The Healing Gaze of Braco

The Power of Silence

Braco (pronounced Braht-zo) is a Croatian healer with a unique gift: his gaze alone transmits a clear energy that is often experienced as miraculous. I’ve never seen him in person, though I know numerous people who have attended gazing sessions during his world tours.

Following is a one-hour documentary about Braco’s life and gift, which he offers freely to all. He never speaks in these sessions, nor does he touch. He simply beams a pure energy to all who choose to accept it.

This film, narrated by Armand Assante, gave me a few ideas to consider and work with myself, though it gives no advice or teaching, per se, about this phenomenon. It is for each person to energetically open to or not. Probably best to leave intellectual rationalization out of it.

As always, any path is best taken as a personal choice. May love & radiance envelop you.  :Whitehawk

Braco’s gaze is offered via free streaming;
for schedule, go to:

One comment on “The Healing Gaze of Braco

  1. Wow thankyou for this dear whitehawk. A pure healing effect just watching and a beautiful film. xx


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