Whitehawk Update #3 – Timeline Switching, Mandela FX…

What I’ll be imparting in this post gets hugely strange and likely involves what’s known as the Mandela Effect. My own little experiences pale in comparison with what I’ve been hearing from others. I’ll start ‘small’ and move up to the biggies from there.

I recently had a sweet little manifestation happen right on my bedside table. Something small, but meaningful, was suddenly there when I woke up one morning.

It’s a perfect item for me to have, yet I didn’t until it was suddenly here! I never knew this particular thing existed (won’t go into detail, I’m trying to bang out a few posts in rapid succession and the explanation would bog me down) until it appeared on the night stand and I held it in my hand. It’s still here, and I hope it stays :)

So the question is: did a gift find its way through the ethers onto my table, to greet me in my waking moments one morning… or… was its sudden existence evidence of a neighboring timeline (in which an alternate me possessed this item) merging with mine/here… or… did I switch onto another time-track verrry near to this one, where that item was in my possession, while it was not on the timeline I was on prior to its appearance?


Also, a jacket I always have hanging on a hook on the door is suddenly missing, as well. I rec’d this jacket from a friend a couple years back who was purging his possessions. It made a good raincoat for me. Now it’s not here. There could be a “reasonable” explanation for its disappearance, but I’m at a loss to come up with it! I found it gone yesterday when I was heading out into a downpour.

Other’s Experiences

Do you listen to Lisa Harrison’s podcasts? Actually they are video chats where she speaks with her audience in a Zoom room. You can subscribe to her youtube channel to hear them about a week after she and her members record.

This American woman’s story comes from Lisa’s videos:

After several years of no contact with anyone in her small home town, during which she got divorced and went thru life changes… the woman reconnects with people from home. They all know each other well, having grown up together in this little rural berg.

Rather than being excited to hear from her after her long absence, they freaked out because in their timeline, she was dead! I mean, dead dead. There’d been a funeral and everything, to her old friends.

She even obtained a copy of her own death certificate.

Her story gets even stranger and seems to involve yet another timeline hop or glitch or something, because she suddenly also discovered that on the timeline she now occupies, no record of her divorce – and her name-change  back to her maiden name – exists!

Here in the states, one’s ability to navigate the system involves one’s social security ID, and hers had basically evaporated; she didn’t seem to exist at all, post-marriage, whereas she’d been divorced and functioning fine with her name and records all squared away… until recently, when suddenly everything about her life seemed completely screwy, and she seemed (legally at least) to still be married!

And then this last one I’ll share, involving a man in Australia. He has a youtube channel – “bluebeard11” if I recall correctly. There might be another “1” (maybe two more?) in his channel name but if interested, you can search him out with this info.

His name is Tony, and he comes across as a very rugged, hard-living, out-backer sort of a guy… whose reality is continually jumping among numerous versions of himself and his life.

Tony carries on extensively and can be hard to keep up with (he gets caught up in lots of sidebars that I’d love to just skip and get on to the meat of the experiences)… but basically his story goes something like this:

In his “base reality,” the one he’s from originally – which is not THIS timeline – he has five kids. Hillary Clinton was elected president in 2015 (the US elections in this timeline always happen on odd years, not even ones, as they do here) and so HC’s been in office for a year and a half, and has plunged the planet into WW3. Tony says where he comes from is a ravaged world at this point; a very dismal state of affairs.

He claims to be having a very rough time trying to keep up with WHICH world (or realm) he’s in at any given point, because he keeps switching around. He doesn’t know where he’ll wake up. He believes CERN is the cause of this “Mandela madness.”

In the timeline he’s in here, he is an avid youtuber. But two of his children don’t exist here! Whereas in a parallel life, he’s overjoyed to see his two younger kids again, but his whole video studio setup at home is all packed away tidily because “that Tony” doesn’t use them. When he “disappears” from “this youtube,” it’s because he’s been plopped into another timeline with no access to this youtube account. I only recently heard about him after he “reappeared” after several months “away” on another timeline. He’s been gone again for a few weeks now, again, too.

His cars are different between/among other timelines. In one reality, he’s done a substantial remodel, to create a “real” home video studio. In another, all that’s there is raw, undeveloped space and packed-away equipment.

He tries to explain his experiences, and sometimes his exasperation is extreme, if you can imagine. He keeps copious notes in journals to keep track of the various versions of himself… and even has started making alterations to his tattoos (he’s a former tattoo artist with all the supplies) so that one Tony will have THIS tat, while another Tony has made alterations to that tat.

What are you experiencing, readers?  Please step in and share :)  It helps us all mentally/emotionally expand into what’s happening.

Now I’m getting one of those tones coming into my right ear. Perhaps someone is “nudging me” to move on here.

Much love!



5 comments on “Whitehawk Update #3 – Timeline Switching, Mandela FX…

  1. The only experiences I have had in this Mandela effect is like many, the names of old products changed, and the line in Star Wars that most remember as ‘Luke, I am your father’ and my memory as well, but now he says something different. Those changes are sutle yet it seems to be a constant glitch that has those who don’t remember these names or changes like Mirror Mirror, but think we are all crazy. I suppose it could make you crazy if you had yourself going back and forth between timelines, but as for me, no little gifts or major changes in anything….I knew if Hillary got to be president we would go into World War III, and she would carry on the agenda of the NWO as she is corrupt and can’t understand how anyone would even trust or believe her much less vote for her. I heard in another video how John Kerry had went to Antartica to meet with ‘The guardians’ begging them to let Hillary be president and they denied him and said Trump was to be president. It is in a video about the lost tapes of the crew from Atlantis TV that were supposedly found, and how a new crew was lost now, and just a bunch of bizarre things happening in the whole Antartic region. Very interesting about the guy who keeps switching timelines. I wonder if he can find his channel on you tube in that timeline, or maybe they don’t have the internet in that timeline since I know they have wanted to control it taking alot of people from being able to access and censoring alot of truths on there. Maybe he is not so inclined to be on this timeline since his two youngest kids are not here…I will have to check these out. Thanks for posting this!


      • Yes, alot going on there, guess it can’t be kept secret anymore, but here is the video on that I heard about Kerry. There is alot of interesting stuff in there, like a book that they suppressed coming out called Rising Atlantis that had some ‘too close to the truth’ material abot a continuity of governement facility in Anatrica. A pilot had went to pick up missing crew that was gone two weeks, and flew over the no fly zone and there was a huge opening into the underground, which we have all suspected in the Hollow Earth theory and General Bird who flew there. Here is the video, it’s on there somewhere, I listened in parts since I can’t sit and listen all at once, but has lots of other interesting stuff too.. https://youtu.be/0t4BxLiLqwI


  2. Thank you for sharing these fascinating stories.

    I have had this effect twice recentlly. Both instances were connected to decisions I had made which brought me more into alignment with the direction of my higher self.
    In one case, I had watched the Kp index for geomagnetic storms each day, and it was always green. But suddenly, it shifted an showed the past three days it was red. How could that be? I had looked at it every day, and it was always green.
    In the second case, some information vanished from homeopathic materia medica texts. I was absolutely sure that I had read that the remedy Ledum had ‘guilt’ in its mind-section about two years ago. But when I tried to find it again, I could not.
    Both occasions left me wondering whether I was getting dementia or whether these were simply timeline shifts.

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  3. Fascinating, Karin! Boggles the mind to ponder the differences in geomagnetic tracking that you witnessed. Whuh? One common deduction re: this entire affair of our reality morphing in increasingly peculiar ways is re: the SUN and its “hardwired” electromagnetic relationship with Earth (and all planets in the solar system). I’ve just been reading several accounts dating back to the 50’s of warnings to humanity that our Sun MUST and IS changing, and its profound influences on this planet are causing profound alterations FOR and IN us as well. The acceleration of these alterations are becoming increasingly obvious to anyone who’s not comatose – tho who knows, someone in a perpetual dream state might be way more in-the-know than the rest of us! Btw, I vote for “cosmic changes” as opposed to “dementia” re: your experiences. Keep keeping track! oxW

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