The Guardian of Morals & Human Evolution

 The following excerpt was taken from one of Gopi Krishna’s writings. Gopi Krishna was an Indian householder of government employ (if memory serves) whose kundalini experience forced him out of the family home into a remote cabin where he could be alone in silence and contemplation for a very long time – years – as he surrendered to kundalini. His experiences were deep and profound in body and soul. His writing, to modern readers, can seem a bit dense to absorb… as might be said of many spiritual classics.

After his long initiation he returned to “life” and wrote copious documentation about his experiences and also his understandings of what kundalini is. He was the first person to come out in television interviews and discuss this phenomenon – if interviewers were up to taking it on! Gopi Krishna’s material is still well worth studying for anyone interested in or experiencing kundalini.

The evolutionary process of active kundalini is spiritual, moral and biological.

Gopi Krishna considered Prana as the key, and foresaw a time when we would understand more about how this intelligent energy works within our human frame. I pray this time is soon to be upon us! So much has to do with turning away from the battlegrounds of life and turning toward love, nurturance, compassion, etc. Kundalini is the Great Mother, the Holy Spirit, the Heart, the integration of spirit & form.

It’s interesting that Nikola Tesla also mentions this future research of Prana briefly in one of his articles. I surmise that prana and plasma are related, and we have plenty to learn about both. ~Whitehawk

The Guardian of Morals and Human Evolution

by Gopi Krishna

Prana, as has been said, is the purifying agent of the body and the mind – the most important agent of the body and the mind. The most important psychological changes in the character of an enlightened person would be that he or she would be compassionate and more detached. There would be less ego, without any tendency toward violence or aggression or falsehood.

The awakened life energy is the mother of morality, because all morality springs from this awakened energy. Since the very beginning, it has been this evolutionary energy that has created the concept of morals in human beings. It is not an expedience of our social structure that is responsible for morality but rather the activity of the life energy, the guardian of our morals.

When it awakens, therefore, its first effort is to clean the mind of evil desires and passions, of anger, malice, envy, jealously, even of excessive ambition and desire. This means there is a biological basis for morals and values. It is a part of human evolution.

I feel tremendous changes in myself that I cannot account for by my own actions. They have been made by the process of remodeling that has been going on in my body. If we look for a moment at the great mystics of the past, the prophets like Christ and Buddha, Shankaracharya, Vyasa, or Mohammed, we find evidence of this in their own lives. It is a desire to speak the truth, a desire to speak to mankind with unbounded love, compassion, mercy, and charity.

This is found in all of them. It is only through the grace of the life energy—this Holy Spirit and guardian of our evolution—that mankind can progress spiritually and morally. This is the reason why in all the revealed scriptures, the Quran, the Bible, Bhagavad Gita, and the discourses of Buddha, a great emphasis is laid on worship, submission and constant meditation on the Divine Power.

For the moral progress of mankind, it is absolutely necessary that this Power should be benign. No amount of learning, nor training, nor research on the intellect, can make mankind more merciful, more charitable, more loving, elevated and noble—nothing except the purificatory process of this energy we call Prana. Therefore, in the enlightened man or woman, there is always a change from the gross to the refined, from the animal passions to the ideas of Divine Beings.

They have other concepts and other thoughts, but all they have given to the world shows that they have before their eyes these same ideals. They are always giving their heart’s blood to mankind, and in the process they suffered—every one of them, including Buddha. They served humankind to uplift her because they knew that no other channel is open to humanity to reform herself and to reach higher levels of morality, except through the grace of Heaven, and the grace of Heaven is this energy, the evolutionary mechanism present in our system.

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