Accelerating Pole Shifts & 5D

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Evolving people who are really paying attention may well have noted the apparent increase in earthquake and volcanic action escalating across the globe. It’s to be expected. A magnetic pole reversal is taking place, which is quickening. It corresponds with a dwindling of Gaia’s protective magnetic shield, which in her past history, has always resulted in a great cleansing of the earth’s surface, as the light releases itself from the lower densities.

There are now some key signs that this has begun in earnest. It’s nothing for us to fear, but rather to embrace — because it will help unblock pent-up karmic energy that needs to be processed within our 5D Shift.

Accelerating Pole Shift and Its Effects

Just recently many of the major global volcanoes have become more active, especially so around the Pacific Ring of Fire. In the last year alone, there have been hundreds of minor quakes in Yellowstone Park — above the supermassive volcano — which is cause for awareness. We’re also seeing increased earth-shift activity in Central America, Japan, Indonesia, Hawaii and Australia to name but a few. You can get up-to-date news here: The Watchers

It’s to be expected, because the 5D shift is speeding up now. We’re about a hundred years into a crucial pole shift. These can usually take thousands of years to complete, but the current acceleration points toward a completion within just one human lifetime (see Berkeley News). Gaia’s history reveals that during such a shift, the magnetic field dwindles, which greatly reduces the shielding affect of incoming solar storms. This is what’s being witnessed right now. Here’s the latest (as of March 2018) courtesy of The Watchers:

Earth and Sun’s fields are weakening and we’re exiting the magnetic dust cloud. At the same time, our three shields against energy from space are disappearing, we are showing increased vulnerability to space weather from our sun, and cosmic rays are already exceeding expectations. Read full article: Energy from Space — The Shift Has Begun

It has a massive affect on our biosphere resulting in increased earthquake and volcanic activity. Here’s an informative video on what pole shifts are and their effects:

Rise of the Divine Human

I’ve shared my views on this in the book DIVINICUS. It offers an overview on why the current shifts are necessary and what’s increasingly likely to be the end effect. Essentially Unity Consciousness has been controlled and ‘bottled up’, by an Interdimensional Intervention whose purpose it has been to take dominion of the earth and all sentient life here.

See: Intervention on Earth: An Interdimensional Opposing Consciousness

The shift into the 5D is the benevolent answer to this.

At a macrocosmic level, the light has been getting dissipated within the darkness forming ‘bubbles’, which then release to rejoin the mainstream of the flow. It’s equivalent to kundalini activation within a human. Just as kundalini release can cause massive instability at the physical, emotional and mental levels in people, similar happens at a planetary scale — greatly scaled up.

At the human level this might all seem a touch overpowering! But on the other side of the coin is surrender — an acceptance that there’s nothing you can do to control such phenomenal forces and their effects. So why not accept one’s limitation at the purely 3D physical. Then a deep letting go of the need to control life can take place — thus the soul can expand out of the limits of the 3D into your glorious Cosmic Self.

The time is now. How do you choose to empower yourself?

Why not explore deeply and test the limitation of the small “I”. Let such growing instability, represented by the accelerating pole shift, be motivation for that. You’ll find it immensely liberating as the things you may be hanging onto fall away like unnecessary baggage. You feel increasingly free, expanded and invigorated.

Openhand’s 5D Shift Project

That’s exactly what Openhand’s 5D Shift Project is all about. Involving reading, video, audio and exercise material, plus course work and facilitation, it’s a framework for inquiry to help you unfold into 5D Consciousness. Be it with meditation, yoga, tai chi, deep connection with nature, or any other consciousness expanding practice, seize the day now. Let no moment be wasted — test every experience with deep inner inquiry. Then you will greatly prosper as the 5D Shift energies gather in strength.

Here’s a trailer about Openhand’s 5D Shift Project:

If you resonate, do come and get involved with the Openhand work. It’s purposefully designed to prepare us for the now rapidly shifting landscape.

In the eternal quest for truth.



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