behavior with laws and tomes; monitor and judge every thought and act, and promise rewards that appeal to the childish egos who accept such things as true and may even want an authority figure to tell them what to do and even punish them if they fail to do it. The controller gods are all about manipulative ego games that go hand-in-glove with little human egos – not awakened spiritual beings. tumblr_mpf6vywPYR1rycn25o1_500

I believe I was shown in a colorful, light-hearted way that these gods have been booted from their lofty command posts, probably because the collective belief that’s kept them there all this time has finally waned to sufficient degree.

The timeline we are now tracking is one of more maturity, responsibility, and grace. Gone are the threats of hellfire and damnation that have kept millions over millennia in fear, and therefore (for the most part) in line. It’s only their echos still reverberating in some minds that perpetuate the fantasy, but in ever-fading form.

The Earth of Now is Free and the God of Now is the inclusive Creator God, whose only wish for us is to be healed of our wounded, deluded, ‘separated’ past, and rise into co-creatorship with her/him/the genderless ONE, to plug respectfully into that infinite supply of Godness/goodness/oneness, and go forth to unfold beautiful, inspired creations that serve the well-being of this planet and ALL its inhabitants. And onward from there!

The time has come to get off our knees, unplug from addictions to negative beliefs and behaviors, and stand tall as galactic citizens of Light – at one with the true Creator… and our precious mother Gaia… and one another… and our SELVES. The controller gods have fallen; the awakened human is ascending!

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