About Implants…

The previous post about Light Language (Star Codes, etc) brought to mind a recent experience of mine that may or may not be related to the notion of “implants” (also mentioned in last post).

I’ve wondered about implants for many years – specifically re: whether I had any. What purpose(s) such devices may have served regarding the wide array of odysseys I’ve experienced since childhood… I don’t know. One recurring experience involved spontaneous nose bleeds, often occurring during the night while I (presumably) slept, the blood coming from a place far up the right nostril, where apparently small implanted things have been found in some experiencers.

Maybe I have no implants at all (I’ve done a few removal rituals for negative etherics), but they could be far more common than the typical person might imagine. My intention isn’t to hype the idea, or create fear over it. This is basically just another thing that may or may not be part of the overall holographic situation here!

And also, I allow for the possibility that some implants are beneficial regulators of various energies or information, which might be very helpful as we continue to adapt to these incredibly high-octane frequencies. (The Light Language post endorses this idea, from Marciniak/the Pleiadians.)

Even “karma” could be embodied or embedded somewhere in the body as a storage device or maybe a capsule of sorts, like a flash drive. I’m just riffing on possibilities here. I also believe karma is an expiring concept as we move into higher frequencies.

Still, we have to allow for all kinds of strangeness while contemplating how things might work here in the infinite cosmos… including the idea that many vastly advanced beings have been here exerting their various influences over vast periods of time, with various vast agendas – some may be to help us, others may be to keep us down and clueless. Moreover, some of these beings are actually other aspects of ourselves.

I’ve admittedly been a frustrated experiencer, whose episodes thus far haven’t shaped up into a tidy timeline narrative that would make it all make sense (and make a book easier to write – any “hero’s journey” likes a nice arc of adventure with a victorious ending!), at which point I could take a deep breath and ahhhh one of those big ahhhhs of illumination – and relief. I keep watching for a coherent “story line” to become clear but, thus far, just lots of experiences.

Also, any implants I/we may/may not have could be physical, or etheric, or both. Another unknown.

Further, I suspect many if not most of us (ie, people who read metaphysically edgy material) have forms of etheric technology in our energy bodies. Maybe in certain chakras, or meridians, or .. ? .. to either accelerate us in a particular direction, or, conversely, step us down to a more tolerable pace, if some form of activation has proven to be somehow detrimental to progress.

Maybe some of these are “time released”!

My sense is, a LOT of tech is intimately involved in our earthly experience – some 3D, some “higher D.” Likely mostly higher D. Again, not to shock or create fear; I just feel there’s much we don’t understand yet, that influences this earth walk.

A lot of what we don’t grok involves our own participation in things about which we aren’t consciously aware. Various techniques are employed that lock recall of events away in some subconscious vault.

Could well be by our own souls’ arrangement that such things are used, and for good reason. Implants, like almost anything, could be used for good or ill. I just really would love to KNOW. You know?

So, recently…

I’ve had a few experiences over the last several weeks that may involve an implant that I either recently received, or was recently activated, or even maybe, conceivably, was recently removed (ie, if I had been tampered with earlier to subdue my “reception”), thus causing these odd experiences, all relating to a very specific spot in my head – about an inch behind the inner edges of my eyebrows.

There’s a pair of small sinuses that kind of straddle the nose bridge up in there… which seems like “ground zero” where this flurry of events began, tho it’s possible this involved an area between or behind those sinuses.

It may well have been about the pineal gland, or “third eye,” which can be activated (or deactivated) by various forms of intervention.

In my grappling to understand what recently happened here, one possibility might be that something happened in front of the pineal that could serve to either increase or decrease its perception/reception. Like a lens opening or closing.

(I’ve also been through a long period of chronic occipital pain – base of skull – which might also be involved with this as it is another telepathic receiving center, but that’s another whole ordeal, maybe for another time.)

Anyway, here’s what happened.

I’d love to hear if anyone else has had experiences similar to this/these.

Talk to me, people! :)

So: one day, apropos of nothing at all, wayyy up in this area – actually leaning more toward the left of this area between my eyebrows, but about an inch back into the skull – I suddenly felt as tho some invisible something had STUNG me back in there, or stabbed me with a hot sharp needle!

Nothing had flown up my nose (into my head), but the sensation was wayyy up in there, and it happened so suddenly my head jerked back in reflex. This was extremely shocking and painful – very much as though a wasp had somehow managed to sting the inside of my head. This happened, btw, in the middle of the day.

I began sneezing violently in a cleansing response, and this just kept on and on: outrageous, hard sneezing. In fact, this was the beginning of something that kept me using extraordinary amounts of tissue over several weeks. On one hand, my sinuses were valiantly trying to expel something… but nothing unusual ever ‘presented.’ I just felt chronically sick (like a bad cold was starting) and/or intensely allergic, tho I’m not generally bothered much by allergies.

This weird, painful “sting” really stood out as anomalous, mysterious, and (in the rear-view)  as “something beginning.”


I don’t remember the amount of time that passed between this sudden ‘sting’ and what I’m about to describe next, but I’ll approximate it happened within a week or two of the ‘sting.’ Could have been a couple of days. I regret not immediately documenting this as I do re: 99% of strange experiences… I just wasn’t feeling well and let time slip by.

So… I’m in bed… awake (not remotely near dozing)… when suddenly – I kid you not – I FELT and HEARD a pronounced percussive “drilling” in that exact micro-spot up there behind the brow!

It was as though a micro-jackhammer was drilling in there, which I felt and heard distinctly and viscerally inside my head. Startled me, big-time. This happened in two bursts or blasts as I was lying there: drrrrrillllllllllllll (pause) then drrriillllllllllllll again.


This “drilling” sensation REALLY had me wondering what the heck was happening, and WHY?? I mean, my mind went everywhere from “device implant” to “nanites/nanobots/smart dust” that may well be in the unrelenting chemtrails they spray into our skies every day here. I mean, TONS of spraying, day in, day out; year in, year out.

If you’ve ever looked into Morgellons – which I have, due to all the inexplicable neurological trouble I’ve been having (still a medical mystery after a series of MRIs and consults with four doctors: one general, one neurologist, one neurosurgeon, one pain specialist) – you might imagine the frightening possibilities crossing my mind. This was definitely a living Twilight Zone experience.

(I know this is weird and a bit graphic, but I am going somewhere with these details. Sometimes I need to just write about a thing to get it out so I can carry on with life! :))

The intense and exhausting “cleansing” that my sinuses attempted to accomplish went on for about 6 weeks. Never in my life have I gone through so much Kleenex! Also, at no point did a mysterious object plop into said Kleenex. :-}

Then this happened after exhausting several boxes of tissue:

Again, I’m in bed; again, fully awake… when my entire ajna area (aka third eye… the same “behind the center of the brow” area where I felt the sting, then later the drilling… except this time the area involved was larger… maybe the size of a tangerine) began rumbling.

Again, I felt and heard this rumbling, very pronouncedly.

It was similar to feeling/hearing a cat’s deep purr, if you’ve ever had a cat up against your head, purring loudly. I was thinking, oh my god am I purring now???? Am I morphing into a feline?? Ha!

Really. Strange. Reallyreallystrange.

NEXT, this loud “ajna rumbling” was accompanied by a stream of IMAGES, playing before my “inner eye” you might say. Images were flashing by like lightning. This was fascinating, and also frustrating, because I was unable to retain all that whooshed by. ARRRGH!

As it was going on, my mind really efforted to GET the downloads that were coming in. In some instances, I cognized something – and as I was ooo-ing about it, something else flashed in, replacing the last thing, which was instantly forgotten. This was significant “intel” coming in, while the rumbling went on. If only my conscious mind were able to catch it :(

It reminded me of “flipbooks,” which were (or are, if people still make them for fun) made of a series of images that were basically “still frames” which, when flipped through, present an animated “movie” for the viewer. Such books can be made of a sequence of photos, film frames, or drawings, a la cartoons. Nickelodeons functioned with the same premise in the 1800s.

So I was hearing and feeling “rumbling” while watching a stream of images flicker by at incredible speed. Reflecting on this, it had a vaguely similar “vibe” as watching old silent movies – ie, the “flickering.” (Also, actually, the rumbling I heard could be compared to the sound of heavy-stock paper flipping by. Think of the sound cards make while fan-shuffling them.)

I remember just one of these images, which was of light symbols/codes/language against a dark background. Symbols like these have been recurring in various experiences since my earliest kundalini days. Everything else in this encyclopedic download flew by without “sticking” in my conscious awareness. Gah!

I can only surmise that all “downloaded content” will be revealed in due course, at which point the partitions on the “data drive” of my (yours, our) infinite mind/s will dissolve and an expanded set of skills will be available for our ongoing morph while adapting to new frequencies here on (in, beyond) earth.

This is a staggeringly complex passage we’re in, bringing these bodies with us to a higher station on the cosmos dial, which involves many meticulous merges and “fittings” between physical, spiritual, and etheric-technological components. I’m referring to upgrades here, not negative agenda stuff.

My mom’s experience

I cannot let this post end without this piece about my mother, who has been on the “other side” for over 20 years now.

She shared the following experience with me, which happened about 25 years ago:

She found herself sitting “somewhere” while “someone” in front of her fanned the “pages of a book” before her eyes.

“Slow down, I can’t read this fast!” Mom exclaimed.

To which she received the reply:
“It’s alright; you’re getting it!”

This episode of hers strikingly parallels mine. It zoomed back to mind after I had the 3rd eye “rumbling” accompanied by a speeding visual download after having earlier experienced “the sting” and “drilling.”

I clearly get how my mother’s mind interpreted the same type of download as the contents of an open book being “fanned” in her face. Even the pages flipping by could make a similar sound – though she didn’t mention “sound” as part of her experience.

I have to believe that I, too, am “getting it” and it will serve my journey when the time is right.

Onward bound, with love for all,


 {{{ Thank you }}}








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