Daily headlines are not where the action is

I’m posting this message from Sophia Love quickly without fanfare. (I did make a few phrases bold for emphasis.) W

May 16, 2018

Is there someone who is available to connect?

It is I. It is One. Hello, Sophia.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

Yes, there are things to say. These things may help to inform some, to enlighten some. These things concern global gatherings on your planet. These gatherings do not directly include you, yet they concern you, or rather, impact you and the lives of your loved ones as well.

I don’t know what you mean.

I realize this, so I will be more forthcoming. These gatherings are focused on money, on criminal trespass, on deceit and on disclosure of all of that – to the remainder of humanity. The depth and breadth of the corruption is so much vaster than even your loudest pundits speak of.

These crimes against your sacred race have reached so far back into your beginning that their origin will only be discovered many generations beyond your current one.

The gatherings I refer to are of those ancient beings who are fully aware of the original seed and purpose of corruption. They meet now to help orchestrate its final days.

Many great and powerful masters are incarnate now on your earth as regular folk, military personnel, news reporters and government employees. They often work behind the scenes and even while seeming to be asleep – to manipulate events into a peaceful, abundant and compassionate conclusion.

To focus on the daily headlines and then react is a bit like reacting to shadows.

These headlines are not where all the action is taking place and there is no force there.

The players are gathering daily to see the outcome intended. It is happening. It is no longer a statement of “It will happen”. It is a declaration, an awareness of its immediate occurrence.

The birds are suddenly very vocal!

Yes, the energy is felt by them as well.

Truth is truth. The end has arrived.

Realize that as you play out your life in this dimension, you are fulfilling a long-held wish.

Each of you desired to show yourselves just precisely who you are. This is seen in your life. All of it can be changed.

The voice is particularly powerful in the process and here is included the written word. Pay close attention to what you say and what you write. For you are, with each utterance, creating your day.

Please be specific here.

Yes. It is such an emotionally seductive habit of the human. To give voice to what you imagine to be unfair or uncomfortable or even bad. What has not been ever completely clear is what power is held in that vocalization.

This is the power of creation itself.

First, there is the Word.

To state, more than once, and out of misplaced desire, words such as “I AM ______ sick, in pain, needy, sad, broke, etc. will not result in any permanent resolution to those things. Quite the opposite. These declarations are powerful creative statements and once repeated, particularly with emotion, (even in caricature form), serve only to perpetuate them.

This, dear Sophia, is the last hurdle of the human. Your (empirical) ego is strong and it has learned well how to identify and declare itself so that it gets noticed.

The mis-step here is when these statements move beyond mere noticing and into belief.

In actuality, the human has been taught to accept these shadow versions of himself and herself as truth. They are not.

What must be done now is deep introspection and self-nourishing love. Yes, this life you live now has been purposely manipulated to get you to this point, and to get others to a host of their own conclusions.

The conclusion for you is self-expressed and then realized. It comes in every breath and each expression you fill with your essence.

It was not meant to be easy. You knew this when you arrived. The longest lasting effects are gradually absorbed and assimilated. There is no other place to do this quite like earth in this moment now.

So, to summarize then. Be patient with each other. Many of you are living more than one life – all part of this evolution and ascension process. Realize that by the time its made visible to you, that it’s a shadow. The actual effect happened elsewhere. So, to argue with or complain about a shadow is nonsensical and ineffective. Look fearlessly within, for the real work is being done there.

Do not misunderstand and feel that your own life has nothing to do with what happens now in your headlines. The personal is global. It is the separation of these that has been the illusion.

Rapid alterations occur right now. Seek your answers in your individual lives.

This is the message for now.

Thank you.

Goodbye Sophia. I will reach out again quickly.


Sophia Love can be found here

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